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Quick Hits - Week 2

Well the Buckeyes first big test of the season has come and gone.  With that said let’s gather our thoughts on Saturday’s matchup and where we stand now as Buckeye Nation going forward. Buckeye Quick Hits - Kudos to TP for living up to the pressure.  Not the absolute...
13 Sep 2010
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Game Day things to Remember

OK Buckeye Nation - It is finally here.  And on this most fine Saturday in September I wanted to remind all Buckeye fans of a few key points as you attend, watch or hang around the game this afternoon. 1. As we have learned this week, The "U" invented swagger.  Not quite o...
11 Sep 2010
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Not a rivalry

  Throughout the offseason and even more this week we are reading & hearing all about the so called rivalry and intensity between OSU and Miami.  Did I miss something or is this just pure media hype?  I know, rhetorical question... Truth be told, the national championsh...
09 Sep 2010
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Let's Remember...

I’m sure like me, everywhere you read about the ’02 championship game you see references to “the Call”.  You will hear the so called experts call this the greatest college football game ever and yet in the same breath bring the whole game down to the pass interference...
08 Sep 2010
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Can not wait until Saturday

What a great Saturday for Big Ten college football... ND will play michigan of course, but starting at 3:40, you can flip on ESPN and ride approximately 7 hours of The Buckeyes vs. "The U" followed by #1 'Bama vs. PSU and their true fresh QB.  There are several other go...
07 Sep 2010
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Quick Hit from Cincy

Looking at the divisions again and they are really growing on me.  Basketball wise they give a huge break to Sparty", but for football they are surprisingly fair.  You take OSU/PSU/Wisc up against mich/Wisc/Neb and it's pretty solid.  I don't think there is o...
02 Sep 2010
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GameDay, Divisions and Uni's

Finally Game Day is upon us.  Feels good to drive to work and see the kids at the bus stop sporting the Buckeye jerseys.  Cincy Kid junior sported the red #2 to his school today. OK let's get down to business.  First the divisions; I honestly am OK with them.  The game...
02 Sep 2010
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South Western Cooking

I honestly thought I would just provide some insight from the South West corner of the state.  Down here in Cincinnati we do not get the local coverage or festivities of most of the rest of the state.  I have lived all over Ohio and by far Cincinnati, while a great city, is not necessar...
31 Aug 2010
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