TSUN fans debating MSU or OSU as biggest rivalry game this year

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August 29, 2012 at 8:44a

Thought people might find this interesting. TSUN fans debating which of thier rivalries is bigger this year. Generally they come down on the side of MSU this year since MSU is in their division and eligible to go to the championship. In most years this is going to be true of us and Wisconsin, but I can't ever see not hating TSUN to a degree that keeps it the most important game to me.

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I personally love that Notre Dame is never mentioned as a rivalry even though all my ND friends think of Michigan-ND as a huge game.



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Aside from smack talk and pride, the MSU game is more important than The Game, and Nebraska is right there, as well.  This year, with OSU being ineligible for the post season and the fact that we haven't beaten Sparty in 4 years, Sparty is the more meaningful game.  In almost any scenario, with exception of coming in at 11-0, The Game will have minimal impact on divisional success. 
If will never be a bigger rivalry than Michigan - OSU, but it might be a bigger game than Michigan's/OSU's meeting in November, but not as big as when we meet in December.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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so you're conceding that it's unlikely michigan will be playing for a national title this year?

swing hard in case you hit it.

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@Hail- Out of curiosity, do you personally think of Notre Dame as a "rivalry"? As a virtual conference game? As a tradition?
I've always thought it interesting that my Notre Dame friends rank it as one of their greatest rivalries but Michigan fans rarely mention that game when talking rivalries.

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What my Columbus friends need to understand is that a large part of this is being driven by in-state media voices.  They love to promote "Michigan versus Michigan State" because it is a kind of a no-lose proposition for them.
For Michigan, it is a kind of a "Man bites dog" story; Hey, look at what has happened with Sparty!  He's become legit!  For Michigan State, it is a kind of a "Finally, we get our respect" kind of story.
This much should tell you all you need to know:  Brady Hoke's single, overwhelming, defining acheivement in 2011 was not 11 wins; it was not winning a bowl game; it was not a recruiting class.  What defined Brady Hoke's debut was beating Ohio State in Ann Arbor.  And it did not matter who coached OSU, it did not matter what personnel were featured on both sides.
Our game with Michigan State is huge this year.  It is at home.  It is a huge revenge game for last year, when Michigan State seemingly set a Conference record for thuggish personal fouls, highlighted by some of the most vicious videotape in Conference history.  The Michigan-MSU game could well determine the divisional winner (whatever the name of that division is).  So yeah.  But it is not the last weekend in November.  It is an October game.  It is not The Game.
And if you want to know who we really, really, really hate -- like, "I would root for the Taliban to beat them" hate -- it is Notre Dame.

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MSU is the dirtiest team in the Big Ten.

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God bless little brother.

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If they're confused, we'll be happy to remind them.

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If they're confused, we'll be happy to remind them.

lol.  Damn good answer.  We should print it and post it in Schembechler Hall.

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I hope they do think MSU is the most important rivalry.  I 'm going to love playing teams that don't take us as seriously as they should, especially with UFM as our coach.  I'm sure this would be good news to Urban if the players think that way. 

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Interesting.  Certainly, MSU's increased relevance in recent years has upped that rivalry a bit.  It could continue to get more interesting if MSU can maintain their last two years of competitiveness.  TSUN has a 4-year losing streak to "Little Brother" to get rid of, too.  However, it'll never be The Game.  It can be media fodder for people up there to discuss, but if the Wolverweenie players buy into it, look out.
Funny how Mike Hart deemed MSU "Little Brother", and TSUN hasn't beaten MSU since.

Class of 2010.

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Michigan State has beaten them 4 straight times. I can understand why they'd feel more of a sense of urgency in that regard. 

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We beat them 6 years in a row before that...before RichRod joined the party.  The ironic part is that a lot of their in-state recruits that RichRod overlooked would've gone blue had Carr stuck around.  However, it could've played out that Michigan got Cousins and Denard went elsewhere, so I'lll give up the losses to MSU for Denard.  So if they are proud of beating our 15-22 squads, more power to them.  Last year their D dominated us and they get full credit for that.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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M fight!

The ironic part is that a lot of their in-state recruits that RichRod overlooked would've gone blue had Carr stuck around.

Name one.  Name a big-time, game-changing, state-of-Michigan recruit that was "overlooked" by Rodriguez.  And don't you dare start with Will Gholston who was virtually adopted by the MSU coaches and who was never, ever, coming to Michigan.

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Good point M Man.  I don't think Rodriguez's recruiting was ever the problem.  The depth and talent issues were Carr and Brandon (or am I naming the wrong AD?) problems for sabotaging, in Carr's case, and ineptly bridging, in the AD's case, the transition to Rodriguez as coach.

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From what I have seen from The Rivalry, the side that doesnt respect it ends up losing The Game... ask John Cooper and I do believe Michigan players were saying how much the bigger the rivalry with MSU was back in 2001... its been over 100 years with this thing, how there are still people trying to doubt its importance both on and off the field is really confusing. 

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I saw this post and figured it was the biggest troll move ever on M'nB's part. "Let's breakdown how much each rivalry doesn't matter..."
Michigan hates ND the most, sees OSU as its biggest rivalry, and MSU is quaint with their 4-game win streak. Of course, MSU means the most as far as the B1G matters, but The Game is still The Game.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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My favorite thing about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is the mutual respect for each other...neither fan base looks down on the other because each fan base has had their moments of fear of the

No game is bigger than The Game.

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To me there is no bigger game or rivalry than The Game.  I do not like Notre Dame at all, but that game doesn't mean more than just bragging rights.  Michigan State, I hate, and I always want to win that game, but mostly because the fans are so ridiculously dumb and rude.  But The Game, it's hard to describe.  I do not like Ohio State at all and I love more than anything (in sports) than beating you guys, but the mutual respect, tradition, ect between both schools is far and above anything else.  

Not here to troll...Go Blue

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Thats just their way of having a built in excuse for when they lose!! Then it will be "well it really didnt matter if we beat you guys or not because it didnt change the outcome of our season" etc....

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If either OSU or Mich start thinking any other game or team is more important than THE GAME then they will get beat down like Mich did for most of the last 10 years and OSU did in the  90's.

D. Anthony

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i can understand why they think the msu game is bigger this year...after seeing how msu played boise, scum has a chance to win, unlike in columbus this year

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@D anthony and with Urban being Ohio born and bred and having served on an Ohio State coaching staff previous to this.....Ohio State isnt gonna look past Michigan

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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TOSU doesn't have a legit in-state rival, or a regular non-conference rival like TSUN.
But one could argue that Wisconsin is our current "Michigan State" -- with the all of the mutual trash talk, crowd behavior, tough games and occasional losses.  Penn State is our current "Notre Dame" -- the fans have an annoying, over-inflated pride --given that their program hasn't been a legit NC challenger for over a decade.
But THE GAME will always be it -- any fan from either side who thinks otherwise should rewind to 2006.   :)

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-- Urban Meyer