Wrestling: 2 Buckeye Commits Each Win 4th State Title

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March 3, 2013 at 9:08p

Winning a single Ohio High School State title puts a wrestler in elite company. With each successive title, the wrestler finds himself (or herself) in even rarer air than the year before. This past Saturday, Buckeye wrestling commits Nathan Tomasello and Bo Jordan each joined the elite when they both won their 4th state title. 

A senior at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, Tomasello won his title by way of a tech fall, a pair of pins, and a major decision (14-5) over Carrolton's Joey Miller in the finals at 120 lbs. With his 4th title coming at 120 lbs, Tomasello will likely compete for the Buckeyes at 125 lbs, a spot currently occupied by RS-Sr Nikko Triggas. Tomasello isn't the first CVCA wrestler to win 4 state titles, joining fellow Royals wrestler Harry (now known as Justin) Lester, who won 4 crowns between 1998 and 2001. 

Following in what has become a family tradition, Bo Jordan won his 4th state title as well on Saturday. Before him, Bo's uncle Jim and father Jeff each won 4 titles for St. Paris Graham High School. Winning state titles is a bit of a birth-right for the Jordans as Isaac, Ben, and now Micah Jordan have all each won 3 titles apiece (though Micah is only a junior and stands to win his 4th next season). Bo won his title with a pair of tech falls and a pin, earning his berth in the finals. In the finals, Jordan used a spladle to pin Wauseon junior Aaron Schuette in just 40 seconds. Jordan projects at either 157 lbs or 165 next year for the Buckeyes, and should be right in the mix the minute he steps on campus. Bo is bucking family tradition as Jim, Jeff, Ben, and now Isaac Jordan have all attended and wrestled for Big Ten rival Wisconsin. 

Also joining Tomasello and Jordan on campus next year will be incoming freshman Jake Ryan. Ryan fell short in his quest for a state title, as he fell to Wyatt Music in the Division 1 145 lb finals. Ryan is the son of current Buckeye head coach Tom Ryan, so his signing with the Buckeyes can't be considered a surprise. 

It is interesting to note that though Tomasello and Jordan may be the 23rd and 25th 4 time state champions in Ohio wrestling history (St. Edward senior Dean Heil won his 4th title between Tomasello and Jordan, but is choosing to wrestle for the Oklahoma State Cowboys upon graduation), they are far from the first 4 time champs to wrestle for the Buckeyes. Tomasello and Jordan will join fellow 4 time champs Ken Ramsey, J Jaggers, Lance Palmer, Tony Jameson, Colin Palmer, Logan Stieber, Hunter Stieber and Cam Tessari when they wrestle for the Buckeyes. 

Be sure to check back to Eleven Warriors in the future for more coverage of the wrestling Buckeyes, including potential interviews with incoming freshman down the road and previews of the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments. 

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Wow. That is awesome. Keep reloading. Thanks for the post man.

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I wrestled in Ohio a million years ago and back then, there still had not been a 4 time division 1 state champ.  Since my time the divisions have realigned and I think there are several more divisions now (only 3 when I was in school). Just wondering if Ohio has had a 4 time state champ in the top division yet.

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There have been a number of 4 time champs in division 1. Ryan Lang, Lance Palmer, Colin Palmer, and Dean Heil all went to St. Ed's and won 4 titles in DI (large school). Willie Wineberg won 4 from Fairfield (which I'm not sure what division they were in in 1991-1994). Tony Jameson won 4 at Austintown Fitch (DI near Youngstown). 
Guys like J Jaggers and Chris Phillips have won 4 titles in the small-school division, but would have probably been able to win 4 in any division. Jaggers was eventually a 2x NCAA champion for the Buckeyes. 
Current Buckeyes Logan and Hunter Stieber and Cam Tessari wrestled for Monroeville HS, but wrestled at all of the top tournaments throughout the state. In fact, Logan only lost 1 match in his career (as a freshman, to NCAA Champ David Taylor, another 4 time champ in Ohio) as a freshman in the finals of the Walsh Ironman tournament. Any of these 3 could have competed for 4 titles regardless of their division. This is evident as all 3 earned All-American credentials as freshmen last year. 
Now that there has been a rise in small-school wrestling, coaches have realized the importance in wrestling tough competition, hence the smaller schools wrestling at big-time tournaments like the Ironman and Beast of the East. 
I'm glad to see that you're again interested in the sport. It's a great way to compete individually and as a team, and I'm glad to do my part in reporting on it. 

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A testament to Ohio wrestling: Alan Fried was a 4x junior national champion, but only a 3x state champion for St. Ed's.

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Curt, thanks for the response and brief history.  I'm assuming all the guys you mentioned were after 1991 (the year I graduated and stopped paying close attention). Alan Fried was actually the guy we all pointed to and said, if he can't win 4 div 1 titles, no one can.  But that was a long time ago and things have obviously changed.
Good to see that the smaller division schools have closed the gap with the bigger schools.   I know I sound like that guy, but again, the disparity was big back in the late 80s and early 90s.  I'm sure there were some Div 2 and 3 state champs that could have won in other divisions (there's no question that Fickell was the best heavy weight at any division for most of his four years), but there was a huge drop off after that.  And the wrestling in Central Ohio really didn't compare to Northern Ohio and some schools further south. We basically had DeSales and Bishop Ready (and the Marinelli and Disabato dynasties) and that's about it.
Anyway, I appreciate all the wrestling updates.  You have definitely renewed my interest in the sport.

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Jesus christ! A spladle in the state finals????????

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Yes sir. Jordan is on another level. The kid grew up in a family where top-notch wrestling was all that they knew. 
The link below is a link to a matside video of the match (all 40 seconds of it) from world-class reporter Zeb Miller. 

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The Jordan's wrestling camp is something out of the movie 300 from what I've heard.  I had several frat buddies in college that went there and the vision I got from them was similar to that movie where the 7 year old boys go off to become warriors.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

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Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

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Thanks Curt for the post.  I have watched these kids wrestle since Junior High.  I'm excited to see both in the scarlet and grey.  Love the shout out to Zeb.  

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That's crazy. That match is just dominant.

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A kid from Beachwood won states - either my junior or sophomore year -  with a spladle.  Mike Linkser I think his name was.

Help is on the way.

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Wonder why the Ed's kid decided to go to that other OSU...

A man got to have a code...

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Currently, the 125 lber for Oklahoma State is one of the few wrestlers for the Cowboys that isn't ranked.Since Heil won his latest title at 132 lbs, it's possible that he could drop down to 125 and compete with Klimara for that spot next year.
At 133, Jon Morrison is heading into his senior year, so if Heil is looking to go 133, he'll be able to jump into the lineup after #6 Morrison graduates.
It's hard to fault any kid for wanting to go to wrestle for John Smith. Not only was Smith a 2x NCAA champion as a competitor, he was also a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and has coached numerous NCAA champion teams. The guy even has a move named for him (Smith Single). Oklahoma State is in the running for an NCAA title each year and Heil is used to winning team titles being a St Ed's product. 
If Heil is looking to jump into the line-up right away, it may not be a bad idea to not go to a school with a defending NCAA champ in your weight class who's only a RS sophomore.  

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Pretty amazing that both won 4 titles

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Great post Curt!
It's been years since I wrestled in HS, but I remember my freshman year an upper classmen transfer came in from Tennessee who apparently finished as state runner-up the year before in Tenn.  He didn't make it out of sectionals in Ohio.
If folks haven't seen the movie "Win Win" one of the main characters is a troubled HS wrestler who moves from Ohio to New Jersey.  The people in the film talk up Ohio wrestling once they find out about this kid (and he goes on to dominate New Jersey wrestling in the film).

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Win Win isn't a documentary (it stars Paul Giamatti), but it's worth watching just for the wrestling aspect of the storyline.
There is a documentary about two Ohio wrestlers from Lakewood ("Pinned") that is really good.
I just watched another movie ("The Hammer"), which follows the story of Matt Hamill (former Ohio HS wrester who won 3 national titles at the Rochester Institute of Technology).  I enjoyed this one just because I was aware of the difficulties Matt endured growing up.

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"Pinned," interestingly enough is partly based on the aforementioned Lance Palmer, so that ties all of this together. 

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You mean when he would wrestle bears and such?
edit: after reading the website, i didn't know the film was about matt curley.  I think my friend wrestled him, and he got killed by Curley.  Anyways, Duane Palmer is pretty much a jerk.  I think I saw him get kicked out of the Mentor Districts during hte first day.  Lance was beating some kid, like 11-0, and Duane was scremaing at this ref (from the first row, about 20 feet away) because the ref wasn't calling back points.  Lance had an awesome career though at OSU.

Help is on the way.

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I watched Takedowns and Falls the other day with absolutely no background info on Central Dauphin, and you can imagine my surprise when I found out Kenny Courts Sr was one of the coaches and Kenny Courts Jr was being referred to as "little kenny."

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A spladle in the state finals ... bravo.
Thanks for the read and it's sad more sports networks don't highlight other sports (outside of the traditional basketball, football, baseball) much.