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November 25, 2012 at 9:40p

don't do this, thanks. not only can 11W get into trouble, but it just isn't the kind of thing that we want on our site in general. how about this: maybe write a blog post where you find hidden gems in the 11W archives that everybody should read that they didn't before? or maybe make a pie. or perhaps write a letter to grandma, i'm sure that she misses you and would love to hear from you. you could also try and beat the world record for longest flight time for a paper airplane. i tried to do that as a kid, it didn't work out so hot. you've got to adjust the wings just so, and i never really had the patience for it. also, you basically need an airplane hangar to get things going, because outside there's wind and that makes it a total crapshoot. anyway the design is decptively simple; you just make what is essentially a square and let er rip. like i said, the bigger problem is balancing and figuring out the proper weight and whatnot. i think the book i read said it took the guy years to perfect his design. how many paper cuts is that? probably like a billion. ugh. i also tried making cardboard models of dinosaur skeletons, that was pretty fun but holy god those kits are expensive. i felt bad making my mom and dad buy them for me, even when i was like 8 (of course, on the other hand, when i was 8, 15 bucks was an insane amount of money to me).


so what i'm saying is, please don't repost material from other websites that is behind a paywall. i may disagree with having to pay for sports information philosophically, but that doesn't mean we should be jerks about it. thanks!


-the management

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You can summarize if you want but I'm pretty sure 11w can get in trouble for posting materials behind a paywall. 

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Regardless, this is a pretty good read. Surprising to see it on a site like ESPN, although it's not like it was front page. Also, Gene Wojohowski (I don't care that I can't spell his name) has been high on the Buckeyes all year; he also has Braxton at the top of his Heisman list.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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As DBUCKIMCG said, i would summarize and avoid getting 11W site in copy rights trouble. 

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Notwithstanding this article, I wish the sos analysis would get more national attention.  The perception is that playing in the SEC is similar to playing in the NFC South.  You can't argue the national titles, but (at least this year) the gap isn't terribly wide.  Unfortunately, ESPN doesn't seem interested in changing that perception.  Have we all been reduced to rooting for Notre Dame to win a national title this year?  (.....locks himself in closet and crys himself to sleep....)

Yeti's have feelings too.

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05, that's probably why its and inSide article, it's not gushing with SEC homerism and tea bagging nut gargling jargon.


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You're gonna need to delete this, just saying. For 11W's sake.

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Yeah, I figure this post won't last, but thanks for sharing anyway.  Good read.  This is the kind of stuff you won't hear the main talking heads on ESPN say.

Class of 2010.

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haha, this is why i read it as fast as possible. good read. thanks german, but, ummmm, yeah, not too kosher in the eyes of "copyright" folks.  ;)


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Your edited post was beautiful, management. So informative as well. Tomorrow I am writing a letter to grandma and then trying to send it to her house via paper airplane. 

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i'm sure that she will appreciate it!

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Sorry didnt realize I was doing anything wrong - won't happen again.  Delete as necessary. 

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If anyone's making pie, they better share with the rest of us. 

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I like apple pie...can I request that?
Better yet, let's have an 11W pie-off. We can do it for next year's Eat Too, Brutus...just saying!

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