Great start for our Buckeyes and solid start for the Big Ten as a whole

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September 7, 2010 at 10:35a

Great start for our Buckeyes and solid start for the Big Ten as a whole:

Sorry for the delay folks - out of town from Friday through the weekend.  The good news is we were secure in a convincing victory by Thursday bed time.  So Buckeye fans could watch the weekend with impunity.  Without further delay (and a little late), let's get to our newest weekly section - "College Weekend Quick Hits".


"Quick Hits"

- Great convincing win for the Buckeyes, who showed a variety of exciting formations on offense, even in a pre-Miami week.

- The OT pass intereference call was not the sole play in the National Champ game vs Miami.  Remeber, Clarett stripping back the ball?  Krenzel's poise?  Mcgahee's knee?

- Did you check out the first run out of Nike's new uni's.  I think the Buckeyes got pretty lucky with theirs, especially after seeing Virginia Tech's "Tron throwbacks" and Boise State's big A$$ horse head helmets.  That was a lot of scales on TCU!

- michigan looks as if they found a QB.  Interesting to see the former qb on the sidelines.  As hard as it is, OSU fans should root for Michigan to return to at least respectability.  I know, very hard.

- Huge college footbal weekend coming up.  Buckes vs c'ains, 'Bama and PSU, mich vs ND, along with a ton of other great matchups! 

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You know, I found myself really like Va-Tech's helmets and Boise's pants/shoes.  I liked the blue on Boise's uni, and the finish on Va Tech's helmets looked pretty cool.  I'm usually one who likes the metallic shiny helmet but flat finish on that Va Tech helmet I thought was pretty cool.

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Yeah Week 2 is going to be great.

And I actually really like VaTech's unis except for the stupid circuit board graphics.  BSU's was awful from top to bottom, IMO.

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The "flat" finish on V-Tech helmets were the lone bright spot.  The tron like fonts were terrible.  As for Boise, to be honest they weren't all that different then their regular uni's.  The gray "breathable" patches were bad and the helmet logo was way to large.

~Go Bucks

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I didn't know exactly how to explain the helmet finish lol, but I liked it.  Overall I didn't care for the unis either though, the 2 tone Boise Jersey was pretty awful.  If it would've been a solid great jersey it would've been pretty cool.  Their helmet was pretty awful though.