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September 7, 2011 at 12:05p

Find it and keep it. Bauserman did work against Akron. Stanley Jackson, Steve Bellisari, Justin Zwick, Todd Boeckman all could have done the same. Bauserman is not good. I repeat he is not good. I would hope a 47 year old qb could find the tight end. Those 'scrambles' were against Akron. Boeckman had the team as well but that didn't keep him from getting his ass planted on the bench. Short term Bauserman can look as good as he wants vs scrubs but long term it is going to hurt the team. And stop comparing Miller to Pryor, the proper comparison is Miller and T.Smith. Nonsensical shenanigans.

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Easy man.  As Poguemahone mentioned in your last post, a big function of this is the O-line, which hopefully barring injuries, should be the strength of the offense.

I think why people are now somewhat excited about Bauserman now is that he is not the epic-fail of a statue we expected him to be.  He was capable of the rollouts on play action and occasional keeper that this offense uses.  He checked down on plays that Braxton is not going to be able to do right now.  The coaches aren't playing him for no reason.  Remember, this is the ultimate audition for Fickell.  He does not have the luxury to be a senior loyalist.

Yes, the competition in Akron is a valid point and we'll learn even more this weekend, but it's not like we're going to shove Braxton to the bench here.  As long as he's showing progress, he's going to get plenty of drives to lead this season.

Personally, due to the experience in the O-line I'm glad that we don't have to thrust Braxton into the starting role and can use him as a wrinkle that opposing defenses have to be aware of.

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While I agree that it may be too early to jump on the Heiserman train, I do think that the Baus doesn't have to be good for the offense to be good. Ross Fulton first pointed this out - the offense as a whole has been so dominated by the identity and skillset of the quarterback since Pryor got here that it might have negatively impacted the overall health of the offense. The offense under Baus, if it continues to resemble what we saw Saturday, will be more cohesive with a clear set of base and constraint plays. The coaches won't put as much pressure on Bauserman to carry the whole weight of the offense, and this actually might be ok. 

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And we wonder why people hate all of us Buckeye fans... it makes it easy when we hate our own players.

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I can't say I don't disagree with this post. Bauserman didn't do anything great and didn't need to. All judegement should be saved until that game in Miami,FL.


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I just posted something similar but with more tact. People everywhere have forgotten that Bauserman earned the moniker "Anyone but Bman". He had one solid game and I wish him well this season. I hope that he is this great Heisman candidate (hard to type that with a straight face) that everyone is clamoring about. Before we bronze his manhood, let us see how he performs against competitive teams first. Temper your enthusiasm in order to properly evaluate your situation. Don't get tunnel vision, withdraw your perspective, and see the whole picture.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I haven't seen anyone claiming that Bauserman is a Heisman candidate, just simply giving credit where it is due.

Perhaps all of those other QB's "could have" done what Bauserman did against Akron. Anyone can claim that. Find me any boxscores that prove it and I will agree.

He deserves to be given credit for the excellent performance that he displayed. 75% completions, 10 yards per attempt, 3 TDs vs 0 INT's, and a rushing TD to boot. Those are fantastic numbers against any level of competition.

Doesn't mean he is going to repeat it, but it also doesn't mean that he can't repeat it.

vacuuming sucks

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In your defense look at Todd Beokman against the real Ohio team. He had a dismal day. I don't know if Ohio University was as bad as Akron this year but they were certainly not an Ohio State.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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Agreed 100%. Our line was getting smacked all day.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Just as a point of reference TP only had 3 games in his career with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. In none of those games did he also score a rushing TD. Those great passing games were against Marshall, Indiana and Nerdwestern for what it's worth.

Plain and simple Bauserman had a great game and that is all anyone is claiming.

vacuuming sucks

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I definitely agree that a little perspective may be warranted, and that one game isn't worth getting our hopes up over.  But, if 1 game is too little to get our hopes up over, then it's also far too little to say Joe Bauserman is simply "not good" at football. 

Let's just wait and see.  People are buzzing because Saturday's performance was the first good thing to happen regarding Ohio State football since winning the Sugar Bowl.  We expected Bauserman to miss wide-open guys and get sacked a bunch...even against Akron.  That didn't happen - so he defied some doubts.

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This is a silly, and poorly titled thread.

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Fellas I'm looking at it big picture/long term. Who has more talent? Miller. Who gives us the best chance to make a play if a breakdown occurs? Miller. Zwick took development reps from Smith for no good reason. Ditto with Jackson and Germaine. Who would you rather trot out there vs Wisky or any other team with a pulse? Miller. Why is Bauserman out there? I assume, perhaps wrongly, that it is because in camp he hit the open receivers and limited mistakes. He did the same versus Akron which was a step back in terms of competition vs what he sees in practice. At the end of the day, if you had a draft who are you going to pick to be your quarterback? Miller. Fickell favors platooning but I disagree with that sentiment.  My final beef with Bauserman is this; the coaches, you, me, and every other nuckbut never expected him to be anything more than a backup. Now he's out starter and a good game vs a shit def 'solidified' him as the quarterback for this team? Great. If Akron was instead Alabama, would you still be offering his praises? Or would the Miller era be starting? It's all perspective and to give Bauserman the reins based off of what he did to AKrowdyrowdy does not make sense to me. Spielman and Meyer were on point with their commentary. And it is not that I dislike or hate Joey B, I simply want the most talented option out there. Would any of you be surprised if that was the best game of his career? I have no problem eating crow at any point but if Bauserman is ever asked to win a game I do not have confidence in him.

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Who said the Baus is "solidified" as the starter? The depth chart reads exactly the same this week (at QB) as it did lask week. Relax. There is nothing to criticize yet at this stage of the Fickell era.

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the 'solidified' comes from the ricky rando readings I have done on various websites. let's settle this quick, who do you want quarterbacking 741? if it's bauserman we have a very different opinion ya dig?

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My point of view (paraphrased from a post I made Saturday after I got home from the game) is that Baus did well enough to be named starter for now, but I think Miller is going to get better every week and will challenge for more minutes and possibly the starting role as the season progresses. He is the future, and I think we will be in good hands for the next several years with Miller at the helm. (To me he's like Troy Smith after the light started to come on - only taller.) Subsequently I have realized they both played about the same number of minutes Saturday - which is good. I expect the same this week and will be totally OK with that. Excited to see how they both perform.

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just saw this and we definitely both agree on the smith/miller comparison. miller/pryor is a terrible analogy.

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Pryor posessed a freakish physicality that is incredibly rare - we may never see a QB wearing the scarlet and gray with those physical gifts again in our lifetimes. It's too bad things turned out the way they did - would have been interesting to see if his decision making abilities caught up to his physical potential this year. Could have been a truly amazing thing to witness.

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from our own beloved 11W:

the quarterback derby

The prevailing thought after game one is that Joe Bauserman put some distance between himself and Braxton Miller. After all, Fickell had the fifth year senior under center for five of OSU's six possessions in the first half, in addition to the opening drive of the 2nd half, and to his credit Bauserman responded by turning in a performance that far exceeded the expectations of many.


-I am attempting to track down the article on another site that used the word 'solidified' so I can satisfy your palate however work keeps getting in the way. damnit jim.

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That's cool bro, but I only care what Fickell and the staff actually do - not what a bunch of people say on websites.

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if you don't care what people say on websites why do you comment? isn't that hypocritical?  because when you comment it gives the impression, at least to me, that you do care. at least a little bit. bro.

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I include myself in that category. I don't know shit, and my opinion means shit. Coach Fickell and staff make the decisions.

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hey buckle chuckle... is that your face crudely pasted on the banner up there? No?  Then zip it with this negativity...

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I was at the very top of the anyone but Bauserman bandwagon before the first game, my thoughts have been altered.

At this point in their careers, I think Joe is a better distributor of the football. With his enhanced knowledge of the playbook (he has been studying it for 10 years now,) he may be more capable of getting our playmakers more involved. There is a big trend in college football to have the qb be your biggest playmaker, or at least a significant portion of the ground game. I think dangerous is the offense that creates mismatches (stoney, fragle) and gets their speed in space (hall and berry, maybe, philly, verlon, spencer, smith).

I am very excited ab Braxton Miller. I think he is an absolute star in the making, and the future of this offense. However, that does not mean he needs to start right away. Playing a true freshman can be dangerous to the development of that player. Inexperienced qbs tend to not get through their progression before forcing a pass or taking off to run, bad habits indeed. See: Troy Smith, once he realized how to dissect the defense, and utilize all weapons, he was truly at his best.

Everyone take a moment to breathe. If you are a true Buckeye: support Luke Fickle and his staff. They don't have a soft spot for Senior Joe, they gotta win; big and now. I trust them to get the best eleven warriors on the field for each situation. If that dude has on a silver lid accumulating Buckeye leaves, then I root for their success. Go Joe, go Brax, go Buckeyes.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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Just because fans (and I'm going to disagree with the assertion that the coaches) did not believe in him, does not mean he is not capable.  Fact of the matter is we just don't have enough information on him right now.

My perspective is that we can't just assume that Miller right now is the best chance this team has to win a title.  Obviously, over the long haul (next 2-3 seasons) he has more potential, but we don't need to worry about that now.

The fact of the matter is that this team still has more talent than any other in the B1G and we need to play the qb that will be the most beneficial this season.  If that's Joe, that's Joe; if it's Braxton, it's Braxton.  I just don't think we can categorically say one is categorically better right now.  My hope is that we'll have this somewhat figured out by the time Sparty roles into town.


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I am disappointed, and a little shocked, that Miller did not get substantial minutes today. I'm here to take any lumps you wish to dish out.