Defensive rant over physicality and etc. Probably about the 1,000 one on here but I just watched some early season action.

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December 14, 2013 at 3:40a

We can blame it on coaching, scheme, and players and I truly believe it's a combination of all three, but with that being said I see no physicality in the back seven other than Roby and RDS. When in zone and players are running shorter routes such as drags, curls, outs, ins, hooks, slants, etc no one redirects anyone. Whenever I look at the premier defenses  that's what they do well. You make the quicker throws harder to make the qb keep the ball longer for a chance at more sacks. I know some of these can and will be blamed on scheme but I see a defense with way too many free releases wr, te, and rb all season. We must effect timing some how.

Since it seems like we are looking for an identity on defense since I've seen cover 4, cover 3, cover 2, cover 2 man, and cover 1 at length at different times this season. Fickell, Withers, Coombs, Vrabel, and Meyer literally need to sit in a room together for hours, days, weeks, or months whatever it takes to come up with one effective scheme they can implement together. A scheme that doesn't require you to have a Ph.d to master. I see a lot of other schools starting a lot of true fr or getting fr experience. We have a lot of young players who lost a year of eligibility and played very little to no meaningful snaps other than special teams. Sometimes you just got to let athletes play. When the fifth year player makes a lot of crucial mistakes you begin to think "he's been here to long to make that mistake and I could see if he was a fr playing in his first few games." We had nothing to gain playing a fifth year player who I still think should've been a wr instead of a 5* fr at safety.

I really like cover 4 press but I'm not sure I trust Grant or Reeves in press coverage at the moment so I would go for the cover 3 and redirect outside underneath routes inside with Powell, Perry, RDS,  and Barnett playing aggresive and being physical on inside wr, te, and rb. We should always rush minimum 4 also no three man rush because you can only cover for so long. Hopefully we will either adopt one better consistent scheme or get new coaches because honestly this was the best offense we may ever have and 24 points at The Ohio State University should always end in a win.

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Paragraphs: Check them out. You might like them. :)

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I agree with your defense assessment.  Right now, I'd love to see us play cover three press, redirect outside routes, corners playing flats and run support. 
My five DBs would be three safeties and two corners...
Bell, Powell, and Barnett (unless Bryant is healthy)...deep thirds
D. Grant & Roby at corner
Two linebackers:  Perry (Strongside); Shazier (Weakside); 
Starting D-line: Bosa, Washington, Spence, Bennett 
(Rotation D-line: Hale, Marcus, Miller, Carter)
Against heavy run teams/situations take out one safety & put in C. Grant at Mike
Against heavy pass teams/situations take out Perry & put in Cam Burrows (better than Reeves)
This is the most I think we can hope for by the Orange Bowl.  SIMPLIFY & BE AGGRESSIVE. 

You win with people. 

9 Units Strong. 


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That first paragraph - I remember Herbie talking about that throughout the Northwestern game, LBs and such not anyone.  Overall, it's a storm of ingredients that are leading to the problems on defense.  You can't point to any one thing, like scheme, a coach, or a player himself, and make a change that will fix everything.  That's why I don't jump on the "fire <insert defensive assistant>" bandwagons and stuff.  I'm not sure making a drastic move like that would help things, and would be more likely to hurt things. 
I agree with the press scheme and not rushing less than 4.  This defense's strong suit is not covering - they're at their best when getting pressure on the QB and getting sacks or forcing bad throws. 

Class of 2010.

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it is amazing what we all can see as obvious, but for some reason the coaching staff has a hard time recognizing it.

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I think the lack of physicality can be mostly attributed to all the different coaching strategies/changes. You mentioned that we have basically played every single cover zone as well as man out there.
If I am a defender I am going to have a hard time remembering which zone we are in if we change it all the time. Plus, I need practice/games to get a system down, hard to do if we keep changing it. My mind would be too busy thinking "do I take the guy going deep or stay with my man' to be an effective contributor.  

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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I like what you mention about starting fifth year seniors even when there are those crucial mistakes being made that really shouldn't be happening, at least from somebody with so much experience. There are freshman waiting in the wings to be given a chance just to "make" those mistakes and I think they need to be given that opportunity.  I love how players earn their time in practice and on special teams but then that makes me start to wonder about their work ethic a little bit if through a whole season they aren't given that chance.
I certainly do have to agree on the D coaching staff coming to some decision on scheme.  I admit I am certainly not a coach, nor do I claim to be remotely smarter than the ones that we have for our D but I've always loved the saying, "jack of all trades, expert of none".  Seems to ring true in our case. Thoughts?


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The thing I keep thinking about is, look how many sacks this defense was able to rack up with a WEAK secondary. Imagine how many sacks they COULD have had.
If this secondary steps up next year, the D will be NASTY!

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It would've been really confusing if both Corey Browns had played WR.

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The coaches put who they believe to be the best 11 guys on the field at the respective positions.  Just because Vonn Bell looks shiny today doesn't mean he is as good as Corey Brown.  I hope Bell has a great career and is an All-American for years, but the coaching staff didn't trust him in the big games.  If that lob pass that gets over Brown isn't thrown quite as well and Brown gets a pick six I'm sure everyone is praising him today. 
I think there were times where our D-line was not physical enough at the point of attack, leading to OSU having to put extra guys in the box, and doing run blitzes with corners and safeties.  If the D-line hadn't overpursued every play against Michigan maybe the D shuts them down, believes in themselves more and plays better in the B1GCG.
I hope the staff takes a step back, sees what works and what doesn't, and gets back to work.  That's all they can do right now before the bowl season

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Love the idea of starting Bell now.  It gives him 30 practices as a safety taking starter reps before fall camp opens.  What is the downside to starting him over Pitt?  Getting lit up by Clemson will probably happen whenever they throw at Pitt anyway.  If it's going to be someone missing assignments, I'd rather it be a freshman who can grow from the experience than a 5yr senior who is who he is and isn't a cagey veteran.

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Exactly with news about Bell playing now and with Bryant applying for a medical redshirt other than rb, and o line we maybe a better overall team next year if Braxton stays. Scary but true.