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September 2, 2013 at 10:26a

I may be in the minority (although I think its more 50/50), but I think having high expectations for this team, and every Ohio State football team is perfectly fine. There has been a lot written over the last couple of days, including during the Buffalo game, about fans and their thoughts on the way the team performed. This begs the larger question of what level of expectation do you want? I have spent time down in Tuscaloosa, I have been to Baton Rouge, I have attended a couple Auburn games and visted UGA a few times. In each of those stops in SEC country, especially in Tuscaloosa, expectations arent high, they are astronomical, and I love(ed) it. Watching a game in Bryant-Denny, you better expect perfection or fans will question your dedication and very existence as an Alabama fan. One example comes to mind. I was seated in the student section watching the game in 2004 against Mississippi State with my friend who attended Alabama. This was the Mike Shula era and during the spell of a 6-6 season and 3-5 SEC record including a loss at Tennessee and an beat down at home against South Carolina. The team had already lost a couple games and Ken Darby took a hand-off and went for 5-6 yards. I clapped, along with my friend and most of the stadium, while a handful of students were complaining. I looked at them funny and my friend asked them why they were bothered, it was 1st and 10 and Darby just rumbled for 6 on a nice little run between the tackles. One (or two, can't remember exactly) responded to the question and a part of the response stood out, "This is Alabama and that ain't good enough."  They were bothered that Darby didnt see the hole on the right side, instead spun, juked left and went for 6 instead of a possible TD. I was confused then, considering the team was below .500 in SEC play and from what I remember, looked pretty weak on both sides of the ball so some success was surely warranting at least a smile. Btw, Ken Darby finished that game with around 200 yards and Bama won.

Today, we look at Bama football and see an unbeatable force and since 2006 we look at the SEC and see crystal balls, 4 Heismans, and really just college football dominance (also the NFL draft is SEC heavy). Sure there are reasons and I am a believer that the recruiting practices down there in SEC-land are sketchy and probably do include money to recruits. However, I also believe that one reason their teams play such an intense style of football that can put opposing teams in a hole even before kickoff is how passionate their fans are and how hight the expectations are down there. Particularly at Bama, its national title or you fire people. Many fans on here have been upset at the way other fans have criticized this team after their performance against Buffalo, but shouldnt we, at The Ohio State University, expect near-perfection each and every week? If anything, it puts pressure on the team and coaches to get better. I dont want to become an SEC program but I do want to play football like one and it starts with expectation. Bama beat a decent team in VT 35-10 at a relatively neutral site that could, by ACC play be a very dangerous team if they can figure out an offense. In comparison, we beat a mid-tier MAC program 40-20, at home. They didnt impress on offense and a large part of that is their offensive line going through growing pains. But my bama friends have informed me the heat is on down there and Im not talking about the weather outside. Basically, they expect the line to be at last years level by next week and are pissed off about their performance against VT. Hardly any apologists down there in TTown. High Expectations = success. I understand some get bothered by fans with extremely high expectations, but theres a reason for it: we want perfection every single snap and, as it is at Bama, it should be Crystal Ball or bust every year. 

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An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Automatic upvote for the use of The Dude. And if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

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I love the Big Lebowski. In a "brotherly" way, just FYI.



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Having low expectations would be boring.  That's basically not caring, right??

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Sure I want OSU to win all the time, every time. But that's just not rational. Did the Buffalo game go as I'd hoped?

Ohio State did win....

Have a few friends who are (were?) big Canes fans, and they sure seem to like talking about days gone by.

I'm happy that the Buckeyes have been relevant on a national stage all my adult life for the most part. I still hear it from the elders in my family about the lean years under Bruce/Cooper.

The thing I think about Bama is those fans better enjoy every moment, their ride is not going to last forever.

Have expectations, but be grateful when they're met.

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The problem is that some people are being assholes about it and claiming the sky is falling. This team was not going to be perfect in the first game. Alabama can have always perfect expectations because Saban has fully established his program with his players. Last year the same Georgia team that almost beat Alabama beat Buffalo 45-23 and only led 24-16 at the half and gave up more total yards than OSU did.

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You make excellent points about Buffalo's game last year vs. Georgia.  I'd simply add that last year's Georgia team, on paper, returned a large number of veterans compared to this year's OSU "D", which is relatively inexperienced.  Go Bucks!

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I have high expectations, but I also understand the game of football. Some of these Debbie Downers don't have a clue about the game and just talk shit that makes no sense. 

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That's right.

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Fromthe18, You hit it right on the head.  We all have high expectations for this team.  Many are predicting them to be in the NC game in Pasadena.  Unfortunately, what we witnessed on the field last Saturday will not get it done.  its early in the season so it will be interesting to see how they improve from week to week.  if they do not improve we are looking at 3-4 loses this year. 

Big B

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This is basically the same thing we saw with recruiting. Despite finishing with one of the best classes in '13, some started throwing a hissy fit because Ohio State didn't land every big name out there. Now 5 months later Ohio State is sitting with another fantastic class.

And now, despite going 12-0 the previous year, you have people panicking because Ohio State "only" won by 3 scores. Do they need to work on things? Sure. But a little patience wouldn't hurt.

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Thank you.

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Agree with 100% of this. I talked with a friend (a 'Chicken Little') after the game and he said he spent the 2nd half pissed off and seething because we "sucked."
I get that expectations are sky high, but there's no mistake made Saturday that isn't easily fixed.

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I think high expectations are great, but the overreaction is unnessecary. People say things like "Curtis Grant missed his coverage there, he obviously hasn't improved," which may be completely untrue. I think its good to expect a lot out of the team, but blowing things out of proportion gets to be bothersome.

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Very well said.  I mentioned this in another thread but it bears repeating.  I felt like some of comments re: Curtis Grant were written before the game even started.  People were looking for something to go wrong and when it did that is all they focused on. 
What we saw was probably what we should have expected on such a young D in its first game.  We played soft coverage and vanilla.  Sure some coverages were blown and some young guys struggled but on the other hand, the D didnt give up big plays and was generally solid on 3rd down.
What is important from here on out is how the D responds.  Do they get better or worse.  Last season the D got better as the season rolled on.  Some of it was personnel related (Boren) some of it was fundamentals (Tackling got much better as the season rolled on), some of it was personal improvement (RDS is a great example).

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I think there's a middle ground between having no expectations at all and the sort of ridiculousness that you describe in your post. I don't really aspire to be like folks who gripe in the middle of easily winning a season opener coming off consecutive national championships. If your approach to fandom is that only perfection is ever acceptable, you're going to be perpetually disappointed by something that ought to be fun.

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I think it's great to expect Big Ten titles, national titles, and undefeated seasons.  That's the fun of being a fan of a big program like OSU - your team has a chance to do great things and be the best, and I love being able to expect national titles because it is a real possibility.  Those big picture big expectations are great.  What annoys me is when when OSU doesn't win the way that everyone hopes they could, they act like the sky is falling and all of a sudden, OSU isn't a real contender because they beat Buffalo by 20 instead of 50. 
It would be awesome if OSU could win every game by 50, but it's just not going to always work that way.  The team isn't going to play flawless football all of the time - there will be mistakes, sloppiness, bad weather, bad calls, bad breaks, uninspired play, injuries, suspensions, or simply poor execution - all kinds of things that could impact the team's ability to win in the kind of way we want them to win.  I hope I would NEVER become the kind of fan that would bitch about Hyde getting a 6 yard gain when he could've cut back a different way and potentially gone for a touchdown.  Ohio State's performance on Saturday was underwhelming at times, granted with a somewhat depleted roster, but at the end of the day, the big picture is still very much intact.  Still undefeated, still in the hunt for the national title, and of course still in the Big Ten title picture having not played a conference game yet.  And if our Buckeyes do win the whole thing at the end of the year, then we can look back at week 1 and realize that overreacting to how that game went was pretty silly.  Alabama has been the standard of CFB for the last 4 years, and their issues on Saturday are proof positive that not everything is going to flow smoothly every week.

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I hope you are right Show, but we could be sitting here at the end of the season looking back at week 1 and saying the writing was on the wall then already.  I don't need a 50 point blow out every week, but I do want to feel like we dominated the other team when the final whistle blows.  I didn't feel like that after the game last week.  If the spread says 35 points and you win by 20 that is not dominant.  Play like you are the number 2 team in the country and make it over at half time.  I am curious to see what they do to SDSU this Saturday.

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There is nothing wrong with with fans (who can be fanatical at times) having expectations. As much as we have heard about the talent that we are stacked with we should expect high performance and successful execution.  I guess my point is that when Alabama or Oregon plays a cupcake, they blow them out.  As far as I am concerned, tOSU has never been a team that consistently blows anybody away. I guess it's part of their DNA. The team is young and UFM is playing Tressel/Fickel recruits for the most part.  We are seeing the shift in the composition of the team and perhaps the DNA will evolve over time.  
I know that many people on the live blog were completely irrational at times on Saturday (myself included, I never called for Fick to be fired though) but how is this any different than being at the bar with friends watching the games? Everybody supposedly knows better how to coach this team than the coach does. For people to say that we're not true fans because we're expecting better is crazy. The desire for our team to be the best is what makes us the fans that we are, we are also unrealistic and irrational at time but it comes with the territory.  Go Bucks!!!!

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Well I expected a 100-0 blowout, and I will not tolerate anything less than perfection! This team is dead to me! FIRE URBAN MEYER! Kill the football program, make it a club sport now, all hope is lost!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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TOSU football team has won 13 games in a row, the longest winning streak of any major program. Next! GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Forgive me moderators for I have sinned.
I haven't had a chance to post all weekend, but I would like to first confess that during the game I was one of those sky is falling people. "I read this site everyday and all I hear about is how amazing the Buckeyes are and then they play like this?" Naturally this was during the course of a few too many adult beverages and after the game I made a swift return to rational thinking. 
No matter how much talent this team has, there's going to be some learning moments. The only thing that should be frustrating is that they took their foot off the gas, which is something I think we all expected to go away when Meyer took the helm. Did the defense really play that bad? They were put in some bad situations by the offense. Was the offense completely destroying Buffalo before they seemed to relax? Yep. Everything is fine, I have no doubts that SDSU will be on the receiving end of a shelacking, and we should all calm down. Myself included.
For my penance I shall sing 3 Carmen Ohios and 5 Across the Fields.

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I expect nothing but the best from my beloved Buckeyes. If this was a mid level school then maybe, but powerhouses like OSU, Bama USC, LSU etc expect nothing but the absolute best week in and week out. The coaches expect the best and so do I. If you come to expect mediocrity then thats what you'll get. We hold our team to a higher standard and im ok with that... 

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I don't care to act like a Bama fan & I don't feel like less of a fan for it. Yes I expected a better performance, but I'll take the win & hope for good days ahead.

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Thought the defense played decently, a lot of new players got some good experience. The offense got off to a fast start. I will not predict how many games the Buckeyes win this year, hopefully all of them. Dontre looked good, Bosa did too. Armani got tested and that is good.  The defense will get even better as each game is played. High expectations? Yes i have them, i am also a realist, these are kids, and they are human beings and mistakes will be made. Take away that pick six and lets say that the drive resulted in a score for the good guys, the score would have been 43 to 13 or maybe 47 to 13. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They don't have to impress the fans.  But they do have to impress the voters, and I'm not sure if beating Buffalo 40 to 20 does that.  Great win.  I will look forward to a more Urban like score in game two.
If you compare this year to 2006 Florida team they won 42 - 0 week 2 over Central Florida after getting by Southern Miss week 1 34 - 7.  I imagine the Florida fan base was a little upset after week 1 back then.

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Expectations are resentments waiting to happen
That being said, most years as a BUCKEYE fan I start the year expecting to win every game, or at least be competitive in the game or two that appears to be a tough challenge.  Beyond a W though its all just icing on the cake.  YES - I'd rather have beaten Buffalo by 40, especially after the 23-0 first qtr. But if we look back just 11 years, or 1 year, I'll take a miracle win over Purdon't EVERY single day. 
Leave the how and the critique of the individuals to UFM & Co, Just give me 13 more Ws.

ONE Not Done!

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I admit I felt a little disappointed that the Buckeyes weren't a polished product in Week 1, and that made me enjoy a 20 point victory less than I should have. I really hope Buffalo competes for the MAC this year, because after watching the game again, they look pretty good.
We were playing most of the game with 10 new starters on defense, and yet most of the Bulls points resulted from turnovers/mistakes from the offense. Mewhort wiffing on his block to Mack, Braxton tossing that ball in his gut - that is a freak play. I can live with that in week 1. Dontre fumbling is also understandable.
The only real concern I have is that Armani Reeves looked very outmatched, and getting Roby back should cover that. But our depth is still a concern.
I am resetting my expectations more in-line with Coach Meyer - if we win every week, and get better, I think we will still be in the hunt in November. That is a great place to be.



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IMO, we should all hold OSU to a high standard. However, to me, there's a difference in holding the team to a high standard and nit-picking every individual performance. When something doesnt go perfectly to plan by a player, "the sky is falling" fan base starts to say idiotic things like "fire coach X", "player X is terrible, he needs to be on the bench"
Reeves was the perfect example of this... It was obvious he got picked on the whole game. He is a true sophmore getting his first start in the shoe. It was clear early on that Buffalo was going to attack our weakest corner! Reeves got beat a few times, missed some tackles, it can be frustrating to watch but I would rather him feel adversity in a game like this for when we need him down the road. Tip your cap to Buffalo for going after him, I bet Reeves grew up a bit after this game.  But listening to some of the fan base we needed to pull his scholarship and bench him for someone else. Benching someone isn't how they get better. I think with this day in age of recruiting and youtube, people just expect a freshman or sophmore to show up and be an all-american in their first start. It doesnt happen that way! Even the best players have growing pains and we should relax as fans when we are witnessing them. So we only beat buffalo by 20 instead of 35... so what?! if some of the young guys got a chance to grow up I'm fine with that as the day will come when Reeves is an all-american and shutting down opponents.

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I think this team will give us more and I like it.

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I guess I remember barely getting by a few different teams during our national championship 02 year. A win is win. The players from both sides of the ball said they took their foot off the gas pedal. How about instead of focusing on the bad plays, only focus on the good?

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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There are probably more fan bases with unrealistic expectations/beliefs than not.  Examples:
Notre Dame:  Plenty 'O Years with ridiculous expectations.  Believes women on the internet are all real.
M_chigan: More September Heismans than one can count.  States that our success and their yearly beat down by us is really because we "cheat".
Washington State: Got Mike Leach as a coach after having only won a total of 6 games in the prior 3 years.  Previous offense was very conservative and they looked like a shitty Wisconsin from the 1980's.  The fans here expected to go to a bowl game in Leach's first season last year. They won 3 games, including arch-rival Washington.  They looked very respectable at Auburn (31-24) last week but the fans here thought Wassu should have won there.  Leach haters aren't in the majority yet, but I'd say at least a third are griping about his paycheck and state he hasn't "turned the team around" yet.  A serious reality check is needed here.
Penn St: I could go on and on about their fan base and expectations on many levels.   The number of them who still think JoePa didn't know about Sandusky is just one indicator.