Is Post-Season Ban Beneficial to 2013 Buckeyes?

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November 24, 2012 at 7:25p

It's in the books. The 2012 Season for The Ohio State University is over; unblemished, unscathed. Our Buckeyes wont see live football action for 9 months. Go ahead, get your old lady pregnant now, by the time she is screaming out that puppy, the last time we saw the field will still be that wonderful game we just played this afternoon against the school up north. We, as Buckeye fans, we are confused. Who do we root for? What do we do if there is inclement weather, what do we wear? This off-season will certainly be odd, as we have been blessed with bowl games and many January Scarlet and Gray festivities for years. And still our last memory, Carlos Hyde, under a hat as shiny as the spoon we are fed with, mocking the michigan sideline as time runs out on our aforementioned season. Our bullets flying around Ohio Stadium breaking Sun and Blue hearts everywhere. Ahh, the imagery. Urban Meyer has had bowl preparation every year of his head coaching career minus his year at BGSU, where he still went 8-3 and 9-3, respectively. So we aren't the only one with questions. Will this team continue to grow as fast, without the extra bowl practices? When and who of the incoming seniors will step up into their leadership roles?

So here we sit, digesting jalapeno poppers and Michelob Light, burning as much SEC football into our eyesockets as we can handle until Notre Dame and USC is plopped onto us, with our questions. I'm here to shed some positive light on our postseason banned-perfect season. Heres a few reasons to be excited my friends.

Recruiting. When the EA Sports franchise started making recruiting in NCAA Football games actually fun, I started simulating seasons just to recruit. Its easier to do this when you don't have to worry about other things, like the guy I named after me but way bigger and faster, skipping classes and high ankle spraining his way to 3rd team All-American. That is the extent of my head coaching experience. I truly believe our postseason ban will give the Buckeye coaching staff a leg up on the 2013 and even '14 and '15 classes as well. We will have more time to be in contact with the kids we are recruiting. Yeah we only have maybe 5-6 spots left in this class, but our staff will have more time to evaluate and almost choose who they want. Our program under Meyer and his staff, especially after this seasons showing, has a "buzz" around it for high school kids it seems. We may be the "sexy" pick for some time, and if we aren't yet, just give up your worries to Urban And Co., I promise we will be pulling in top 3 classes that we will looking back on and thinking, "what a class". I ended up using quotations three times in that paragraph, color me personally impressed.

Hunger. The outgoing class of seniors paid their dues. They are one of two classes (our current juniors) to experience three different head coaches at The Ohio State University since the 1940's. They left with a bang, and gosh darn it, I love them. There will be some holes to fill, positionally and emotionally, on this team for next year. But now the incoming seniors have had two years of not winning a bowl game. Of not playing for a conference championship. Of not being nationally recognized as a NC contender. They and the underclassmen now have to sit and watch as the rest of college football, including teams they took care of business against, get to go play in warm weather, enjoy bowl festivities, and feel like overall badasses. This experience wont be motivation next year you say? I say you're wrong. I believe this kids are even more poised and focused for making a big run next year, and now understand even more so how important every game, every series, every 6 non stop seconds of intensity, really are.

My anxiety. This is AMAZING. Can you just sit and think, "Hey, we just beat the Hokey Pokey and his wait-staff, finished undefeated, and no one can take that away from us, ever"? Do it. The season is done, we got every result we wanted, minus 30 more yards for Hyde. You now should be smiling from trashy sideburn to trashy sideburn (thanks "Movember" and weak genetics). No worries, no more Friday road rage before gameday just in case someone on sEcSPN dare talk about our Bucks in a negative light, so we can yell at the tv and scare the cat back upstairs for the night. We are free. Lets watch football in our new shirt from 11W Dry Goods and smile to ourselves when Bret Crylema and his badgers get toasted by Stanford in the Rose Bowl. We did our part, now lets relax for the bowl season; we wont get another chance for a long, long time.

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The problem with missing a bowl isn't the bowl- it is all the extra practices that the coaching staff is allowed to hold. We'll be replacing a lot of our defensive starters next season, and those practices are vital for the young guys that will be taking over. Its never beneficial to miss college practices- these guys aren't pros, they're athletes still learning their trade.
Thats all for next year though. Right now I'm just gonna bask in 12-0

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Oh sentiment shared, just trying to positively spin the ending on a season I didnt want to see end. :)

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It didn't really work for USC this year, hopefully we will fare better

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I'm not too worried about the missed practices. I'm confident Urban and staff will come up with some homework for the boys.

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I don't think I'd call it beneficial. Let's all thank Gene Smith for accepting that prestigious invite to the Gator Bowl. Urban will be able to give his undivided attention to closing out this years recruits as well as build solid foundations for '14 and '15...look for more gray boxes in the future...that's the only upside to banned post season play, cuz I'd love to get a crack at those domers! After last year, we go undefeated and can't play for anything. I'm so proud of this team and optimistic about the future, but damn the football gods can be cruel. Anyway, we won out and beat the weasels up north, we have the best coach in the's (and always has been) great to be a buckeye! Brady Hoke didn't shake hands after the game cuz a.) he's a dooche and b.) most hot dog vendors close up shop shortly after the game....maybe he was trying to beat the crowd to Bw3s. At any rate, Michigan blows, Brady Hoke is nothing more than a fat cheerleader and we didn't lose a single game this season. Great sendoff for a group of Seniors who deserve to go down in the annals of Buckeye lore. God, thanks for making me a Buckeye!


This is definitely another boon for recruiting. Remember last year while college coaches were preparing for bowl games, Coach Meyer was out recruiting because Fickell was running the show in preparation for the Gator Bowl. Its easily arguable that that edge Meyer had in recruiting time allowed him to land his great first class. Same thing for this year. While Hoke Joke, Bi-Llama and the other coaches are too busy with December practices, Meyer will be trying to solidify his 2013 class.

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I don't think it's so much beneficial, as that maybe it's not as detrimental as many people think. We finish undefeated, which is a recruiting tool, and Meyer et al. has more time to recruit, and there will be plenty of work for the players to do in the weight room. And maybe it also helps Meyer work on balancing out his personal & professional life a little better his first year back. 

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Yes the football gods can be cruel or they can be kind. After TatGate and the 6-7 season, if someone told me we would get a bowl ban but we hire Urban, go 12-0, and beat scUM, I would say "Where do I sign ??"