I need some help from BuckeyeNation!

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November 6, 2013 at 11:16a

Over the past year I have been arguing with a family member.  He stated that he would rather have Brady Hoke over Urban Meyer any day of the week specifically based on how good Hoke recruits.  I told him that Hoke does recruit fairly well but that a lot of his 4 or 5 star recruits come on the offensive line and that you can only use 5 of those at a time, I also told him that the TTUN Coaching staff has not done a good job in developing players.  After their loss this weekend to MSU I asked him how Hokes recruiting has treated them and he responded with "majority of the players playing right now are Rich Rods players and are a disgrace."  My first response was that Hoke won 11 games his first year solely because of Rich Rods recruits and my second response is what I need help on.  He was never able to answer this question and I want to see if you guys agree with me or not.  I said if Rich Rods players are so bad and Hokes recruits are so good, then wouldn't most of Hokes "stud" recruits be playing over Rich Rods players?  I also pointed out that Meyer has 8 recruits that make an impact on a 21-0 team, whereas Hoke has maybe 6 on an awful TTUN team.  What is everyones opinion?

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Meatchicken is getting killed in the center of their O-Line and the two deep is ALL Brady  (Some are redshirt FR or SO)
Right Guard
Magnuson – FR
Kalis – FR
Glasgow – SO
Miller – SO
Left Guard
Bosch – FR
Bryant – SO

ONE Not Done!

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It's on Hoke now....the RichRod defense is past it's expiration date.

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Hoke is not familiar with the expiration date concept. The inhalation date, however, always matches the acquisition date.

Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

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Coach, you always make a good impress....ion.

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Expiration dates are never reached with Hoke.  He buys it and he eats it.

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The only thing I'd take Hoke over Meyer in is a Fred Flintstone look-alike contest.

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Hold on a second. If you wouldn't take Hoke in a competitive eating contest you really need to rethink your strategy.

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That was my 2nd choice, but Meyer would still outsmart him in some way.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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I say find a new friend because this one is obviously delusional and crazy

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Nawww.... he's stuck. It's family, not a friend.

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Hoke was 47-50 before missedagain hired him.
Urb was 39-8 before UF hired him and won two NC's
Hoke is going backwards with his "better" recruits. 11-2   8-5   6-?
Urb took a 6-7 team and is now 21-0
How many head to head recruiting battles has Hoke won over Urb? 1
Not that they go head to head often. Urb is looking for completely different types of players than Gravy is.
Recruiting ratings, like most things, are over hyped. Remember a 3 star LB out of Minnesota that popped the heads off weasels? James Laurinaitis. Kenny G was bound for DII Prairie View for Woody's sake and he's the 2nd best QB in the B1G, period. Your family member can keep all of Jabba The Hoke's September Heisman winners and fake soup eaters, I'll take Urban F. Meyer and his proven performers.

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We just got schooled

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Amen to 45has2   Great reply.......  You forgot to mention as laypeople (outsiders to da blo)  How many times THIS year alone have you watched a Maize an Blo game and felt absolutely sick to your stomach over what you just watched........  I LOVE THE BIG......  but the blo should join the mountain west........ cause they just can't figure out how to put their panties on right now !  DISGUSTING !   AND IT ALL BELONGS TO THE HOKEY POKEY  !! NUFF SAID

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Your friend will need professional psychiatric help once the season is over. 
Please don't make it worse on him with truth. 
He will need to shield out most of reality in order to survive the offseason as a Mich*gan fan.
Be kind and gentle.
Aw, screw it.  Slap him upside the head.  He won't remember it anyway.

I like cookies.

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My opinion is that it's not worth arguing. I agree with you, but it will be apparent, one way or another, in the next couple of years for everyone. Give your family member some space to reconsider his options and save some face.
I do agree that a coach needs a few years to really get your system going and maybe Meyer's system is easier to be effective in a shorter time (not saying that this is fact, just a hypothesis). It could be argued that Hoke's recruits are too young to be really special and may turn out to be absolute studs. And the majority of the impact players on Meyer's team were recruited before his tenure although Meyer and staff have done a great job using the talent and improving the players already here. One exceptional area, though, is the d-line, of which most of the impact players were at least partially recruited by Meyer to OSU.
So Meyer is a great coach and is proving it now. Maybe Hoke is a great coach but we'll have a much better idea (or at least more support for the argument) within a couple of years. Whether that ability is greater than Meyer's appears doubtful right now (and in the past) but only time will tell.

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I don't understand why he would rather have Hoke because of recruiting when Meyer has been hauling in the better classes?  Am I missing something?

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Your buddy. Did he eat paint chips as a kid?

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I love the "Tommy Boy" reference! 

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First of all, anyone who would choose to have Brady Hoke over Urban Meyer is obviously crazy. That type of person probably also puts gravy on everything and kills butterflies and kicks puppies.
UM fans can no longer use the Rich Rod excuse. Had the Hokester not won in his first year and done the BCS bowl thing, I'd cut him some slack. But I'm pretty sure Rich Rod's not recruiting or developing UM players anymore, is he? At what point do you put the blame on a coaching staff that up to this point has bee unable to develop the players they had leftover and the talent they are bringing in? Rich Rod's not holding extra practices anymore to coach these players up. He's not calling the plays. He's not going without a headset on Saturday afternoons during games. This is all on Borther Brady and his staff.

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First of all, anyone who would choose to have Brady Hoke over Urban Meyer is obviously crazy. That type of person probably also puts gravy on everything and kills butterflies and kicks puppies.

Also, clubs baby seals.

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Is your friend manti's fAke dead girlfriend?  I ask because that would be the only explanation....

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What is everyones opinion?

When he falls asleep after Thanksgiving dinner...cover his nose & mouth until he stops moving.
Or you could just laugh at him every time he says something else stupid about Hoke.

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  "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."
Mark Twain

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Here is all the help you need on the grounds of recruiting between Hoke and Urbs:
http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/teamrank/2014/all/all - UM ranked 17th
http://recruiting.scout.com/a.z?s=73&p=9&c=14&yr=2014 - UM ranked 13th
http://247sports.com/ - UM ranked 10th
I am also tired of the UM diehards blaming Rich Rod all the time....it is rather old...You don't come in year 1 and win 11 games and a Bowl game and then when you fall below expectations suddenly decide it is ok to blame Rich Rod recruited players...
Hoke's job is a coach...so...coach your players how to play, teach proper techniques, motivate them, coach with some passion...Hard to have this argument without being a completer Homer..but this one is blantanly too easy!
Oh and I am new here...so, Hey guys! LOL

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Welcome! A good (1st?) post.

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