Today was Great, Tomorrow (2013) will be Better- An Overview

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November 24, 2012 at 4:53p

Yes, today's win against Michigan was something to not be ignored.  I feel amazing, and what a way to cap off a perfect season for the team, the seniors, and we the fans.  However I, like many of you, can't wait until next season with Urban Meyer having a full offseason to continue to implement his schemes and position his players in the best places possible.


  • Heisman and Maxwell winner Braxton Miller*
  • Butkus winner Ryan Shazier (at a minimum 120 tackles, 10 for loss, 4 sacks, 2 INTs, a TD and 2 FFs)
  • Bedanarik winner Bradley Roby**
  • Arguabely the best RB in the country Carlos Hyde
  • Slim, SLIM chance, but if we are lucky the best D-Lineman in the country Johnathan Hankins, who is actually Sasquatch
  • Best back-up in the country Rod Smith
  • Offensive depth and experience out the wazoo, young defensive talent with time to blossom to an elite level
  • An average margin of victory of 1 million or so points, the schedule being Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State at home, Cal (ha not this time assholes) and Meeechagin on the road. So basically, it's a one game season, two if Wisco has a pulse........and last but not least:

       There is young talent galore as well, and the soft schedule will give them a chance to get some quality playing time late in blowouts and against the couple of cupcakes on the slate.  The wide receivers should be SIGNIFICANTLY (we hope) better after a year of coaching.  Now we just need Braxton to improve his ability to pass to them and his field awareness, but if we see this the coaches do too (no kidding haha) and it should be fixed and at least drastically improved.  I know the defensive front 7 loses some talent, but we will have a few sophomores just frothing at the mouth to get in the game and HIT somebody.  Don't forget about the recruiting class.  Today's game will bring in a few blue-chippers.

       The O-line I don't know too much about unfortunately, but we have such elite backfield talent that they will find their own lanes.  And if the line plays anything like this year, we are A-OK.  And we have the best line coach in the nation.

       Urban Meyer can get the best out of players, and he will have quite a bit of talent to motivate next year.  #8 and that other d-end recruit from last year ( in the excitement I forget who is Adolphus Washington and what the other one's name is lol!!!!!!! and I know these things usually) will wreak freaking havoc on opposing QBs under the tutelage of this staff.  I think the defensive coaches will all keep their jobs after the showing the last 5 or so games, especially today's 2nd half which was the best performance I have seen by the Silver Bullets since 2002.  The secondary will have experience and will be elite if Roby sticks around.  I'm talking <200 yards a game passing in every game.  And the schedule + the talent should mean a top-10 scoring defense.  The rush defense will certainly have a drop-off after this season but we aren't Iowa for God's sake, we can reload.  and the pre-conference schedule is set up for a huge amount of experience learning for the new front 7, with a great leader in Shazier holding it down during tough times.  He reminds me of Brian Rolle, just a lot better :)

      Tom Herman needs to help Braxton improve on the things he needs to improve on, plain and simple.  Once that happens, the offense will score so many points that the defense will have lots of time to improve to the point of excellence.  This Urban Meyer era will be one of excellence as a whole if this season is any indication, which it should be.  what a motivator!  I can't stress that enough!  I really don't think I am being a homer here, all of these things can happen!  But honestly Devin Smith, don't drop any more passes.....ok? Perfect.

      Once the special teams improves and we find a true punt returner, our special teams TDs and our guaranteed blocked punts will be huge game changers.  Kickoff coverage MUST tackle better though.

      Anyways, next year's talent, schedule and leadership should equate to another, and it should be a lot easier, perfect regular season.  The main question will be whether or not Meyer can use his 4 weeks of preparation to beat whatever SEC team is thrown at us in the MNC game.  From what I have seen and unfortunately experienced with the Buckeyes in ought-6, he damn well can.  So I hope these boys in the Scarlet and Gray go out there and beat some B1G and SEC ass!  Thank God for Urban Meyer.  And thank you Braxton and Ryan S for only being sophomores.

      It is gonna be SOOOOOO sweet to cap off our NC run with a win in the Big House.  and then a blowout against anybody but scUM in the B1g championship- the thought of a rematch makes me sick.  Today wouldn't have been nearly as great if we played them again next week....I'll take the Nebraska Kernelpoopers though.  If everything goes perfectly the next 2 weeks, it will be a repeat national championship for us after a split this year.

*Contingent upon the size of the media hard-on for Johnny Football by the end of next year

**We all know that this is likely going to be an impossibility, let's hope he decides another year of experience will improve his draft stock

Wait a sec, did I just read correctly that Roby is actually a Sophomore as well?  If so that's awesome but is he a RS or true?

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buck-I.8's picture

Love this post, but slow your roll with the whole "Hyde is the best back in the country" thing haha

Nick's picture

Urban Meyer said he probably is

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Arguabely the best RB in the country Carlos Hyde

He's amazing and became a MAN this year, but no. Not yet. I just hope he doesn't get any dumb ideas ala Antonio Pittman and bolt for the NFL this year.

Once the special teams improves and we find a true punt returner, our special teams TDs and our guaranteed blocked punts will be huge game changers.

Two punt returns for a touchdown (Philly Brown) still doesn't make you a "true punt returner"? I think we found our guy...
Otherwise, cheers, mate!

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

Don't get me wrong Philly is a hell of a returner, but I meant like a Tedd-Ginn-esque type speedster. Obviously not comparable to Teddy Ginn, the greatest of all time at tOSU, but possibly one of the younger speedsters will emerge as a return specialist, decreasing Brown's injury chances.
As for Hyde, I think that after another offseason of training in Myer's run-heavy hurry up offense, and with the improvements he has made this year, he will be a top five RB in 2013, if not the best.  Notice I said arguabely.  I think next year we all might think Beanie Wells snuck back onto the field in Hyde's jersey, and I mean that.  Also, skill does not necessarily mean eye-popping stats.  Hyde is simply a game changer, and as another blog post said is actually 23rd in the nation in scoring this year, which would probably be a much higher number if he was our #1 back starting from the Miami OH game.

buck-I.8's picture

My only argument with that is that Beanie Wells didn't have nearly as talented of an offensive line, as far as run blocking. He had to fight through blown up backfields against teams like Akron, and still put up ridiculous numbers. Don't get me wrong. I love his type, as a lifetime Browns (Peyton Hillis) fan. But if he's "arguably*" the top back in the country, then Manti Teo "arguably" deserves the Heisman.

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

Haha good point.  And as of yet neither Beanie nor Hyde have/had a passer that can keep the defense honest.  But next year Miller should have wayyyyyy more passing yards and opportunities to throw.  OK so maybe Hyde is say, top 15-20.  He can still be huge threat on a championship team.  But I stick to my top 5 assessment.

buck-I.8's picture

That's totally fair, and I'll run with your analysis and say that next year OSU will have the bost all-around rushing attack in the nation. Fair compromise?

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

Yeah definitely fair.  I love watching Hyde because it's been years since I saw a back never lose yards and very rarely get no gains. He's a frickin freight train.  And yeah Braxton is Braxton is Braxton, and Rod Smith could start anywhere else.  Hmmmmmm, maybe the receivers DON'T have to improve haha

buck-I.8's picture

Philly took huge steps forward this year, im excited for what he brings to the table in the future.

Buckeyejason's picture

Good optimism and enthusiasm for next year but slow your roll a little with all the predictions. Lets not jynx next season already..thanks for taking the time to write this post though.


btalbert25's picture

I agree to a point.  I would rather just savor this win and enjoy a truly historic season.  If this team were in the SEC they'd build statues for them lol.  It is, however, really hard not to look forward to next year.  Braxton will have another offseason with Urban and Herman mentoring him, I think the D will take a big step forward, and electric players like Elliot and Marshall will join the team as well.  Then you look at the schedule and there are not Spartans or Huskers on that slate.  
I agree it's way too early to be talking about, but there's no bowl to look forward to, and (sigh) the season is now over.  I would prefer for talk of the future to center around recruiting though for now, and have predictions for next season in August. One thing is for sure, if this team went 12-0 this season, there's no telling what next year and 2014 will be capable of. 

CO 303 Buckeye's picture

BuckeyeJason- Thanks for the thanks.  Also, I only wish I could  jinx or not jinx the Buckeyes! that would be some true fandom.  But after watching this particular team go 12 and freakin 0, I can't help my optimism.  Also, what is with the term "slow your roll" lately?? haha

Buckeyejason's picture

Didn't mean to be cliche lol. Just going by experience and years past..I used to say this player will dominate next year, so and so will win te heisman and so and so will win the Butkus and it basically backfired on me and it was a let down year. 
I agree about 3 hesiman favorite next year barring anything crazy happening. Shazier, same goes for him regarding Butkus. Roby and the Thorpe are a possibility. I notice when we expect a perfect season and pure domination something goes terribly wrong. I notice that wen we don't expect things..ala 2002 and 2012 we do great things.
To sum up my excited about next year but don't expect 14-0 and all of our players winning every award. Could setup for huge disappointment for ourselves.


CO 303 Buckeye's picture

Extremely good point man.  Like fuckin spot on.  2002 everybody was thinking we would finish 2nd or 3rd in the conference, let alone the country.  This season was supposed to be a 10-2 campaign at best.  But still, even without the 14-0 expectations, I still think we have the best QB/player in the country, the best linebacker in Shazier by far IMO, and Roby of course is the best D back next year.  Just sayin bro, these guys are for real.  I am so fuckin psyched to see Braxton rush for 1500+ yards next year, which will open up his 2500+ passing yards.  It's gonna be crazy.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Yeah not sure I'd go as far as saying Hyde is the best back next year and Rod Smith is the best back up...  I mean look at Georgia, their 2 RBs are True Freshmen and are nasty.  Hyde is good though, but it depends on if Hall redshirts and gets another year because you know Meyer loves his versatility and look what happend to Hydes carries once Hall was healthy.   But hopefully Hyde will get his steady workload next year and if he's the feature back, I could see him putting up a 1500 yard 20 TD campaign.  I mean he almost put up 1000 and 16 TDs in basically 8/9 games, due to injury than only getting like 4 carries in the games once Hall was back.