Why OSU will beat _ichigan

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November 26, 2013 at 9:27a

I keep reading posts of members expressing their nervousness over "The Game" and I wanted to take a minute to give some facts that should turn that nervousness in to excitement.  To be clear I'm also nervous because of what's at stake but that's normal for every game The Ohio State University plays.  

I want to start by pointing out Meyers record against rivals over his coaching career.  In a Bleacher Report article from last year "The reason Urban Meyer will dominate Michigan is because of Meyer's track record against his rivals. At Bowling Green State University, Utah and Florida, Urban Meyer went a total of 13-3 against his rivals."  Now add 2 wins vs PSU, 2 vs UW (I count it as a rivalry game if you don't) and 1 win against _ichigan and Meyer is a staggering 18-3 vs. rivals.  In short he approaches these games with the highest sense of urgency.  

Look at the little details he does to make "The Game" that much more special.  Look at the schedule at the WHAC that has all of the other games blocked out except for "that team up north".  He will not let this team forget the "Ohio" slights from Hoke.  Hell he'll probably show the clip of UM's band OH-O-NO halftime show.  

We have the better coaching staff.  We have an OC that's a MENSA member.  They have an OC that's a NAMBLA member.  (That's a South Park reference)   We have a Top 3 HC they have CFB's most expensive cheerleader.  We have the best OL coach in CFB they have a line that's a downgrade to turnstiles at Cedar Point. 

We will have enough OSU fans in the worst stadium for crowd noise to neutralize any home field advantage.  

Most importantly we have the better team! (No stats needed we all know how lopsided they are)

GO BUCKs _ichigan Sucks!


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Forgoing style points for rivalry points come Saturday.
In bunches.

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Hell Yeah HOV.  Have a happy Thanksgiving my Brother.  

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Let _e count the whys; _ichigan's O-Line, Devin Gardner's decisions , Brady Hoke's coaching (?),  The Buckeye's O-Line, Ryan Da_n Shazier, Urban F. _eyer, Braxton _iller, El Guapo, TBDBITL, need I go on?

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A turnstile would at least force a single file line to the QB

Yeti's have feelings too.

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I've watched a lot of *ichigan games this season and in my opinion there are only one way they could win this game.  Big pass plays caused by busted coverage/miscues in the secondary and a lot of turnovers (+6) by the Ohio State offense.  *ichigan can't run the ball or protect in the pocket.  Their only chance is to roll out and heave it down field and hope a receiver gets it or draws a penalty.    

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Talent level head and shoulders above TSUN, or any other member of The Li'l Eleven. That is all. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Why OSU will beat _ichigan?
Because we're Ohio State and they're not.

Long live the southend.

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Tradition rules!

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Continue the trend of scoring early.. Will their defense pack it in just like last week?!

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Unfortunately, absolutely nothing that has happened before noon Saturday will matter a lick come noon Saturday. I fully expect our guys to get the nothing but the best TTUN has to give, which might just be enough to pull the upset if tOSU makes mistakes (turnovers, stupid penalties, etc.).

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I think what we should worry about is covering Devin Funchess. Other than that is play solid defense and Braxton needs to play very well. Our defense is our biggest issue, but if the DC calls a great game we are good to go.

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His 13-3 record vs rivals (even an 18-3 adjusted record) is a lower win percentage than his overall record of 127-23. Just a heads up. Not that 18-3 is bad or that his rivals aren't generally better than most of the other opponents his teams play, but the way it is worded makes it sound like he does even better against rivals.

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Don't forget about Illinois as a rival.