Can not wait until Saturday

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September 7, 2010 at 3:26p

What a great Saturday for Big Ten college football...

ND will play michigan of course, but starting at 3:40, you can flip on ESPN and ride approximately 7 hours of The Buckeyes vs. "The U" followed by #1 'Bama vs. PSU and their true fresh QB. 

There are several other good games on tap for Saturday, but the OSU/'caines game is certainly one of the headliners.  There has been a lot of talk recently about this game being the "3rd OT period" and a replay for Miami.  Truth is I don't think that plays in at all for this years kids at all.  Sure you're going to have coaches trying to convinced their guys (on both sides) that their team was wronged, disrespected, or dissed, but that happens every week.

Here's hoping we see a game on Saturday with the same quality play that we saw in that famous National Championship game.


Check out this Saturday's OSU/Miami game "tale of the tape"...from a 'Caines perspective.

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Pretty fun tale of the tape, but it appears they're counting the Miami metro area against just the city of Columbus for population.

If Miami really had 5 million people just in the city, it would be larger than Chicago and LA.  FWIW, Columbus metro is closing in on 2M.

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5 mil metro and about 10,000 who show up for the games.

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RL Stine is OSU alumni?!




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Don't worry, I responded to the miami site regarding their metro area error. I will allow them no advantage whatsoever!

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I agree that the NC game doesn't have much to do with Saturday's tilt.  The kids on the Miami team were 10-13 years old and while some may certainly have been Cane fans, it's not likely that they all were, or would have a chip on their shoulder toward the buckeyes over such the alleged horrible call.  I'm not sure how many of their coaching staff was even around at that time. I know they have to market it somehow, but it's not like these teams have played 3 times in the last 5 years with 2 of the games being very close and hard fought(Texas)  One game 8 years ago that had a controversal ending doesn't real generate a real feeling of hate today.

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Thought others here may find that Tale of the Tape a wee bit biased.

~Go Bucks

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Dwight Yoakam?  He went to tOSU?  Really?

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Did Vanilla Ice go to Miami?

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If Vanilla Ice went to thugU he would NEVER had let Shug hold him upside down over a balcony

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