@rivalsmike: Bell to Ohio State his "educated guess"

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January 31, 2013 at 10:56p

i know this is does not mean vonn bell is a lock to Ohio State, but this is definately a big confidence boost. Mike Farrell is the best recruiting insider i have seen. I rarely see him miss on a recruit prediction. This has got to mean something, right? Bell i believe is a cant-miss, do-everything-possible to get. With mike being somebody i trust. i do belive bell will announce for ohio state on NSD. i know its just a guess, but rivalsmike is the godfather of recruiting and a guy who has a history of being correct.

Great Sign for the buckeyes with Bell.

He also predicted wilson to oregon, which is obviously not good for buckeyenation. Wilson taking an official to texas esssentially means nothing. i believe he wants an offense that suits him perfectly, and Texas just is not on the same level with the Ohio State and oregon systems.

He predicts Ezekial Elliot to Ohio State as well. i think there will be some drama, but ohio state i think will land zeke. but, it is enough to have me scared on this.

James Clark, is not in the rivals250 so no prediction. but, i dont believe we will get him. i dont think we have a good enough relationship with him. He is a great wide reciever. i think he is vaslty under-rated, but unfortunately we will not see him scarlet and gray.

Cameron Hunt he predicts Oregon. We have no shot with hunt. He has eliminated ohio state.




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Clark and Bell. Scarlet and Gray.

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Bell and any other recruit still not committed to us will be a great close !
Zeke, I would never turn down a nice athlete, but seriously we are fine at the runnung back spot for the next couple of years even if he does make the wrong choice.

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You can never have enough playmakers in this offense

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Zeke is a perfect fit for the offense Urban is building

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on a side note... upvote for the picture BuckeyeBart !




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I just have a feeling that Meyer knows something bc they invited Quint Kessinich to come stream live from the Woody Hayes recruiting war room on NSD, Meyer is a shark when it comes to grabbing meaningful headlines and generating positive press in terms of recruiting......I really believe it is going to be a good day come next wednesday

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Mike Farrell is the best recruiting insider i have seen.

You mean best nationally focused guy right? As far as Buckeye news is concerned, I have a lot of faith in Alex & co vs any other recruitnik out there. They're usually pretty spot on and quick with the information.

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i believe mikes the best. Alex, miles and co. are great, but mike is the best.

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

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Is that you @RivalsMike?

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haha no

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

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I guess my point is that Alex focuses pretty much on OSU targets and such while Mike follows recruits nationally. I'm not denying Mike's pretty good. But I'll trust Alex over Mike whenever they have differing opinions on an OSU target.

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I feel like Miles almost doesn't get enough credit here! Alex, Derek, etc. are fantastic as always--seems like Miles has had scoop after scoop this year, though! On top of everything. Miles is very underrated imo, if even possible haha.

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Nationally Mike is prolly the best since he is literally paid on a full tim basis for his services.  When it comes to Buckeye recruiting, I would take Alex in a heartbeat.  Definitely is closer to the situation when it comes to Buckeye recrutiing.

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Did he also predict Diggs to Ohio State?

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No, he predicted Diggs to MD.

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i bleieve he said diggs to maryland. he definately did not say diggs to osu

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

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He did call Anzalone (sorry) to Florida in the midst of AA insisting he was solid to ND. As your title says, "educated guess" for everybody at this point.

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Marc Givler over at Rivals is saying he's hearing positive things about both Clark and Wilson. Even he is "cautiously optimistic" but he can't deny what he is hearing.
Link: http://ohiostate.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=435&tid=162310062&mid=162310062&sid=917&style=2

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Is Marc Givler someone I should know, or is he just a random fan?



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He's a recruiting analyst for rivals.com Ohio State site

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Oh man, is it Wednesday yet?

Worse than waiting for Christmas......

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Quit trying to get my hopes up! Let me be pessimistic and surprise me.....

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I'd be thrilled with landing Bell. I've been skeptical about our chances with him. That leave another spot open and honestly I'd rather have Timmons than Clark if we had an actual choice between the two. That being said, has Alex's mystery flip player from way back when been resolved or are we still waiting in suspense for some kind of NSD flip?

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Waiting for NSD is worse than waiting for Christmas.  I have my doubts about that Santa Claus guy being real....but I know Urban is going to be adding to the presents under the Buckeye tree!

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I just read this also. Sucks but just remember there is still 4 1/2 days for him to change his "guess" again. 

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Reading this string was like going on a fox hunt only to get sprayed by a skunk at the end.  

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I would absolutely hate to have this job. 

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I have a shotgun waiting for that skunk.

I like cookies.

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...who needs Mike Farrell when you have Alex?? I don't.

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Farrell is a bum. I am much more confident in Bell coming here now that he has predicted Tennessee.

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Farrell just said he is now hearing that OSU leads for Bell again. LOL

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Two things:
1) Farrell is a quality insider, however he's a lot better at predicting east coast kids than southern kids.
2) I don't think any insider truly knows where Bell's head is at right now which is not surprising because that's how it's been the whole recruiting process for Bell.

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thats true man. no one knows except vonn, but i think he ll go buckeyes!

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

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Well he was wrong on Wilson lol, hope he is right on Bell!

Michigan Sucks!

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Idk...starting to doubt this dudes logic... no way we get Bell ...unless we offer his mother a job... and hook him up with a hot chick, might as well be urbz daughter since that's how he rolls with recruiting of coarse, works every time. even then ...hes been tweeting ut staff left and right hes all hometownboy. In the bag for ut... unless we send trey...... and act like.... but that photo on twitter....dambit its all over. :(

( if any of you don't get this( don't worry neither do I) and think for one second...well I'm coming after u ...maybe...probably not actually...just not sure...you know what...ill punt an effing ball right across your town n sen all of you running to get chomped by gators dressed in crimson and bleeding scarlet...now what bitch

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