Cleveland Mismanagement

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May 11, 2012 at 12:49p

As a long time Buckeye and Browns fan, I have been continually disappointed with the Browns lack of initiative to build a pipeline from the OSU NFL factory. It makes sense both on a financial and emotional standpoint. OSU has a track record of solid ROI concerning NFL players and Ohio is a Buckeye state significantly moreso than a Brownie state. To increase revenue and grow your fan base, bring the Buckeye fan base along for the ride to the professional level. To wit, going back over the past ten years to review the data, the Browns almost intentionally have gone against tapping a renewable resource to plug into the franchise's mainline. Look at this:

02-LeCharles Bentley(first rd talent) went to the Saints with the 44th pick of the 2nd rd, Browns took Willie Green and Andre'Davis in the 1st and 2nd.

03-M.Doss(2nd rd/Indy), C.Grant(3rd/NO), M.Wilhelm(4th/SD), D.Nickey(5th/Tenn)- All special teamers and solid backups. Browns took Jeff Faine in the 1st, Chaun Thompson in the 2nd, and Chris Crocker in the 3rd, Lee Suggs in the 4th.

04-Motherload of talent Smith/Gamble/Jenkins 1st rd,Hartsock & Scott in the 3rd,Allen in the 4th, Clarke & Olivea in the 7th. Browns took Winslow in the 1st and Sean Jones in the 2nd, bunch of scrubs with the picks after.

05-Nugent and D.Fox 2nd and 3rd rd. Browns B.Edwards and B.Pool 1st and 2nd.

06-Hawk,Witner,Carp,Holmes,Mangold 1st rd,Youboty 3rd,Sims 4th. Browns took Wimbley 1st, Jackson 2nd, J.Harrison 5th.

07-Ginn Gonzo 1st, Pittman 4th, Smith 5th. Browns took J.Thomas, Quinn, E.Wright 1,1,2.

08-Gholston 1st,L.Grant in the 7th. Browns took no one with their five picks starting in the 4th rd.

09-Jenkins Beanie 1st, Laurinaitis Robo 2nd, Washington Hartline 4th. Browns took Mack, Robo, Massaquoi.

10-Thaddeus 4th, Coleman 7th. Browns took Haden 1st, Ward Hardesty 2nd, McCoy 3rd. 

11-Heyward 1st, Chekwa 4th, Hines 5th, Rolle 6th, Browns took Taylor 1st, Sheard Little 2nd, ghosts in the latter rounds.

-These aren't all the picks just a select few from every year*

Glancing quickly at the above list a few things stick out, the Browns have chosen to never pick ONE player from the plethora that is OSU defensive backs and solid linebackers. They took the poor mans version of Michael Jenkins in Robo and nobody was surprised when a not quick or fast WR didn't pan out because he couldn't create separation vs quicker/faster NFL db's.

-Where the hell is the Cleveland scouts coming back with reports of: "look fellas, we have picks in these rounds, we need to try to come away with a few home grown players bc there is a proven track record of success and it will bring more Buckeye fans to our side."

Just a frustrated Browns rant on a slooow day at the office, but I'd love to have seen Hawk, Ginn, Smith, Coleman, Jenkins, one of any in a Browns uniform instead of Brian Robiskie or Simon Fraser.

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I get what you are saying, and while I am a Browns fan, I have never once thought about this topic. Would I like an OSU player to go to Cleveland and make an impact, yeah, that would be great, but I don't think drafting or not drafting OSU players has anything to do with the lack of success Cleveland has had over the years. 
I know you are a Browns fan, but how about the Bengals? Do you have any figures for them and their drafting of OSU players? 

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I want the Browns to draft the players they need, not guys that are from OSU. 

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TennBuck I do not have the Bengals info, I just yanked some googled lists for the past 10 years for the Bucks/Browns.
William the Browns suck at that concept. I am only offering that I feel they would suck slightly less if they drafted a few Bucks at some point bc they usually offer solid starters or backups at the next level...neither of which the Brownies ever have unless they raid the Jets roster for castoffs and sign them as starters.

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The bengals are fond of michigan players

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I'm a die-hard Bengals fan. I wouldn't say I disagree with you, but I know the Bengals are also fond of Ohio State players as well. 

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I'll be concerned about the Browns in the Fall. Right now I'm thinking about Manny Acta's mismanagement...Letting Starting pitchers give up a shitpot full of runs before going to the bullpen.

Long live the southend.

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Hawk would've been a Brown had the browns had a pick high enough to take him. Give me Joe Thomas over Ted Ginn anyday, look how well he has performed since we picked him. I would much rather pick positions of need than pick buckeyes.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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This. Joe Thomas is the best LT in the game. As for the Browns sucking at drafting guys they need, they've done fairly well the past 3 drafts if you ask me.

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I don't know if you're aware of this, but most of the guys you mention after 05 either wouldn't have turned out to be very good draft picks, or the jury is still out.  A large majority of those guys aren't exactly burning people's doors down at the next level.

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the scary thing about this current version of the Browns, and I've been a Browns fan since I was about 10 (too long ago), is that the braintrust is being taken to the woodshed by the Bungles, every year in the recent drafts save one (and that is Joe Thomas)
When Bengal fans offer you condolences, that says something about how your team is doing

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They had a shot @ Larry Grant just this offseason. He had a very good year for the 49ers vaunted defense as an injury fill-in @ olb. With all this mess goin on with Fujita and" Bountygate" and the fact that he is ols slow and unproductive anyway, one would think Grant would atleast garner a visit but as usual Holmgren and along with every other Clown that has stwearded that franchis over the last 25 yrs, dosen't even consider it or take a closer look. TYPICAL