Catching Up With Taivon Jacobs: OSU Visit

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January 14, 2013 at 5:25p

I was able to reach 2013 WR commit Taivon Jacobs to discuss his official visit to Columbus. Jacobs camped at Ohio State in June. He later committed to the Buckeyes in July. 

  • On his visit: "It was a great time and I got to see a ton of things I had not yet previously which was very cool. I really enjoyed being able to connect with the other commits that were also on campus and the current players on the team. I felt like I was already on the team."
  • On the coaching staff: "Coach Smith is a great man and the guy I connect with the best. I got to talk to all of them."
  • On what commits he is closest to: "I really was able to develop a good relationship and got pretty close with Darron Lee and Chris Worley. I hung out with them quite a bit while I was there. I also hung out with Shelton Gibson and Vonn Bell. I was recruiting a 2014 linebacker too."
  • On what his future role may be at Ohio State: "I have told them repeatedly I am willing to do whatever they ask of me. They have told me I will be playing in the slot and they also envision I will be returning kickoffs and punts as well."
  • If he is solid to Ohio State: "I am a solid commit to the Buckeyes. Its where I can see myself playing. I am considering taking an official visit to Maryland though. It is a possibility."

I talked to Jacobs a little bit more extensively on the possible official visit to Maryland. He said they are not recruiting him all that hard but that he was interested in checking out another school.

He was not adamant or absolutely sure he would take the visit. In the end, I do not see it happening, or that it is a concern. The way that he presented the idea to me made it sound pretty harmless. I would not worry about it at this time. 

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Thanks for the update Derek. Jacobs is in the 2013 class, though.

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My bad on that. Corrected.

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I love that he's willing to do whatever is asked of him. And while I'm not thrilled that he may take a visit elsewhere I suspect he'd leave his Maryland visit thinking 'how in the works did stefon diggs choose this place over Ohio State'

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Until he sees the stack of money that Diggs is sleeping on.

I kid.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Easily the most underrated player in this class.
He reminds me of Desean Jackson.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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speaking of - I saw DeSean Jackson Saturday at my hotel pool in South Beach. He's even smaller in person than I thought he'd be. But he looked fast just sitting on his chair. He's a pretty nice guy, btw. Actually, there were quite a few NFL players at the hotel --- Reggie Bush (really nice guy; very cool, fwiw)....Braylon Edwards was there too. Jon Vilma, (also smaller than I thought he'd be), Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram & a few other Saints and Trent Edwards were at the bar. And some dudes from the Marlins

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With him and Marshall and then hopefully the up and coming sophomore thomas the slot receiver is going to be a battle for the 3 wr set and then 5 wide will be fun to watch.

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Thomas isnt a slot type guy. He's a bigger possession type receiver.

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I think Thomas will play in a slot type position sometimes because of his size.  He is probably not fast enough to be a Devin Smith type outside threat.  I'm thinking more like stoneburner's position as a detached tight end (i am not saying he becomes a TE, but from a WR lineup perspective) or even Evan Spencer who lined up in the slot up on the line sometimes.  That would probably get him some better mismatches and allow the shorter routes (ie: quick slant and in the spring game i remember he ran a decent amount of drag routes) that are probably one of his strengths.  He could turn into a big red zone target as well.

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Doesn't Jacobs brother play at MD? If so it could very well be similar to Poggi's visit to Bama to see a friend (UM signed off, it was no threat and no one cared).

Or am I losing my memory?

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I hate how people forget how good of a player he is. I see him being a great player because he has such great speed. He is one of my favorite players in this class and I hope we do not lose him!

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He has the potential to be a Desean Jackson.  I still believe he needs another 20 lbs to play next year.  I'm not sure how much they can put on him before games actually start. 

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I do agree that Coach Mick may need to build him up a bit, but he's another kid who could be electric.

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what linebacker was he talking abt? Berger?

stark county football

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According to this list ( It was Berger or Booker... 

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I too hope this is nothing. Sometimes I wonder if some of the less well-known recruits get a little bothered by the lack of perceived excitement over their commitment. People get all excited by the stars. I'm pretty psyched about this class - the 5 stars & 3 stars alike...

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This guy can really cook!

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Yea he is quite possibly the fastest player in this class.  Elliot is probably the only other guy who is close to his speed.  He could be a good kickoff return man by the end of his first season.

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I wouldn't mind seein him get bigger and play free safety for us...