Wrestling: 3x State Champion Micah Jordan commits to wrestle for the Buckeyes

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July 24, 2013 at 6:17p

Head Coach Tom Ryan and the Buckeye wrestling team can anticipate continued success in the lighter weights following a verbal commitment by 3 time state champ Micah Jordan from Graham High School in Ohio. Micah is part of the Jordan family that is known throughout the state of Ohio as the premier dominant wrestling family of the current day***. With a career record of 139-9 after 3 years of wrestling some of the top competition in the country, Jordan was defeated only once in the 2012-2013 campaign, falling in the Finals of the Walsh Ironman to the top ranked freshman in the land.

Jordan, who won his 3rd State title this past March at 132 lbs projects to wrestle at either 141 or 149 lbs for the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes have had an astounding amount of success at those weights in recent memory, garnering All-American status from Robert Sessley, Jeff Ratliff, J Jaggers (2x NCAA Champion), Lance Palmer, Hunter Stieber, and Cam Tessari. With Stieber and Tessari likely entering their senior campaign when Jordan arrives on campus, Jordan will be learning from 2 Buckeyes with serious collegiate accolades.

With Jordan and Intermat’s #2 ranked Kyle Snyder announcing their commitments well in advance, the Buckeyes may see a domino effect with other highly-ranked recruits jumping on board as well.


*** Other families may lay claim to their day's most dominant family, but with 21 state titles between Jim, Jeff, Ben, Isaac, Bo, and Micah Jordan, I'd give them the nod for now. When thinking of other dominant families, it's hard not to include names like the Milkovich, Dernlan, DiSabato, Hoppell, Kallai, and Hanson families. I'm sure I left others out. If I did, let me know in the comments. 

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This is great news amid all the bad football player legal stuff going on.
Awesome pick-up! Can't wait to see Bo and Micah dominate, along with Snyder etc.
Thanks for the update! 

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The Sanderson Family (Cael, Cody, Cole, and Cyler). Obviously not from Ohio, but still dominant!

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Thank you for keeping us updated Curt.

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St. Paris Graham just keeps on churning out a lot of quality wrestlers

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And to think, supposedly the best Jordan in wrestling (Rocky) isn't even in high school yet..  Hopefully he is a future Buckeye!!

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Coach Ryan is a beast, his vision for this team is great

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Great pick up, Coach Ryan is tearing up the recruiting front! Glad to see him start to end the Wisconsin pipeline to Graham/Jordan's. Along with Snyder, who is training at the OTC in Colorado Springs, this team is set up for a national championship run in the next couple of years.
On a sour note, I'm not sure Tessari is currently with the team. I had heard that he got dismissed after some off the mat issues, things may have changed though.

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Wonder what has happend as before the Jordans wouldn't give Ohio State the time of day and now they are coming here to wrestle which i am glad they are. 

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Awesome to hear man. Great news!

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Growing up around the Jordans and attending Graham School District through graduation, I am happy that Micah has decided to be a Buckeye. He is the one Jordan that has always impressed me with how he carried himself (never let the "name" get to his head like others).
And not to be stickler, but it always annoys me and others when it is listed as "St. Paris Graham", St. Paris is just one of a dozen towns in the whole district FWIW.

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Took care of that for you. I wasn't aware that was an issue for those from Graham. 

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Great news!!  Thanks Curt.

When thinking of other dominant families, it's hard not to include names like the Milkovich, Dernlan, DiSabato, Hoppell, Kallai, and Hanson families. I'm sure I left others out. If I did, let me know in the comments. 

I would add the Opfer's in that conversation.  Jared 4x, Drew 3x, Corey 1x, and Troy 3x state placer.  Great wrestling family and good people!!!

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Can't believe I forgot the Opfers. I remember seeing Drew win his 3rd. Met a few of them when my brother wrestled up at The Barn in Sandusky in the summer. They belong on the list for sure. 

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Lol. I still have a barn trained t-shirt

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Outstanding to hear about this!  I always like to hear about other sports too where the Bucks are doing well! 

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WRESTLING i should expect tons of this.... or am i getting the two mixed up again?


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Saw Micah wrestle this past Saturday for the first time and I must say the Buckeyes are getting one hell of a wrestler. He was a man amongst boys!!