Top 25 Upsets of the Week (Week 8)

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October 17, 2012 at 12:39p

Here’s a chance to predict your Week 8 upsets.  It’s relevant because anytime a Top 25 team loses (other than OSU) it helps OSU in the end! 

Since I never want OSU to lose a game, I always root for someone in the Top 25 to bite the dust and help the OSU cause!

For brevity’s sake - from the AP Top 25 – pick a maximum of two upsets of the week that you see and why!

It’s up to you if you want to put up what you’ll think the scores will be – it doesn’t matter.  If you see only one or less upset, say so.

Here are my two upsets of the week:

1)  WVU over K-State. 

I think West Virginia’s offense (at home) outscores K State’s offense (on the road) in a big way.  WVU’s defense plays just good enough at home for them to stay ahead of K State at the end.

2)  Baylor over Texas (I’m out on a long limb on this one).

I think Texas loses a 3rd game in a row at home.  Baylor doesn’t have a great defense but it may be better than the Texas defense.  Baylor’s offense is decent.  Texas has proven they can be beat at home, Baylor wins a close one in Austin.


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I tend to agree with you that WVU (13) can upset K-State (4), and Baylor can top Texas (25).
I also think Texas A&M (6) can outscore LSU (18) in College Station,
Cal can beat Stanford (20) in Berkeley,
Okie State beats Iowa State (24) in Stillwater &
Toledo has a good chance to upset Cincy (21) in a night home game, which will be a shootout in Toledo.

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I hope your right on everything but Cincy & Toledo, I'm neutral there.  I don't know much about either Cincy or Toledo other than they are from Ohio and they aren't OSU!


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I like Cal, who's on a hot streak right now, to upset Stanford.

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Texas A&M over LSU
South Carolina over Florida

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A&M over LSU would make my weekend

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Im takimg Tennesee over bama this week. Sounds crazy but they could overlook the vols. With how loud that place gets anything is possible. K state goes down so does florida. Nd survives one more week as does oregon and lsu. The osu beavers go down this week as well. tOsu will be #3 or 4 coming into next week after a dominating performance over purdue...,heard it here first.

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Kudos on your gutsy pick with Tennessee, but I don't see it happening, but that's what makes it a gutsy upset pick. You know if it does happen though, Derek Dooley will get his own statue outside the stadium...

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I thought about that one too. Alabama is clearly the better team but I think if Tenn gets rolling on offense they can put up some points and maybe shock them. I wasn't bold enough to pick it. I think that's one of those upset picks where you're either right or wrong by 57 points. No middle ground.
Kinda hope you're right. Since we're out of it and playoffs are on the horizon anyway, I wouldn't mind a BCS crazy whacked out year. No major conference undefeateds would be fun. Or maybe an undefeated Notre Dame, undefeated Kansas State, and everybody else with at least one loss.
Even with the SEC love, it'd be hard not to put those two into the championship if they win out with the schedules they've got.

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I agree his job would be safe at least for a couple of years lol...

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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@cplunk the problem with tennessee is when they are bad they really stink but when they are good they are damn near elite. Tennessee has dr. jekyll and mr hyde syndrome (sorry carlos). If they get rolling early in the game with the crowd being a major factor an upset can happen. Im predicting a score of 34-32 in a wild one from knoxville. Tennesee comes out strong early give up the lead to bama in the 4th quarter and tennesee wins with a fg in the closing secs.

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Miami takes down Florida State. I've got to throw it out there, 'cause it looks like my nephew gets the start againt the 'Noles.

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BYU over Notre Dame by a last second field goal.

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I actually was back and forth on the nd could happen but I think they take care of business at the end.

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Nobody's got MSU over TSUN?

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I think MSU has a very good chance of beating tsun. 
-  Dantonio has taken that game and gave it the same importance that Coach Ttressel did with The Game.
-  MSU knows how to stop DR.  Saban and company visited MSU to get some insight this summer.
- What was the score of the MSU/OSU game (see above comment )
- tsun does not have a great run defense and they are rated higher in pass defense due to the fact that teams have not been passing on them.  Their D is good, but look at the inside numbers.
- Dantonio has the same mojo that Carr had on Cooper, it's in their heads.  MSU is not as great this year, but they are definately better than OSU was last year, and OSU almost won The Game. 
My point, while tsun fans will tell you this game doesn't matter and Sparty is just another game, it's not.  All MSU needs to do is shut down DR and make him start throwing jump balls.

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I just don't see that MSU offense keeping up with the points that Michigan can put up

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I don't think of that as an upset.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The only problem with the WVU upset that it wouldn't be an upset. The spread actually has WVU giving three points. Sure, in the polls it looks like an upset, but if you want to talk upsets you have to look at point spreads. 
My upset pick would be Texas A&M over LSU, or Temple over Rutgers. 

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I've got
South Carolina (#7) over Florida (#2) 
Arizona State over Oregon (#3) in a night game at home

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Okay so maybe the Sundevils arent good LOL

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I'm not so sure about WVU K-State.  K-State at least pretends to play defense and might be able to slow down WVU enough to allow its Offense to prevail against a very porous WVU Defense.  Even if I were a betting man, this is one I would stay as far away from as possible.
I'm in the MSU over TSUN camp.  I believe the head-to-head matchup favors Green.  MSU's power offense will eat up the clock and shorten the game, making each TSUN possession an act of desperation.  In that mode, look out for turnovers.
The vaunted Texas defense (are we looking in the OSU mirror?) has to wake up some time.  Perhaps this is their game to show what might have been.  I'm not on the Baylor bandwagon yet.
A&M over LSU is a lot more comfortable than any of the other upset picks except for Cal over Stanford.  I'm looking for this to be a 10 point victory for the Aggies and a similar day for the Bears.

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WVU and KSU looks a lot like Oregon vs Ohio State in 2010 to me. Florida over South Carolina. If Latimore doesn't play.