'13 or '14? Best Chance For a NC

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January 14, 2013 at 11:02a

I've been wondering this for the last few days. Obviously this upcoming season we will have the nastiest, most explosive offense in the country but we loose so much on defense (esp. D-line and LB). Much of the defense's talent is unproven. Will X-Brax 360 and slew of returning offensive talent (plus new recruits) be enough to put us over the top? The passing game should be much improved and add in much more playbook including the 49'ers' 'diamond' formation. Should score the most points in a season since Smith/Ginn's '06 season.

Now for 2014, its kind of the opposite only because we lose so much on the offensive line, although we still have braxton, good RBs and WRs. However the Defense should be absolutely monsterous that year with plenty of built-up high end talent like Spence, Washington, Schutt, Pittman, Bosa, etc. And thats just the D-line! The LBs and secondary will be quite impressive as well.

For a long time I've felt like OSU has had really strong years either offensively or defensively but not at the same time. I feel like if we can get a good offensive line developed by 2014, that would be our strongest chance to have both only because Brax will be a senior beast. We can find some one to fill Hyde's shoes or a good WR, but Braxton is a very rare asset. I say in '14 our strengths will be more balanced between O and D. That being said, I believe we still win a NC in '13 for a # of reasons: 1.) Braxton will be much improved

                                                                        2.) Urban's secnd yr. plus entire coaching staff returns intact.

                                                                        3.) dominant O-line, Hyde, D. smith, Philly all have unfinished business to take care of.

                                                                        4.) Dominant secondary led by Roby and co. plus fresh young talent at D-line and LBer.

If you had to vote for one year, which would be your choice to win it all and why?

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Put those hands together! REPEAT SON!
In all seriousness, I like 2014 more only because Urban is only 2 classes in and a lot of the should-be-studs are still a little green. 2014 has a very good chance of Ohio State being ranked #1 at the start of the year because you should have a senior Brax, a senior Shazier (assuming he isn't a pro) a 5th year senior Roby (Highly unlikely) while Spence\Schutt\Diesel will all be into their 3rd years. A lot of the talent recruited this year will be into the second years of their careers and should be expected to contribute-Marshall, EZE, Bosa, Mitchell, and the likes. The team should be built almost exactly to Meyer's liking. 2013 has the road paved to Pasadena given the easy schedule but I do worry about their ability to compete with SEC Team-de jour. Not to say they can't but by Meyer's own admission they aren't there yet. 2014 is the year a lot of OSU haters should be terrified about but they should reasonably lose sleep over 2013 as well.

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The biggest reason it will be 2014 is because we are replacing all the starters on the defensive line and 2/3 of our LBs. In 2014, if and hoping he returns, Braxton will be in his senior year. More weapons (Presumably) surrounding him but the Defense will need time to mature. Depth shouldn't be an issue from 2014 on..

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I believe we have a legitimate shot to reach the title game both years.  I believe our best shot of winning it is in 2014.  Our D will be stacked and Braxton will be a senior and in his 3rd year of the spread offense.  Only worry is we might have some new coaches that year.

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BOTH!  I say BOTH!  Back to back babay!!!  The rest of America couldn't handle it.  In all seriousness, though...probably '14 would be a little more likely.

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I think we have a better shot in 13 because of our veteran O-Line.  In 14, we replace all of them but Decker.  I am much more confident that our replacements on the D-Line in 13 will do just fine.  Spence, Shutt and Diesel played very well this past season.  I look for them to dominate next year, along with others like Pittman, Miller and Bosa.

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Based on the friendly schedule I'd say '13 but based on talent level '14. And to echo the sentiments of other posters I don't have any reason to doubt we have a chance to compete for back-to-back titles. I don't expect it at all but it definitely wouldn't surprise me.

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We'll have to replace 4 starters on the O-Line in 2014, and even though Brax is a senior, an inexperienced line could bring trouble.

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I'd probably say 2013 just because I expect the goal to be that much more difficult once the playoff system is in place.

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Like Radio said "I wan' bof"

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One thing is for sure the team had some of the best Seniors this year to see what can be done with determination and spirit. The under classmen really saw the leadership and poise from them and contributed to send them all out winners. I truly believe this will carry over in the coming years. We have good shots at both `13 and 14 becuase 12 will be fresh in their minds.

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It's like predicting the weather: the further out you get from today's date, the less accurate the predictions are. So much can happen between now and 2014.



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Neither year will be able to match 'Bama. 2013 a very young defense, replaceing 7 starters.  2014 a very inexperienced O-line. As Urban says Ohio State must get to the point where they are replacing Seniors wiith experienced stud Juniors before they can be in Alabama's class.

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I couldn't disagree more with this post above....while Bama is good, they're almost losing the entire Oline and some key defensive guys as well as their main RB.  I can see our Dline (as inexperienced as they may be) being better than many are giving credit for.  Not to mention our LBs will be young but I also have faith we're going to see a totally different defense this year than what we saw last year with lack of experience as well as way too young to be playing DI college football (that should change with Johnson and Mitchell as well as 2012 LBs. Lets hope Grant wakes up and decides to play effectively at LB too).  Much more fast and disruptive for offensive opponents than they were this year.  We'll see come November this year how well Bama's doing compared to us (not to mention OSU has two bye weeks this year fellas...which will only help with keeping guys healthy).  I'm going with 2013 and may be a repeat in 2014.  Call me crazy, but I doubted BIG TIME that we'd be 10-2 or even 11-1 after going 6-7....what do you REALLY think UFM and Co. will do in year two and three????  Not being too confident....it's science... ;-)   

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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back to back Jack

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