OSU Offensive Line NFL Draft History Last 20 Years

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April 23, 2012 at 6:13p

With the NFL draft coming up rather quickly, I decided to look at how many Big 10 offensive linemen have been taken within the first five rounds over the past 20 years.  The numbers are not shocking.  We suck, firmly entrenched in the middle/bottom of the pack, furiously holding off such powerhouses as Indiana and Purdue.  To anyone reading this from Boston College, you've been warned.  Quite the legacy Walrusball leaves.  Here are the numbers:

    Team                      Players taken within 1st 5 rds           Total number of players taken

Wisconsin                                    15                                                 18

SCUM                                          14                                                 20

Penn St                                       12                                                 16

Nebraska                                      11                                                 16

Iowa                                            11                                                 15

Illinois                                           8                                                   11

Michigan St                                   6                                                    9

Purdue                                         6                                                    10

Ohio State                                    6                                                   12

Indiana                                         5                                                    7

Northwestern                                3                                                    5

Minnesota                                     2                                                     5


Our guys drafted were Korey Stringer       '95  Rd 1                               Alex Stepanovich   '04  Rd 4        

                                Orlando Pace         '97  Rd 1                               Rob Sims              '06  Rd 4

                                LeCharles Bentley   '02  Rd 2                               Nick Mangold         '06  Rd 1

Other late round draft picks were Jason Winrow '94/Rd 6, Tyson Walter '02/Rd6, Adrien Clark '04/Rd 7, Shane Olivea '04/Rd 7, Doug Datish '07/Rd 6, and Kirk Barton '08/Rd 7.

It's amazing we've had so many stud offensive playmakers over the years.  Now that Bollman's gone, we've got nowhere to go but up, don't we?




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We can add two more to that list after this weekend, but lol it is really a joke we are in the bottom half of that list.

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Would be interesting to see the Hayes/Bruce/Cooper/Tress breakdown....to see just how much Bollman had to do with this.


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Nice breakdown BUKYZE, I always heard NFL teams didn't think too highly of Buckeye linemen, because they were taught out-dated footwork techniques. I don't know enough technical football lingo to have all the details, but NFL teams had to reteach Buckeye linemen during the Bollman days. He'll be fine at BC, the ACC is just as bad as the B1G.

I have a feeling Adams falls big time this weekend, with his 19 bench reps and weed flavored urine. Wonder if Brewster will go before him now.

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Even though Adams did more harm than good to his stock after the Senior Bowl (where he shot up the list into first round territory) Adams should still go ahead of Brewster. There will, as there always is, be a run on tackles in the draft and Adams will slide back to the second round, at the latest, in my opinion. Brewster should be solidly resting in mid 3rd-early 4th round territory. Centers aren't going to go high in a lot of drafts. It has more to do with Adams' versatility and size than anything else. Gun to my head, Brewster will be a better pro (one I hope my beloved Bears find themselves taking) but Adams can immediatley play RT because of his size and does have the feet to play LT. Teams don't like passing on tackles who are NFL ready, and Adams is. I think he makes a more immediate impact but centers like Brewster (strong, good size, smart) have long, well played double digit year careers. He won't be spectacular but he will solve a team's interior line need for the next decade. Adams, like most tackles will be feast or famine. He'll lock down a book end of a team's line for years or he'll find himself on 4 teams in 7 years ala Robery Gallery (sic).

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I will say that the ones that went early were elite. OP may be one of, if not the greatest LT's. Stringer was great before tragedy struck him and Mangold is a All Pro right now. But yes only really one great under the "coaching" of the one called WALRUS!

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