Joey Bosa = perfect OOS recruit!

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May 17, 2013 at 2:33a

In the short time Urban Meyer has been head coach of The Ohio State University, his first full recruiting class ('13) has been one for the ages. From the get-go, it started out with high level nationally ranked players from Ohio (Marshall, Burrows); followed by high level OOS players in Eli Apple,  Joey Bosa, J.T. Barrett; and concluded with receiving commitments from the likes of Vonn Bell, Tre Johnson, Mike Mitchell, and Dontre Wilson. I'd be hard pressed to find a better OSU recruiting class in the last 15 years.

That said, I feel Joey Bosa might be the biggest prize of the class, at least from an out of state perspective. Case in point: 

He comes from St. Thomas Aquinas (FL), one of a handful of elite programs in the entire country.

His measurables are as good as it gets for a DE in HS. 6-5, 270 with a strong cut body.

According to his video he thouroughly mauled and manhandled some seriously high level competition in H.S.

Has strong family ties to Ohio.

He handled the Charles Eric Waugh situation the right way by stating:  'I'm not going to let some weirdo define OSU to me."

Called ichigan 'That team up north' correctly throughout his H.S. carerar.

Insane speed and athleticism for his size and can continue to grow. Plus a nasty disposition.

Very high profile recruit from SEC country with offers from Bama, LSU, Florida, South Carolina, and many others.


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Of all the things you said that are football related, it was his handling of the Waugh thing that stuck out. I had forgot all about that one. Handled it like a champ. Others...not so much.

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Agree with every point you made. Watching his highlight film makes me understand why TTUN is investing so heavily in a deep O-Line.

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Yeah, easier to understand.

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I thought it was very cool how his letter of intent was not only the first in the door, but came in minutes after it was allowed on NSD!  No drama...  He should be a great Buckeye.  He is going to put the hurt on the bad guys,

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Yes, that was sweet.
The kid is going to shred...

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Agreed. Would like to see him line up opposite of Kyle Kalis. There WILL be blood.



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I feel confident to put Damon Webb up there with Joey Bosa. He is the prototypical CB with a possible 5* coming soon. He is rated as one of the best and has shown he can shutdown the best WRs.
throw on the website and the recruiting for his class and I would almost think he is a better OOS recruit. Bosa recruits but I don't think as hard as Webb has. Plus he comes from UM's backyard and is trolling them from behind enemy lines!
He is our Charles Woodson and Desmond Howard!

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I understand your point but still don't care for your analogy. 

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true, putting the cart before the horse but still, a Michigan prep coming to OSU as opposed to an Ohio prep going to UM, that is more rare and hopefully will be much truer in a few years. If he turns out close to either of those, I will be quite pleased!

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There is a strong possibility Webb is 2014's edition of Bosa. Both will be strong recruiters for years to come at the player level (to go along with the best group of recruiting coaches in the country).

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I hope he can convince his younger brother to come to OSU. He may be even better than big bro.

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And he's got a younger brother in Nick, who'll be a soph at Aquinas this fall, and is a solid d-lineman himself. Who also likes the Buckeyes:

Also very impressed with Joey Bosa, on and off the field. Have a feeling this kid is going to do some great things at Ohio State.

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That link took me to the Georgia 247 page.

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My bad.....should've figured 247 would be shifty.

Here's another, courtesy the good folks here at 11W:

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Yeah, I saw that thread.

What happened to Gray Box?

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Spring break?

Looks like he's been away since the start of the month.

Then again, the gray boxes aren't out much this time of year.

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I have watched video of Nick Bosa and linked it here. I dare say that he will be better than Joey! And Urbz and Nick are already very tight!

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Now that song will be stuck in my head all day. :/

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#25 kid needs to use his head... I'd think after a couple run ins with Nick he'd go "That dude is killing me, gotta not run into him." But no, runs right into him, of course that also could just be Nick beating the blocker and destroying. :D
Also Nick seems to identify the play pretty quickly. I don't know enough to be sure, but it seems like he really knows when to disengage his blockers and move around and when to just beat them and get through. Really like his reactions in the plays.

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First Buckeye to fax in his his NLOI on signing day too!!!

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I have to agree, Bosa was a big time pick up. He makes this DL one of the best if not the best in the country in 2014. Michigans OL can pick up as many high profile recruits as they want, but they're still going to have trouble against the likes of Spence, Washington, Bosa, Hill, Price, Schutt, Marcus. Talk about stacked!

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Also, when scUM was getting MANHANDLED by Alabama this past year, he tweeted something along the lines of "This is why I am a Buckeye!"
Full disclosure, that early in the season we would have been manhandled by Bama too...but I loved his comment all the same.

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In his first year as head coach it would be somewhat understandable. Not so much in his second year.

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He's definitely my favorite guy coming in. I thought there was no way in hell we were gonna get him. Gotta love having Urban as your head coach

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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AND at 6-5 270, he can do a standing back-flip. Has there ever been an 18 year old of that size do such a thing.
IMO, a commit from little brother will be an ever bigger get. Was blown away by his video. As a 225 freshman playing D-tackled he man handled 300# O-linemen.

+1 HS
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Hey Toilrt Paper, kind of off subject but, just curious if you have ever met Chief Big Dump?
He's a regular on 11W, and a pretty funny dude.



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...I see what you did there...

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I can hear it now; another Buckeye sack by Joey Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Bosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I gotta share that I laughed out loud when I read how big he is. I know how big he is, but just to read "6'5" 270lbs" and to think he can do a backflip and maul other human beings just makes me chuckle.
I think the next few years will be fun.

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I also think JT Barrett is a guy overlooked in this class.  It's crazy because we got so many big time players last year, but he's a guy that could end up as one of the best from the class IMO.  Love his work ethic and the way he approaches the game.  He's a step ahead of the game in that regard.  I'm excited for him to be the man of the future after Braxton!

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I agree with you 100% on Barrett. I watched his film again recently, and was blown away. If his injury heals the way they expect it to, I think he'll be a great successor to BM. If compared to Watson this year, I'd say he's a small notch below Watson as a passer, but a notch above Watson as a runner -- so in the end, I'd say Barrett fits our current system even better than Watson would.

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Same boat. I was very ecstatic to get that commitment, definitely happy with that one. Just hope his injury heals properly and he's prepared when the time comes.

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I agree with every thing you said. A point can be made for a lot of these guys though, even the ones that didn't come on board until later or even looked at some other programs toward the end of the process (Ezekiel Elliott). 
Ezekiel Elliott was THE guy for most of the recruiting process. A smart kid, great family, and he went to all the camps and recruited his butt off. He would flash block Os to local tv after scoring touchdowns during high school games.
Dontre Wilson and Vonn Bell both have been recruiting for OSU - I don't have any evidence of them actively recruiting players for OSU, but just them commiting to OSU in the fashion they did does wonders for us IMO. 
And Marcus Baugh... the guy committed to OSU without even seeing the campus. What can you say about a guy like that?
And then there's guys like Barrett, Apple, Tyquan Lewis, Michael Hill.. So many great out of state recruits that all deserve praise.

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There's no question the 2013 recruiting class went apeshit on so many levels: I mean in-state, out of state, D-linemen, atheletes, playmakers, etc.  It will definitely be the standard-bearer for years to come under Meyer/OSU (of course when schollie penalties are lifted Meyer will soon out-do himself).
After a few months to digest everything, I came away with Bosa being the 'perfect' OOS recruit. However, while the chase was on before NSD, I was most exited about ...

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.