Selling Tickets to the "Enemy"?

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October 9, 2012 at 12:23p

This has been eating at me since Saturday night.  When I got to my regular seats for the Nebraska game there was someone sitting in my seat.  I'm a season ticket holder, have been since 2003.  I've been in Section 24C, Row 20, Seats 11 and 12 for about 5 seasons now.  I know where my seats are drunk or sober.  The people sitting in my seats were Cornshucker fans, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  I made sure they had the right section, row, etc...  They were off one seat.  The 6 seats in the area have the permanent seat backs attached, so honest mistake.  I also know the four seats they were sitting in were season ticket holder seats.  I started thinking what kind of season ticket holder doesn't come to one of the marquee games of the season?  And if you can not come WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU GIVE/SELL YOUR TICKETS TO FANS OF THE OTHER TEAM?  It was a family of four with two young boys, not unlike my own family.  They were enjoying themselves and were very nice.  I was more upset with the Buckeye "fan" that allowed them these seats. I know, I know, it's a free country you can do what you want with your tickets.  I get it.  But this is a B1G team coming in at night and we need all the support we can muster.  Why would you lessen the noise factor by 4 people.  I would never sell my own tickets to anyone other than a Buckeye.  It didn't matter at the end, because we won.  I would have been livid if we lost.  I guess my point is this.  If you have tickets to a game and need to sell your tickets please exhaust every option you have before selling to "the enemy".  If the AACC game rolls around and I have to sit next to a fan of the Skunk Bears I'll probably be thrown out of the stadium and arrested.  To top it all off the husband did not stand during the National Anthem.  Don't get me started on that topic!  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. 


What are your thoughts?


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I'm looking for tickets to The Game so ask if they're selling their tickets, I'll take them off their hands for face value.

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not sure if i dislike this or sitting down at the game more. i guess some folks just "like" the buckeyes, they're not true FANatics!


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Sad, because I know many Buckeye fans that would have loved 1 ticket to that game, let alone 4.


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First, they are a commodity.
Second, why don't you spend a few minutes doing some personal brainstorming. I bet you can figure out at least 10 reasonable situations that would cause an OSU season ticket holder to give/sell his tickets without being a traitor.

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Doc, I think my wife spoke to you about this at ETB.  She is tickled that you started a topic on this.  We have season tickets in D deck - Varsity O.  It always amazes me when there are fans from the opposing team up there. We can not make it to every game, so we have to sell our tickets.  We have our own very strict rules for use of our seats:
1.  Must be OSU fans.
2.  Must be in seat prior to kick off.
3.  Must remain in stadium through the singing of Carmen Ohio with the team at the end of the game. 
We know many people around us and we get a report on the people who occupy our seats.
Also, as these are Varsity O tickets we can not have them sold for more than face value.  So, we are not supposed to go on Stub Hub and seek a higher price. We also have to stipulate that anyone who buys our tickets does not resell them - this eliminates the possibility of the tickets being scalped. 
As for the Nebraska fans - there were several of them near us Sat night - they were no where near as obnoxious as PSU or TTUN fans. 
Another side note, Doc - there may be some stricter rules for Varsity O season ticket holders coming in the near future to address the concerns you have expressed.  Other schools do this and, according to my wife, it is a real possibility that someone high up in OSU Football will address this soon. 

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Maybe they couldn't go because a wedding or something and they gave them to someone else and that someone else sold them on StubHub for top $$$? I totally get your frustration but look at it this way, that family of four even though Nebraska fans drove/fly all the way to Columbus Ohio to see there favorite team and also get to experience one of the best College Football environments in the nation? Those kids will probably for better or worse never forget that experience. I could have only dreamed that when I was a kid my father would have taken me to an away game, I didn't get to see a  game until I was 22 years old (dad wasn't around alot). Different strokes for different folks!

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I hate to say it, but I'd rather see that than the couple that were next to me in 4C row 13 seats 11 & 12 that LEFT AT THE START OF HALFTIME BECAUSE SHE WAS "COLD". That has been irritating me since Saturday.

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Really, Doc?  It honestly doesn't make one damn bit of difference.  Do you know how many season tickets are sold to Buckeye fans across this country when the team travels?!  Many of us sort of count on it!  C'mon, man.  It's sports.

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I get the general idea of the sentiment, though.  Hopefully there isn't too much of that going on, but there are perfectly good reasons to sell to an opponent's fans.  Maybe they'll offer more than other OSU fans?  Maybe they're family or friends? 

Class of 2010.

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Exactly, Show.  I mean, two of my wife's siblings went to Purdue, but she and I both went to Ohio State.  Do we care that they take our alumni tickets to an OSU-Purdue game that we can't fly home for?  No.  My dad went to UC.  He'd probably be the first person I'd offer my tickets to if UC and Ohio State were playing.  What about work colleagues, particularly in the case of the season tickets...which are usually grandfathered in or owned by a rich asshole?  What if he/she gives the tickets to someone that works for him/her who went to Nebraska because they did something awesome?
So, people need to chill the eff out on this.  If people didn't sell/give their season tickets to opposing fans, for whatever reason, this would never happen.

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Are you really calling all OSU season ticket holders "rich assholes"?  Nice.


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Is that what I wrote?

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That's the type of crap that my wife does, so she no longer gets invited to sporting events. Keep in mind that the games in question are IN the Metrodome !




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...are IN the Metrodome !

Not for long! Outdoor football in all its misery.

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You bring up some good points here Doc.  I absolutely, 100% respect and appreciate your sentiment towards the team, university and your season tickets.  Its unfortunate that the tickets didnt go to a fellow buckeye.  However I think you'd appreciate the fact that the tickets went to an appreciative group like a family.  Also, maybe the family is friends of the season ticket holder who couldnt attend.  In my case, I'd much rather my tickets go to a friend who supports the opponent than a buckeye I don't know.  I also would be happier if my tickets went to a "respectful" husker over a "degenerate" buckeye.   I usually have rules for the person I attend the game with and for who I sell to.  Buckeye friends first, friends second, respectful folks third, degenerates never. I can tolerate a rival fan, I cannot tolerate a degenerate for any team.

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Has to be because of the $$$.  CREAM!!!

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NWBuckeye, we did speak about this at E2B.  It was that conversation that prompted me to notice the Huskers, but to write this post.
I agree with the fact that it was a family.  I would have much rather have sat next to them then a drunken buffoon.  My post wasn't to rail on them per se.  More to wonder out loud why you would sell your tickets to fans of the opposing team.  After all of the discussions and remarks made about Ohio Stadium being quiet and not intimidating as a visitor why give us four less voices to scream and make noise.  I know from experience that opposing fans get their tickets from a multitude of outlets, but don't do it voluntarily.  If I had to venture a guess the four seats next to me are corporate owned and doled out nilly willy.  They have been empty, or partially used all season.
I'm all for letting the family experience the Shoe.  Take a look at my avatar.  That is my oldest when he was three seeing his first game.  That picture was taken at the Buckeye Club reception that year and wound up being used as the promo picture for the Buckeye Kids Club.  His picture wound up being used in every game day magazine all year long.  So, yes bring the kids and let them see the spectical, just don't sit next to me. ;P 

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Actually, I had been looking for... oh, never mind.

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This tickets I bought to the Wisconsin game this year are someones season tickets.  They probably made about $60 total off me, or enough for a single ticket.

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Not to pick nits Nappy, but I would venture to guess that the season ticket holder lost money selling you the tickets.  Unless you paid about triple their face value.  After all is said and done each ticket costs me about $164.00 a game. I'm not bitching and I'm blessed to be able to afford this "luxury", I just want to shed some light on the subject.

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I can see both perspectives... However, obviously some outlets like StubHub don't let you choose who buys your ticket, or you could have a situation like mine. I bought an extra pair of tickets to the Michigan game because my boss (who's gone with me to numerous games) wanted a pair. Now I have found out he is giving them as a gift to a relative that is a Michigan fan... I'm debating calling Ticketmaster to report them stolen...

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immediately hand in your resignation. that is a hostile work enviornment

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Doc, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.  I think a lot of us agree with you and your sentiments!
On the other hand, loved Bucksfan's link! 

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Have to believe like others said, StubHub, or Craigslist. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find tickets in the visitors' section.

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I just hate how many ticket providers sell tickets.  Stubhub, superseats1, ticketkingdom, ticketsolutions, goldcoasttickets, etc. all sell tickets online.  I just wonder with so many tickets on the net for sale, how many people buy season tickets with the only intent of scalping them and doubling or tripling their money.  Actual fans then have to pay an arm and a leg to go to a game.  It sure does make it harder to be able to afford to take the family to a game.  I know a lot of Mountaineer fans, and they don't understand how hard or expensive it can be to get tickets to Buckeye games.  I don't know if there is an answer for that problem.

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Eh, I understand it's going to happen. It's not my favorite thing, but it's one of the reasons I got to see Holy Buckeye live as well.
I was a freshman in college in Indiana and someone offered some Purdue alumni tickets to the game that weekend. They didn't know I was a die hard Buckeye fan and was thrilled to go. It was actually my first game I had ever made it to and it was free.
I was in the Purdue alumni section and was decked in my OSU gear. I was catching quite a bit of grief all until a certain 4th and 1. 
So, had those alumni not given me those seats, I would have never seen one of the greatest plays in Buckeye history(at least in my lifetime). 

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It probably has something to do with economics, the huskers fans knew that the tickets were hard to get so they probably paid more.