This is our year! It HAS to be..

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August 3, 2013 at 6:52p

This is our year, my friends. It HAS to be. It'll be one or two seasons, at least, before we have another team built like our current one. 

FOREMOST:  Championship teams, on any level, start in the trenches.  We're going to lose four out of five starters on our offensive line.  Starters that have been in the program for four or five years.  You don't just plug-in first-year starters into positions vacated by All-Conference, All-American caliber players and just pick up where you left off.  Especially, in the trenches.  Yeah, I know, it's 'next man up'.  (Awesome thought process, bro.)   Our offensive line haul has been mediocre--at best--the last couple of years before UFM arrived. Hence the reason for the defensive-to-offensive switches along the lines, etc.  Player transfers haven't helped out, either.  A team like AlaPAYa will plug and play along their offensive line (and most every other position if needed) and be successful this year, or next.  But, they have that luxury.  Have you seen their offensive line haul the last, let's say, four years? Compared to ours..?  Yeah, let's not even start on that.  It'd be like trying to compare "First knight" to "The Game of Thrones."  But, I'm done talking about them. I HATE Alabama. I HATE the SEC!   Anyways, I'm digressing here ..   I do think we have a beast-ass offensive line haul, so far, this year--and it has the potential to be even greater with us still in on some major talent along the o-line.  But to say they, or anyone on our current roster can come right in and start and not have a significant drop-off, is wishful thinking.  This years offensive line class has the utmost potential to be a great one for us on Saturdays---in a couple years...  Since he's arrived here, UFM has mentioned over and over and over (and over) about our lack of skill/depth on the offensive line.  We don't have that luxury, yet.  And it finally shows it's ugly face next year, my friends. 

··On a contrasting side note: our defensive line is ready to compete for championships today, tomorrow, and the years to come.··

 A VERY CLOSE SECOND:   The loss of three All-Conference/All-American caliber starters in the secondary will also be critical. Again, four and five year guys will be getting replaced next season with first-year starters that may have only been in the program for a year, or two. That's huge. And not in a good way. Although, I am extremely confident in the current, and incoming talent that will be mainstays in our secondary for the future seasons to come--there will be a  drop-off next season. 

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST:   With the great success we will have this year,  some starting underclassmen will leave by the lure of the NFL draft. It happens every year in major college football and will continue to do so.  All you can do is grind your teeth, punch your computer screen, throw the remote at your flat screen TV, and just calmly deal with it.

··How dominant would our defensive line be this season with Big Hank back after one last, off-season S&C program with Mariotti? Unfortunately, we will never know.··

We will win the national championship this year. We will shut up every damn non-believing, crap-talking, disrespectful writer/blogger/commentator/announcer/sports TV show host in this damn land! THIS year we will!! This is our year. It HAS to be. Next year is too large of a hill to climb--with skates on.

Now, go ahead and cast me to the Hades-patrolled realm of downvote land for being a realist.  Cast them hating stones upon me! I am a Buckeye through and through! As my father was....and my grandfather before him. And as my uncles and cousins are..and as my five year old nephew already is.  We will keep calm. We will have faith. We will Urban Meyer.

Fall is coming, my friends.  And a scarlet and gray hell hath followed--filled with anger and pride. THE Ohio State juggernaut hath arrived upon thee!  Bow down!  Or get crushed in our wake!!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!





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I enjoyed that GCB. Well done.....+1.

Tomorrow begins the gloriousness.......

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"But to say they, or anyone on our current roster can come right in and start and not have a significant drop-off, is wishful thinking."
"We will win the national championship this year."
These two statements are a bit hard to reconcile.

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You make great points and I concur. I was thinking along the same lines you were. Many people seem to be saying next year, 2014, is the year for the Buckeyes.
And Toddgak, I think what GemcityBuckeye is saying is this year's true freshmen will have a hard time next year as sophomores, filling in for experienced veterans that will be leaving at the end of this year. That is the whole point of his blog. And not only is it not hard to reconcile, I think he's 100% correct.



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It's hard to reconcile because he's guaranteeing a national title, which is wishful thinking, while simultaneously saying that expecting the newcomers to fill in for the departing seniors is wishful thinking.

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Yes, Buckeyedude, thats exactly what I meant. I think next season, we will look back at what we had this season and really miss it. (in a nutshell)
And, Toddgak, I meant only to delve into the reality of what we will be losing this year with seniors AND early NFL entrees. And how people keep saying "next year". My guess is we will be in line to replace A LOT of talent--in very key positions. Re-reading it, I wasnt very clear on all that, maybe. IDK..  Im not a writer. Just a bored guy that was required to be in the office on a Saturday. I had nothing better to do.
Of course, I guaranteed a national title. My article clearly stated I was a realist! haha

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I'm just messin with ya.  

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What kind of name is Todd Gak anyway?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Frankly, I think it sounds made up...

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Someone must not watch Seinfeld......

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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You are so right. If Braxton has a really good year like I'm hoping, there remains the possiblity that he could turn pro after this season. So we'd lose not only 90% of our starting O-line, but our QB. That'll be a tough act to follow.



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Thanks a lot, by the way, Hovenaut.

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Guys, Braxton isn't going anywhere.  He's made great strides, but as far as NFL goes, he's a 4 year college guy.  He'll need the 4th year.

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Yeah, he'll need to make major strides in the passing game this year if he's going to be ready to go pro. 

Class of 2010.

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Why is it not a big deal that we are replacing all 4 starters on the D-line?
I mean teams are able to do this every year so we can be a player every year for hte championship

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After rewatching last year's games on BTN this past week, the one thing that stood out to me was that Spence and Washington got a HUGE amount of playing time later in the season.  Not just in blowout wins either.  It was obvious that as true freshman, they could compete with their peers at the position.  Spence was as good of a pass rusher as Williams, and Washington was arguably as good as Goebel, although probably not in run support.  The potential for those 2 plus a healthy Bennet is huge.  Tommy Schutt looked very good in the time he had in as well. 

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Gem, I agree with most of what you said. I am also one who is absolutely certain that if this team stays healthy and improves upon last year's overall production, we WILL win the NC.

I also agree that Alabam loads up in the trenches. It is critical for that type of offense to be built that way.

The difference is Meyer's offense, you can thrive with slightly less along the line, although a really elite line is to be sought after. The difference in recruiting is focused on playmakers, even the little shifty darts are useful.

Alabama is the OLD Ohio State. Tough ground and pound three yards and a cloud of dust. So by tranferrence theory, it's actually Ohio State kicking ass in the SEC.

Meanwhile, the real Ohio State is evolving into this megatron behemoth that is also fast. So, buddy, I will go you one better...I am calling us for TWO national championships back to back! Miller, I suspect, will be at the helm, a seasoned veteran, surrounded by young talent...but this time, talent that is deep, and aggressively coached. I foresee no letdown next year.

I like cookies.

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I agree! This is our year, we have everything in place.
Go Bucks!!

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If Braxton is able to turn pro I would have to believe he made those major strides in the passing game = National Championship??!!

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Mock my words, my friends. We will shock the world this year. There are three "off the grid" games that worry me:
1a) Wisconsin -  They have spoiled our runs in the past.  We--and every other team in the world--know they are going to just line up and power-run you into oblivion. Will we be able to stop it? Will our linebackers be able to get off their blocks this year and make plays? I think YES..but, by just enough. Their defense is super solid again this year, also. I expect another "W". But, I expect another, "O-M-F-G!!"  kind of game.
1b) Purdue - (see: the past ten seasons of our matchups, regardless of record or rankings)
2) Indiana - WHAT?! INDIANA?! That MUST be a typo, right??  No. This is an Indiana team that returns 20 of 22 starters--including their QB and all their skill positions.  This is an Indiana team that had MANY freshmen and sophomore starters last season. This is an Indiana team that is coached by a staff with a combined 10 BCS championship games. This is an Indiana team that has pulled in 3 and 4 star recruits the last couple years since Kevin Wilson has taken over the helm. This is an Indiana team THAT WILL be bowl eligible by the time we play them, very late in the season. Primetime...night game..what will they have to lose?
These are just MY  "sleeper" games. Yes, I left off the obvious teams that will be ranked, and that yet again will be solid teams throughout our conference season. It's going to be an awesome season to be a Buckeye, though. I cant wait! O-H!!!!

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I'm hoping this is our year trying to be a non biased fan and as critical as possible we have strengths and weaknesses
Strengths- Starting Offensive Line, RB depth, Braxton playmaker ability, secondary experience, TEs, Ryan  Damn Shazier, Both DEs, and a hell of a back up QB, a year of experience under Hermans, Fickell & Withers systems, Retaining ALL assistant coaches from last year
Weaknesses- DTs, 2 LB spots, O-line depth
Unknown- Injuries during the season, How Hydes and most likely Robys suspension will effect us, Is the Curtis Grant during spring gonna show up during the season, Is Braxtons passing game going to keep building momentum from the spring game, and even to go with Braxton are our wide receivers going to be better this year than they were last year?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I think Braxton's playmaking ability should be underlined in this. He is poised for a big year.

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I'd venture to say Michael Bennett is a strength at DT.  I do agree on Hale; although solid, he's likely a pretty big dropoff from the others.  I'd put Schutt and Carter in the unknown category for now... hopefully one of them or Hale can really step up.

otrain2416's picture

Looking back I think the whole unit could be in the unknown. I guess I initially put them in the weakness cuz we lost big Hank who made the majority of plays inside and Goebel who was the double team block consumer. Schutt I think could be in line for a breakout season he looked very good at the end of the year in the limited snaps he got. I was real disappointed with Bennett last year cuz he looked sooooooo good as a freshman but that groin injury really killed his whole sophomore season so to me hes still unproven. Hale seems like he's gonna play that Goebel role where he doesn't make too many plays but eats up blockers. I'm hoping Carter can be a monster that we can rotate at that 1 technique as well but time will tell that was one manly beard he brought to camp. Maybe Hill will surprise us inside as well, Bosa could also get some inside snaps depending how big he gets

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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New Year, New Challange!!  Last year Urban knew he had to keep them motivated with no post season. This Year - The Chase.  Next Year - Re-Peat

ONE Not Done!

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Last year, the defense carried the often sputtering offense.
This year, if the offense can return the favor in the early part of the season, while we figure out the best DL & LB roation, this team will be able to play vs anyone in the country by December.

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My bag is packed for Pasadena.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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The problem I had with this is that you say our D-Line is ready to compete for championships today when they just lost 4 starters, but are skeptical of the O-Line's ability to play when they lose 4 starters next year. I think we will be fine!

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We will replace our O-line next year like we are doing with our D-line this year.  It will present challenges (just as Urban has alluded to this year with the D-line), but they are not insurmountable, in my opinion.
I don't view it as an all-or-nothing scenario (comparing this year to next). In some ways this year and next year may be very similar. And if Braxton doesn't leave, our offensive weapons have the potential to be off-the-charts (if we can solve the O-line dilemma as we are attempting to do with the D-line this year). It's always a wait and see approach. That is part of what makes college football so enticing.
Thank you for the post.

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Great post. I think the secondary will actually be ok, though. Doran Grant, Armani Reeves, and Eli Apple will all have played significantly for a year, Doran two. I'm betting on Devan Bogard or Vonn Bell to get all the snaps at the star, since Bogard played as a freshman and Bell is ridiculous. I love Tyis Powell but I just think he's there by default right now. Bell moves to safety in 2014, and a second year guy goes with him. It's not ideal, but considering how deep, talented and experienced our front seven will be by then, I think we can afford a weaker secondary. 

Lobs it to the endzone... Touchdown Devin Smith!!