Forever Thankful for Tatgate and the Bowl Ban

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April 24, 2013 at 12:17p

If there's one thing America isn't good at, it's naming our scandals. What would we do if Richard Nixon hadn't paid Joe Paterno to break into the Watergate Hotel? Where would we be? With the originality of the goofs who dubbed the college football playoff "the College Football Playoff", I shudder to think.

Regardless, coming off a 12-0 season and entering the walkthrough that will be the 2013 regular season campaign, I think it's a good time to remind everyone just how lucky we were for "Tatgate" and its subsequent bowl ban. I was an unabashed defender on Terrelle Pryor on this very website, and since then my opinions of TP and his misdeeds at Ohio State have only grown more favorable.

Is there any rational thinking Ohio State fan (somewhat of a paradox, I admit) who would choose Jim Tressel over Urban Meyer? Because, without Tatgate and the Senator's inglorious exit, Urban Meyer would be plying his trades at another, lesser university than the one found in central Columbus.

Jim Tressel was a great coach, an Ohio State legend, and one of my life's regrets is I wasn't old enough to riot in the aftermath of the 2002 national title game. Yet, I truly believe we had witnessed the unforgiving ceiling of the Ohio State program under Jim Tressel: a lofty winning percentage sprinkled with disappointing losses to the likes of Purdue and Illinois or from programs like USC or Texas. Maybe I am on my own with this belief, but I do not think Jim Tressel would have ever won another national title while at Ohio State.

Winning the Big Ten used to suffice when the Big Ten was a legitimate football conference. Those days have gone the way of standard definition television and CD players. Sure, Tressel owned Michigan in a way few Ohio State coaches ever have, but it came in the twilight of Lloyd Carr's career and the abomination that was Rich Rodriguez's era.

With Urban Meyer, Ohio State will get all of Tressel's glory plus the talent required to take the Buckeyes into honest national title contention. For me, it boils down to 2006's BCS Title Game. It was Urban's best vs. Jim Tressel's best, and Florida gave us an ass-kicking that still makes me grimace in pain when I recollect on it. Had Urban not called the dogs off at half-time, they may have hung 100 points on Ohio State. And if you think Teddy Ginn would have made a difference, please turn off your computer and take a long walk outside until the drugs and alcohol dissipate from your brain and central nervous system.

No, Tatgate had to happen. I love Jim Tressel, and I thought him returning for this year's Michigan game was one of the best trollings of the 2012 calendar year, but I don't have any sympathy when it comes to his ouster. At best, Jim Tressel was strategically negligent with his star quarterback's extracurricular money-ginning.

I think he knew what was going on, and each time Terrelle Pryor pulled up to the WHAC in a new car, Tressel turned a blind-eye because he knew in the snakepit of college football, what Pryor was engaged in was a small-time misdemeanor. (He also knew JOE FREAKING BAUSERMAN was the back-up quarterback.)

As awful as the 2011 season was, it's a tax I'd pay tenfold to lead to yesterday and tomorrow's glory. The bowl ban ended up being a blessing, because I'm not sure Ohio State could've banged with Alabama in last year's national title game. While I doubt Urban Meyer's teams will ever get handed a mauling akin to the ones suffered by Tressel's teams from time to time,  12-0 was a perfectly acceptable capstone for me, the liquor-swilling fan whose game day preparation includes "which Ohio State shirt I'm going to wear."

I'm sure the players felt it left something to be desired, and that's the perfect scenario entering this season. Urban Meyer, pop psychologist, knows this. It's what has lead to "the Chase" you hear so many Ohio State footballers referring to this off-season. The 2012 season might have been an unsatisfactory meal for them, which is good, because it means there's still a hunger within.

Granted, I predicted the 2011 team would finish 11-1 with a Rose Bowl Victory, but last May I also predicted Ohio State would finish 12-0. I was laughed at both times, but this year, I feel even better about my prediction for the team: 12-0.

There are some who prefer to revel in past glories, "back when a handful of nickels kept the jukebox rolling all night." Some prefer to live in the future, where things can yet be altered, but to me, neither is worth as much as the present. Without the bowl ban, I'm not sure if I would feel as confident. I definitely wouldn't feel as confident if Ohio State was coming off a national title win or loss, and either way, it would have all weighed the same as everything else in the past: about as much as wind.

And to think, the storm that is brewing in Columbus started with Terrelle Pryor and others getting discounted tattoos. If Urban Meyer wins multiple national titles at Ohio State as I think he's poised to do, perhaps one day Ohio State will erect a statue of another Ohio State legend: Terrelle Pryor... tattoos and all.

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I'll pass on the statue, and accept any trophies (championship ones welcome).

As difficult as things were two years ago, it sure seems like the school, the program and the team are in a better place than even before the first email came out.

In addition, all the Ohio State bashers from two years ago need only to look around the major college football landscape now.

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Nice job dj I like this

stark county football

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HAHA! I love this one.
This will probably kick off another full steam Terrelle Pryor bash\love fest which will ultimately give way to a debate over Jim Tressel's culpability in the whole mess while some may even question where the venom towards Boom, Adams, Posey, and other guy is.
The worst thing Terrelle Pryor ever did ended with Ohio State appointing Urban Meyer as supreme warlord of mid-western football. Oh and he played the position better than anyone before him save for #10.
I'm ok with it.
Edit-No one should answer "Tressel" when asked "Who would you rather have". If you do, I weep for humanity. There's nothing wrong with admitting who the better coach is.

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Has anyone gone and thanked that tattoo artist yet?

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

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He's doin 25' ta life


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@ O.P.: Don't worry, you didn't miss too much riot-wise in the 2000's; All the good riots were in the '90s under the Cooper regime when we waited decades for a NC-caliber team only to be thwarted by the skunkweasels time and again. '90s college kids really knew how to riot amidst all the angst and turmoil. nowdays the laws are too strict involving alcohol abuse and underage consumtion.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Way to redeem yourself from yesterday's shenanigans DJ.

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This is an article that I can agree with.  It doesn't mean that I like the idea of our program breaking rules or being smeared and labeled as cheaters, but the end result was amazing, and it's kind of a big middle finger to all of the exaggerated fake outrage out there.
Jim Tressel was a tremendous coach, but Urban brings that plus the one thing that Tressel's teams generally didn't quite bring - intensity.  The Tressel era was great, but the Urban era could be greater. 

Class of 2010.

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...but the end result was amazing, and it's kind of a big middle finger to all of the exaggerated fake outrage out there.

Very true.  In a way that may never be duplicated again, we were made stronger.  We have to show this on the field now when it counts.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I am not a conspiracy theory type of guy. Yet I must say that my neighbor told me months before tress's firing, he was on his way out. He also told me that UFM was on his way in. I was amused at the thought. I hated UFM, no way that would ever happen I was thinking. I didn't argue. He is a guy who knows a guy. If you know what I mean. Then it all came out. Tress is gone. The morning I heard the news I went next door. He laughed and said UFM  is on his way in. It took a year. A loooooooonnnnnnggggg and hhhaaaarrrrrrrrrrddddddddd year, but in he came. How did he know? I have no clue. Maybe he is a whole lot smarter than most? Maybe he can predict the future? Did anyone on here know? Was I the only person who didn't know? I am glad it happened. I have come to love UFM. He is a good dude. And a better coach than tress. Thanks DJ. Good stuff!

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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I heard you about the conspiracy theory. Had a friend on fb post that his sister (if I remember correctly) was a real estate agent and that Urban was looking to buy in Columbus. Then a couple of weeks posted that he had bought one in Columbus. I thought it was all bs. Sometime later Urban announced that he was OSU new coach. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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I heard a similar thing from my Dad (a prof) in 2010.
It wasn't a conspiracy so much -- it was a rumor that the trustees were getting dissatisfied with the level of performance under Tressel.
And, at that time, Urban was coaching Florida, but had already quit there once.
So, with Tressel in his 10th year (a long time), a glass ceiling seemingly over the program, and a rock star coach who might be persuaded to come home ... I think it was easy to speculate.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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The 2006 BCS Championship Game reminded me of two things. One, that one team was hungry and angry to prove itself. Two, the other team was "entitled," and had been told over and over that they were going to win, and all they had to do was show up.
I think Meyer will see to it that the 2013 Buckeyes are going to be hungry. Very hungry.
I was also a unapologetic Tressel supporter, even after his turning a blind eye to the shenanigans. People make mistakes, I told myself. But I was absolutely freakin excited, especially after the debacle of the 2011 season, to have The Best Damn Coach In The Land. I personally don't think there is a better coach out there in college football. And he's in a better position(being in a weaker conference/able to recruit a region without much competition-at least compared to what he faced in the SEC) than he was in Gainesville.
The last several Buckeye coaches haven't left under the best of circumstances. I hope when the Urban Meyer biography is written, it has a happy ending(far, far into the future!). If it does, there'll be a statue him next to Woody's.



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Can you name a Buckeye football coach that did leave under good circumstances? Ever?
The closest I can think of is Fickel, if that counts. 

Oyster's picture

Paul Brown?

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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sort of- He left Ohio State on decent terms due to WWII. However, after the war he became coach of the Browns and angered many OSU folks by signing a decent number of OSU players who still had eligibility left.

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Upvote for your knowledge of tOSU arcana.

The only thing that's new in the world is the history that we have forgotten.

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Spot on DJ.  I loved Tress for all the winning, but it did seem the edge had been rounded off.  Beating AACC every year was fun.  The nail biting struggles were wearing thin on me.  It seemed like JT was too stubborn to change with the times and adapt to new offensive philosophies.  Pryor was a Lamborghini JT would drive down the block for a gallon of milk.  I was always hoping he would take him out on the open road to see what he could do.  Pryor was fun to watch.  I'll take Urban any day of the week, and twice on Saturdays.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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I could not agree more with this article. I commented a while back that I also do not think OSU would have won another national title with Tressel at the helm. Also, I don't think that I can ever hate on Terrelle Pryor. That man was a beast locked up in a cage; that cage being Ohio State's conservative offense. And he still put on a show. I think everyone can agree that we wish Tressel's exit would have been more graceful, but I also think anyone that would rather have JT than Urban is crazy

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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No.  You don't justify all that crap and embarrassment with the success that followed two years later.  We're LUCKY that Urban Meyer was available, not entitled to it.  The tattoo scandal and bowl ban could have just as easily plunged Ohio State football into a 20 year lull.  I hate this revisionist perspective.

P.S. The riot after the 2002 Michigan game was a national embarrassment, and nothing to be proud of.  It destroyed 9 cars and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, mostly due to the actions of dirt bag Columbus locals that were neither students nor alumni.

Baroclinicity's picture

I agree with both DJ and you.  I think DJ is right on the whole, but like you said, the year and a half it took to get the ship righted again tore me to shreds on the inside, and indeed, is not justification. 

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Bucksfan's picture

A bowl ban is not a blessing.  At all.  So, he's not right.

BME_Buckeye's picture

OMG, someone with some logic... This comment deserves 1,000 upvotes. I agree with both of your comments made 100%.

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Give him a break, this one has probably been the lesser of the week's cringefests

cajunbuckeye's picture

Agree. I made it halfway through this one.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Rioting in general just baffles me. When the Bullies were mocking the NBA in the mid 90's, each year Pip, Mike, and Phil would record commercials begging the city to celebrate responsibly when they won the title. Now of course it was all done to no avail because Chicagoans, being among the dumbest of sports fans, felt the need to burn and break their own shit.
Baffles  me.

BME_Buckeye's picture

I agree with Bucksfan comments above but DJ what a sick twisted train of thought. In all of this are you glad that Tressel ruined the program? The Tradition, the People, the Excellence. Are you glad we have a blackeye and are known as the cheateyes? O$U? The ridicule following the event (Bret goes and check the Parlors of Madison to see if players are in there)? The fact that fans and alum have to defend the program they root for? OSU will forever be branded with this stigma of tats and cars for rings and autographs. As a result of this situation, we lose something I valued in the program: integrity and character. We no longer have that and the media will never live down the transgressions of the Tatted 5 or Tressel actions. If you're fine with all of this, and don't feel some pain from it then you must admit getting Meyer is higher than integrity and honor. If Meyer never wins a title, is it worth it? I would have been fine with Tressel still owning the Big Ten, BCS bowls and beating Michigan even if we didn't reach the potential to where Meyer could take this program or won another title. Rewriting the history books of the Big Ten was fine me!
I often think about which was worst for the school to deal with? 

  1. Losing a 12-1 season from the record books 
  2. Losing the Sugar Bowl trophy and beating our first SEC team
  3. Losing the Bowl Money
  4. The impending shit storm my senior year of 6-7
  5. Termination of our streak vs. michigan
  6. Sitting out a bowl game in 2012
  7. Tressel leaving OSU

I can't answer this question yet because all of them are hard to accept but its mind blowing to think anyone can be grateful for what we gained compared to what we loss.
I don't usually get mad on 11W but why the hell would you even mention this shit? Moreover, why admit you're basically fine with what happen? Please stop writing blogs. You'd be doing a lot of us a huge favor. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Tress let the entitled players run the team and University and innocent players trying to do the right thing paid the ultimate price.  I was never a fan of Tress and it was a horrible price to pay in order to get the Ohio State University football program players back on track.  This team is hungry once again and their focus and desire will be rewarded with a couple National Titles.


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I'll summarize this post.  
Win (or more wins) at ANY COST!  That's all I care about.  Who cares if we cheat and get paid and lie to the NCAA to win games.  Football > The OSU as a whole.  Our entire identity is about "football" wins.  Very Sad.  So No.  I don't want that to be tOSU's identity.

Hello_Heisman's picture

As a Michigan fan, posts like Bukfan's are why I like this site. I don't mean that sarcastically - it's good that this site has a fair share of posters who aren't afraid to acknowledge some of the warts in their own program, and don't want to blow off or forgive what happened under Tressel just because the team is winning big again under Meyer.

Bukfan - one follow up question for you. How did you feel when they brought Tressel onto the field during the Michigan game and he got a standing O from the crowd?

60% of the time it works.....every time

southbymidwest's picture

Really H_H? Stop poking the bear. There was quite a bit of discussion regarding Tressel and the 2002 team on the field when it happened.
And DJ. Really? I for one am sick of the circling back around to pick at the scab/discuss Tressel, Pryor, tatgate, and the various and sundry (and not so sundry) transgressions with that team. It ticks me off no end that my clean-as-driven-snow SEC, ACC and ND friends sneer about OSU and the whole mess, overblown or not. Then the SEC ones sneer about why Meyer supposedly left Florida. So enough already. Move on. You know that saying, "when one door closes, another one opens"? That's the case here. (End of rant.)

Hello_Heisman's picture

All due respect my friend, but the "bear poking" you're referencing started with this entire thread. Within the context of this thread, I think the question about Bukfan's views on Tressel and the standing ovation were perfectly valid.

And while I disagree with DJ's opinion, I think the topic itself is a valid one. It's the same reason why Michigan fans still debate what went wrong under RichRod. Sometimes significant events happen that can influence the direction and performance of a college football program for years to come. Tressel's scandal and the RichRod era were 2 such events. Because of how recently each occurred and because both programs are still dealing with elements of the fall out, I think it's absolutely relevant for both fan bases to continue talking about them.

Sorry your SEC friends keep bringing it up but let's be honest. Even if they didn't have the Tressel thing to hold over your head, there'd be plenty of other ammo they could use, starting with their streak of national championships (including two lopsided wins over OSU). In 2013, if you're a B1G fan trying to argue college football with an SEC fan, that's a losing proposition.

60% of the time it works.....every time

Menexenus's picture

I don't know.  This is kind of like saying the United States should be grateful for Pearl Harbor.  After all, many great things happened to us as a country as a result of our entry into WW2...
Maybe I'm just splitting hairs, but it's one thing to say that Ohio State is in a better situation after the scandal and more likely to succeed.  It's another to say that the scandal, violations, and punishment were a *good* thing - something to be grateful for.
I think we can all be grateful for the new course that OSU football seems to be on, even if we agree to disagree about being grateful for the events the put us on this new course.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Pearl Harbor and College Football arent even in the same universe. People died during Pearl Harbor. The only real suffering people did as a result of Tatgate was taking flack from the media, and watching OSU lose a few ball games... Not a good analogy.

SPreston2001's picture

Some of you guys need to lighten up. The truth is there was light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes you have to travel through mud to reach it. If 10yrs down the line OSU has won multiple NC's, beaten the crap out of scUM, and is sitting atop of college football you mean to tell me you wouldnt do it all over again?? Yes the disgrace and embarrassment from tatgate was brutal but so was getting trounced by big boy teams! I was never mad at JT or any of the players involved in tatgate, but I definitely felt like JT's time was over. It got to the point that winning the B1G wasnt good enough anymore. I wanted NATIONAL respect and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS! I dont think that could have happened under the JT regime. OSU's football culture had grown dull and boring and it was rubbing off on the players. We came out ahead and if this is what it took to wake up OSU football then so be it. You ever heard the term "everything happens for a reason"?? Lighten up the only way to silence the critics and haters is to win NC's and with Urb we have the ability to do so... Go Fuggin Bucks!!

BME_Buckeye's picture

So you think national titles are greater than integrity and honor. In addition, you think winning cures everything. Gotcha. Ten years down the road I could give a shit what we did win or didn't. No amount of wins or titles will take back what OSU lost. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


SPreston2001's picture

Honor and integrity are you serious?? What over some tattoos!!?? Please spare me the high road BS!! College football is all about winning and if you dont believe that then your insane! Im not saying win at any cost because I do agree playing by the rules is very important, but were talking about a few players TRADING some memorabilia for tattoos!! The whole thing would have been a slap on the wrist had Tressel said something when he learned about it! You act as if we were paying our players thousands of dollars and buying them gold chains! The only reason it got blown out of proportion is because this is tOSU! Hell look at Miami and that whole shit storm they got going on, do you see it plastered all over ESPN?? No! Penn States Sandusky stuff blew up for a few weeks then went quiet again yet for months you couldnt turn on the tv without hearing about OSU and some damn tattoos. And what the hell did we lose?? What a winning season and a bowl game??!! That will all be forgotten in a few years. So yes I would do it all over again if I knew it would result in a rockstar head coach and multiple NC's. I only say this because I dont think the punishment fit the crime to begin with. Lol honor and integrity over some tattoos... Yeah ok.

BME_Buckeye's picture

What's there to kid or joke about when it comes to integrity or honor? Wisconsin has no problem with it but they've won the past three Big Ten titles. Nebraska has no problem with it along with several other schools. What high road BS is there in doing things the right way? Its not exactly hard to have high character kids both on and off the field. Is asking for this too much of student athletes? Not sure why you think this is high and mighty. Note, its not like I'm acting like Mr.Holy Rolly or Mr.Happy Days here, just asking for something simple. 

College football is all about winning and if you dont believe that then your insane! Im not saying win at any cost because I do agree playing by the rules is very important, but were talking about a few players TRADING some memorabilia for tattoos!! The whole thing would have been a slap on the wrist had Tressel said something when he learned about it!

You don't have to preach to the choir or reinvent the wheel, I know the name of the game at OSU and I've followed NCAAF for a long time now. I don't get how you can say you're not in favor of winning at all cost but you're fine with consequences. By admitting you're ok with what we got, you obviously don't care about what rules we have to follow, as long has it benefits the program in the long run. Am I right? The consequences are a result of winning at all cost with ineligible players and if you don't think so then ask yourself should the players have sat out the sugar bowl? If you say no, then you've proven me right. 
And we're not just talking about OSU trading memorabilia for tats, we're talking about Tressel openly knowing about what happened and protecting his players to cover up a lie. We're talking about a man who would protect his players before he admitted he did wrong. I don't now what the consequences would have been had Tressel admitted, maybe a slap on the wrist compared to what we got but who knows. 

You act as if we were paying our players thousands of dollars and buying them gold chains!

How exactly am I acting like we are paying our players thousands of dollars and buying them gold chains? I'm just simply stating a rebuttal to your post. Nothing in my comments says otherwise but if you believe so please point on where the iniquity is. 

The only reason it got blown out of proportion is because this is tOSU! Hell look at Miami and that whole shit storm they got going on, do you see it plastered all over ESPN?? No! Penn States Sandusky stuff blew up for a few weeks then went quiet again yet for months you couldnt turn on the tv without hearing about OSU and some damn tattoos.

The sun rises in the east, water is wet, the world hates Ohio State, and if you haven't embraced this hate from ESPN then I don't know what to tell you. OSU will forever be under a microscope because of how successful our teams have been so I expect to get the hate we have from ESPN and the media. I can't argue for Miami because I don't know the extent of the situation totally. As for PSU situation, it lasted for a long time and it still does now. They had been under a microscope since October 2011 and were the entire 2012 season. You're going to hear about OSU and tattoos but I don't get how you can complain about it. I mean you're asking for it am I right? If you're fine with everything that happened to get Meyer, then how can you get mad at what the media is saying? If you're so accepting of it now, then stop bitching about turning on the TV and hearing about OSU and some damn tattoos and suck it up. Or is that you only want to accept the Meyer part of the baggage but not the other part(s)? You can't have your cake and eat it too.  

And what the hell did we lose?? What a winning season and a bowl game??!! That will all be forgotten in a few years.

Like honestly do you even read bro? Did you even read the first post I typed on here? If not, here is a slice of what we lost:

  • Losing a 12-1 season from the record books
  • Losing the Sugar Bowl trophy and beating our first SEC team
  • Losing the Bowl Money
  • The impending shit storm my senior year of 6-7
  • Termination of our streak vs. michigan
  • Sitting out a bowl game in 2012
  • Tressel leaving OSU

I would take a more holistic approach to look at what we lost vs. just a few games and a bowl game. Sure, we can focus on what the record books might say but there were a lot of other things OSU lost. Moreover, you speak as if winning cures all. "F*** it, we'll just keep winning and sweep this shit under the rug so much that we'll be buried in our success. No one will give a rats ass what happened as time goes by and we keep winning. We're Ohio State, wtf does a winning season and bowl game mean when we have our savior Urban Meyer to lead us to better." I mean this is honestly what you sound like right now arrogant and self centered about winning. Newsflash, winning does not cure all, we and the media will never forget this and every time you hear about OSU, Jim Tressel, titles, BCS, post season play and so forth you're going to hear about tatgate and so forth but don't worry, you're acceptive of it so it shouldn't effect you.

 So yes I would do it all over again if I knew it would result in a rockstar head coach and multiple NC's. I only say this because I dont think the punishment fit the crime to begin with. Lol honor and integrity over some tattoos... Yeah ok.

Yeah so you would rather have the media ridicule OSU, have to explain to your friends that calls your program cheaters what happened, deal with the sanctions and not have a full recruiting class, and so forth all for a rock star head coach and multiple NC's, ok bro. BTW what national titles have we won yet? Well, you can fill in the blanks. Moreover, what if Meyer never won a National title, is worth it then? 
Yeah, its like I said, you could basically could give a shit about Ohio State integrity and honor all in the name of Meyer. Forget those tattoos, as long as we keep winning, everything will be ok. Only the best, for The Ohio State. 
Please, tell me you didn't go to tOSU and are just a casual fan. Then again why expect logic from a fan who calls Sully "a chunky fuck". 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


Hello_Heisman's picture

BME - damn, dude. Even if I didn't agree with everything you said I would have still up voted you just for the effort. I'm exhausted from reading that!

60% of the time it works.....every time

BME_Buckeye's picture

Yeah, I wrote my response in frustration and anger vs. being calm and informative. There are few things that get under my skin and hurt to talk about but the entire tatgate is one of them. I was in school during the Tressel era up and until the end so I have a strong connection with him and the team during those years. Tressel did a lot for us which I am grateful for, but I hated to see him go out the way he did and what happened to OSU as a result. And now, people are admitting that tatgate and the sanctions were worth it because Meyer will lead us to better and more. Its as if people stop caring about Tressel and wanted to hang him up just to keep winning and get another title. Nobody cares about honor and integrity any more. To me no amount of wins is worth it. 
Note: I'm usually a lot more rational than this but it was clear this is something I should have ignored. It was as if the OP knew how to press my buttons. I can handle people mocking OSU for what happened but hearing acceptance for it from your own fans is another thing. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Blah Blah Blah whatever dude. I NEVER said im ok with winning at all cost! Did you read anything I said?? Why are you trying to twist my words? Out of everything you wrote that we lost none of that is equal to a NC. Yeah losing to scUM sucked but hey thats gonna happen from time to time you cant win em all. The 6-7 season, yeah it sucked but hell its only one year. Bowl money?? This is tOSU money is never a problem. The fact that you have a man crush on Tressel because you went to school while he was there means nothing to me lol. If you wanna be with Tressel so bad go ask him for a job so you can cuddle up next to him everyday. I never said I was complaining about the media bashing I was just using it as a reference to show how it got blew up because we're tOSU. You can continue to preach about integrity and honor (which I never said wasnt important), but I will continue to believe what took place 2-3 yrs ago really wasnt all that bad. If our players were running around raping and mugging people then strapping up the pads on Saturdays then yes I would have a huge problem with that. But a few kids bartering to get some tats?? Please.... You can have Tressel, the stale ball offense, 12-1 season, first win against a average SEC team, and maybe a winning season for your almighty senior year. Ill take Urbz, 12-0, and a couple NC's down the road. Again you must have trouble reading because I never said we won a NC yet. I said I would do it all over again "IF" I knew it would result in a rockstar HC and multiple NC's (keyword "IF"). And you obviously never played any sport your entire life because you would know winning does cure everything. Your acting like ESPN and making it seem like TATGATE was some horrible crime! You can continue to be butthurt about losing your idol Jim Tressel while the rest of us ride winning train. I respect what Tres did for us but I think he hit his ceiling here and it was time for something new. Lol cry me a river buddy... Im done arguing with you over tatgate Mark May.
And BTW yes I did graduate from OSU class of 2005...

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The truth. 


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I agree with the general premise here: that the program is stronger today than before Tattagte. 
To illustrate the difference between Tressel's approach and Meyer's approach, I look no further than the possession OSU had before halftime against Nebraska last year. The entire idea of that drive was to score a touchdown. I even said to my wife who was watching  enduring the game with me, "You're about to see the difference between a Jim Tressel coached team and an Urban Meyer coached team." 
Also, I have no doubt that Jim Bollman would still be coaching up the O-line if JT were still here. 
The only major long-term negative I can see is the degree to which, if any, Tattgate contributed to the revival of TSUN's program (sorry, but Hoke didn't re-birth that program all by himself). I believe Tattgate, the 2011 season (until the Urban talk heated up) may have had a lot to do with UM's resurgence. 

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This entire article is pure crap and an obvious attempt at trolling. Your opening salvo mentions how little we remember scandals, yet you seem to have forgotten the historic good years that Tressel brought OSU. Trolling+short memory=crap. This smells of the old DJ who used to bless us with regular doses of poorly written and confrontational articles who was summarily asked to vacate the premises.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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First of all, neither of these were either coaches "best team".  2006 wasn't Urban best team nor was it Tressel's.  Tressel's best team was 2002 and Urban's best team was either his last Utah team or the Florida team that beat Oklahoma.  This at it's simplest is anti-tressel rhetoric, I firmly believe that Tressel would've won another national title and it is completely unfair to judge the two era's when comparing the two coaches.  We don't know what Urban is going to do but we know what Tressel did.  If at the end of the two coach regime's we decide to compare the two than that is fine but the idea of comparing the two when one just finished his first year is ludicrous.  We all assumed that after the Tressel national title that there would be many more, he didn't win anymore.