A closer look at the most dominant conference in college football

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October 2, 2013 at 5:44p

I was looking through the AP top 25 today and noticed that there were four one loss SEC teams in the top 15 and a total of six in the top 25. The media likes to tell us about the strength of the Southeastern conference so I decided to take a closer look at their out of conference results thus far. The losses that each ranked SEC team has experienced was a result of conference play with the exceptions being the two ACC victories of Clemson over Georgia and Miami over Florida. Both South Carolina and LSU lost to Georgia, and Alabama handed losses to Ole Miss and Texas A&M. There is no denying that the SEC is a good conference. I am not writing this to try to prove otherwise. What I am questioning is whether they are as strong as we are being told that they are. Here are the results through week 5.

5-1 vs the Sunbelt (2 wins over Arkansas State, and wins over Louisiana-Lafayette, Western Kentucky, and Troy)    (Loss - Western Kentucky over Kentucky)

6-0 vs Conference USA (2 wins over UAB, and wins over Rice, Southern Miss, UCF, and North Texas)

1-0 vs Atlantic 10 (win over Umass)

3-0 vs MAC (2 wins over Toledo, win over Kent State)

1-0 vs WAC (win over Southern Methodist)

1-0 vs Mountain West (win over Colorado State)

7-0 vs FCS schools (2 wins over Austin Peay, wins over Samford, Murray State, Alcorn State, Sam Houston State, Southeast Missouri State)


24-1 against schools that you should beat. That is pure domination of lesser competition


Now let's take a look at how the SEC has done against teams from major conferences - 6 wins and 6 losses

Wins against North Carolina, Indiana, Washington State, Virginia Tech, TCU, and Texas

Losses to Rutgers, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Louisville, Miami, and Oregon


By my figures the SEC has played seven out of conference opponents that were ranked in the top 25 this year. They are 2-5 vs those opponents. Both TCU and Texas were ranked at the time LSU and Ole Miss played them. Those are the two victories. Are these the results of a conference that is superior to all of the other conferences? You be the judge






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Some of the media should read this post. They might change their tune. Lol who am I kidding ESPN is probably sending a van full of goons to rough you up for posting this. Hide Clancy

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I thought this blog post was about the Pac-12

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The SEC sure is all-powerful, eh?  Great work!

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I hate the SEC, but will counter for discussion. 
The B10 has lost many bad games to the smaller conferences. Count Iowa and PSU. Purdue has been embarrassing. 
Any way you look at it, match up our top 5 teams in any order and we get smashed. tOSU has a good chance of winning, and maybe Wisconsin. 
It's hard to argue they've won the last 7 titles and done it in convincing fashion. The only way to end the argument is to beat them on the field. I invite the challenge and I want the dynasty (Bama). 

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I agree with you Knarcisi. I am not defending the B10. I am just saying that the SEC has not done well in games vs ranked out of conference opponents this year. As for the last 7 championships Urban and Saban account for 5 of the seven championships. I feel that is the result of two teams rather than a conference. I look forward to beating them on the field.

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They also get a pass for blowout losses to smaller conference schools. 2 BCS games in recent years. Utah over Bama (Saban led Bama. Forget about that one don't we?) and Louisville over Florida, who many argued was the best team in the country. 

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Funny how a win over a team like UAB is a big chest thumping point for Sec teams but when we beat them last year, our schedule was weak! The ONLY thing that is ever going to settle this crap and even then they'll still be running their mouths is if Ohio State beats the crap out of a Sec team in the National Championship...

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7 years, 7 Championships thats all that matters. Im fine with giving them the crown until somebody knocks em off... Its hard to argue against those numbers.

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Yeah, somebody has got to knock them off of their perch.  Time for the Bucks to step up and do it!!  I want it to happen so bad!!

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An SEC will not win the NC this year. Their time has come. Not sure whether it will be OSU or not, but they won't make #8. This is less about my confidence & more about the law of averages kicking in & putting a stop to their run.

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The top third of the SEC is very good, the middle third is about like the middle of most conferences, and their lower third is really bad.  Suppose the B1G added two more teams to become the same size as the SEC, and those teams were along the order of say a Stanford and maybe an Oklahoma.  That would make a huge difference (granted I picked two pretty good programs for my hypothetical).  Size DOES matter, you tend to get some really good teams at the top and your entire conference is perceived to be better than it really is top to bottom.

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I hate the SEC talk. Until someone uproots them(alabama) the talk won't end. I'd prefer it to be us of course, but if we falter and do get a crack, I don't care who does it. The SEC homers are annoying as hell.  They live through the success of Alabama, LSU, and Florida under UFM, thats it..... that is all.  Traditionally its always been Alabama. I remember it wasn't too long ago the SEC was average at best nationally.  The difference now is that the rest of America isn't fighting the SEC alone, they have ESPN pushing them harder than ever. An example of this bullshit would be 10 of 14 SEC teams play after 7pm on Saturday. So 5 games in primetime to help recruiting and exposure. The bellcow square off against Georgia.....State.  Don't sweat it, I'm sure we will see highlights of Alabama running amok of the Panthers throughout the day!  

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I believe strongly that Oregon, Clemson or possibly even Florida State would beat any of the top several SEC teams this year.  I don't know about Stanford (or us, sadly, just being honest) but I really think this year, no SEC team will be able to keep pace in a shootout despite lesser defenses of those 3 teams.  It's still the best conference, but there is a big drop off after Bama.

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Good post and agreed on all points.  OSU has some big upside within this season for the d-line, and whoever is replacing Bryant is gaining more experience and getting better too, so while OSU may not be ready now at this point to unseat the SEC representative if there is one, by the end of the season we could be ready to do so.  The second half of the season will sort these things out for better or worse.  

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