Which bench player looked best vs Illinois?

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February 22, 2012 at 6:55p

I thought Ross looked like a true 1st teamer vs JV in the time he got (probably because he is). We know he can shoot but looked good driving as well. The other night an announcer said even Mr. Defense himself, Bobby Knight, kept subpar defenders in the game if they were a true scoring threat. I think we stand to gain more switching/subbing out Smith for more offense (Ross) especially when it looks to be one of those games when we can't get the offense going. Look at the other top teams lucky enough to have multiple McDonald's All-Americans on the bench, they seem to get thrown in the fire and are given more chances to develop in their freshman year.

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I agree with you about Ross, he had some great slashing drives, although it was against most of the Illini bench.  I would like to see him get some PT against some first teamers in these upcoming games. His defense might be a little suspect, but it can't be worse than Thomas' D.

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LaQuinton Ross hands down.  He's the only guy we have who can shoot and finish in traffic.  His def blows but the other 4 guys can cover for him.

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I'd say Ross..but his time was so short - it's hard to tell. They really need to get him more minutes before tournament play.

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Didn't get to see Ross play but it raises a question. Where is this zone we used to see when OSU had less athletic guys on defense Diebler's fresh/soph years? I feel like it could make up for this lack of defensive skill when we sub for offense. The players are fast enough and athletic enough to at least do the zone trap for a while inbetween subs. 

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good point "ourhonordefend" ... I'd like to see a zone with those athletes, like Thompson --- he's got the long arms and leaping ability to negate that skip pass. They should try it against Northwestern

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Ross.  He's a stud, wish Thad would unleash him already.  Oh well, hopefully he doesn't get the kid too angry and he ends up transferring, I know that won't happen, but never know.  If anything he'll be a stud and go to player next yr, especially losing Buford, Sully most likely and an outside chance at Thomas, although I think he'll be back.  I like the potential team we'll put out on the court next year, should be great size and athleticism all around, as long as the freshmen this year can become more consistant and gain more confidence!

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This team thrives on it's defense. Right now Ross is not familiar with that term. I think he could be/is a good offensive threat, but just like Thomas last year, he hasn't seen a shot he didn't take.

Shannon Scott is the best bench player on this team hands down and was the best against Illinois.

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Scott has seemed to get better with every sub defensively, though his offense is still atrocious.  I do enjoy the Globetrotteresque Thompson dunks, but he looks like a lost puppy on defense.  Ross seems like he will develop into the most complete player overall, but these guys still look a bit raw.  I hate to see Smith get pulled from the lineup because he plays like his hair is on fire; he and Craft are the two players who consistently look like they are laying it all on the line while they are in the game. If not for his work ethic, I think that it would behoove us to play Ross in Smith's spot. And that Twitter business does not help the young man's case.  If I were Matta, I would have Ross sit on the bench until he learned the meaning of "teamwork."

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Pairing Scott with Craft is the change we've been needing. Their perimeter quickness creates more opportunities to penetrate, draw the defense in, then either kick it out to the wings for an open look or get it to Sully on the move. 

That's when we're most dangerous: Sully on the move with his great hands and body positioning becoming major advantages. When Craft and Scott penetrate, the wings don't have to break someone down to get a good look...not Buford's strength.

The rest of the bench is made up of guys with similar body types, although Sam Thompson makes nice slashes to the bucket. Ross is the microwave version 2.0, but is sadly lacking in D.


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I really liked that look the other night. I have thought all along that Scott would turn into a shooting guard when he's in with Craft; however it seems to be the other way around. Scott definitely has to work on his shooting.

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The problem is neither Craft or Scott can shoot the 3.

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I like Scott, but he needs to work on his shot.  I think I've only seen him make 1 jumper all year. All others have looked horrid.