Missing Persons Alert: Senior Leadership Last Seen In 2012 Wearing Scarlet and Grey

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July 24, 2013 at 2:05p

Its about time the current seniors on the 2013 Ohio State football team step up and let their voices be heard. Fall camp is fast approaching and as a fan, I'm not getting the same hungry feeling they gave us last year at this time. If we are to have a NC caliber season, Urban and his staff will need the bro's to step up on and off the field like Simon, Sabino, Howard, Goebel, Williams, and Fragel did last year.

Not all these seniors were the most highly rated players but they formed a tough core (mostly defensive) that kept everybody hungry and doing their jobs. This group didn't just appear at the start of the '12 season, its been molded since winter conditioning and spring practice of last year.  I'm just not hearing/feeling anything out of these seniors yet. Anybody else feel this way?

The only seniors I can think of are Hyde, Brown, Linsley, J.Hall, M.Hall, Bryant, Mewhort, Bennet? and its hard to differentiate them from the juniors we got coming up. Maybe all we need is one guy to be Simon this year and create an 'inner-cirlce' of bro's which then forms a larger circle and larger circle. Last year we didn't have a bowl game to play for but they had the heart and fight in them which wouldn't have been possible if not for Simon's tight circle. They found the guts to fight for something and never gave up on a 'lost' season.

There's no question that the majority of talent on this team lies with the juniors and sophs like Braxton, Roby, Shazier, Washington, Spence, and some flashy freshmen playmakers and atheletes, but to fully take advantage of "The Chase", the Buckeyes desperately need some seniors to step up and take charge of this team.

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Enter: 4 senior O-Linemen

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Agreed...who is gonna argue with Mewhort and Norwell especially

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For me it's two words.   Jordan Hall.    With everything he's seen and been through that guy needs to step up and take charge.  This is it man, now or never.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.


I seriously don't think we're going to see our leaders as boisterous this year, though they wont be entirely silent. When we won it all after 2002 I dont remember our team being all that vocal. Their leader was Krenzel and he was about as calm and cool as they come.

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That leadership should have been there in the Spring. Speaks volumes that only one Senior was scheduled to go to Chicago.

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You're going to replace Braxton and RS JR Roby (assuming no legal issue of course)?

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The best thing about this is there's still over a month to go. After what's been happening, I have no doubt there are some pissed off upper classmen on this team. I'm certain some folks are stepping up here.

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I have a terrible feeling any struggles this team has-and I don't think there will be many-will be the fault of a perceived lack of leadership. One doesn't need to be a senior to be a leader. John Simon was a leader the second he stepped foot on the field. He was more of a Rah-Rah type but that isn't the only way to lead. Braxton isn't going to be seen on the sidelines imitating Tebow any time soon but his cool and calm demeanor can be effective in its own way. I would expect Hyde and Mehwort to assume those roles-once Hyde gets back to the team after SugarBear2Gate.
Still, a lack of Senior leadership isn't as much of a problem as a lack of over all leadership....but don't think for a second a team coached by Urban, Combs, and Vrabel will need to be reminded about what they are playing for. A lack of a senior like S imon doesn't worry me one bit.

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I always took Simon for a quiet (yet strong) leader-by-example type until his 4th and especially 5th year when he became more of a rah rah type. There's no doubt that the juniors can (and will have to) pick up some leadership slack if the Bucks are to make it to the promised land. Bring it on!

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Down here in Florida when there is a missing Senior they issue a Silver Alert (Like an Amber Alert for a missing child)
I think we need to issue a Silver Alert!

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Meyer expects Braxton and the O-line to lead this team.  It all starts with the QB and the Graders.

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