Where is the NCAA?

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August 8, 2012 at 10:54a

In light of the actions taken by the NCAA in the Penn State scandal, here’s a question for you: Do you think that if a professor of, say, economics, was discovered to be a serial sex abuser of young boys, that the university’s economics department would be shut down?

If you answered “of course not,” I think you’re right. It would be ridiculous to do any such thing.

But if you answered “that depends,” then you might want to consider the case of Scott Ward, a University of Pennsylvania marketing professor who just a few short years ago was sentenced to 25 years in prison for possession of child pornography.

It get worse.




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So my answer is "it depends".
The depends part being whether top university administrators covered up the abuse for 14 years. If that were the case, that is a violation of the Clery Act. And yes, I'd want the Dept of Education to decertify said university's accreditation and/or remove all (or a significant portion) of said university's federal financial aid. I'd want a message to be sent to that university that what occurred was intolerable and will be dealt with harshly.
I don't know what you're getting at Bukfan but a good indicator for whether you're on the right or wrong side of this PSU sanctions issue is this. The ENTIRE nation (not just the cfb world, mind you) is revulsed by the PSU community reactions right now.

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You should put quotes around the comments that are lifted directly from the article you linked.

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What part of the NCAA acronym stands for Economics Department?  NCAA does not have ANY control over the actions of a school's departments/funcitons other than Athletics.

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^^ That was my first thought

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This comparison is about as lame as lame can be.  The defense of "well, they did it and got away with it" is never valid.  Try explaining to a traffic cop that your neighbor was doing 85 in a 35 zone just last week and didn't get stopped and see where that will get you.  Not only will you get a ticket, but your resistant attitude will be noted.  At this point the multitude of suits, whiny posts, and half ass articles like this one you refer to are just the equivalent of children's rants of "THAT'S NOT FAIR".  The PSU cult needs to grow up, get a pair, and maybe they will be able to swallow their medicine with some humility. 

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Anyone who commits and/or covers up such a hideous crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Period.

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Big difference: Penn State's athletic director was involved in the cover up, and Paterno was implicated.  Plus, nothing is shut down at Penn State.  You can still buy a $70+ ticket to their football games.  You can still tune in on ESPN or BTN and watch them.  The only thing you can't do is watch them win a Big Ten championship - which they haven't done since 2008.  The NCAA concluded that Penn State covered this up in order to maintain the image of their football program.  Now, they might be right or wrong in that conclusion, but that simply boils down to how they chose to interpret the evidence uncovered in the Freeh Report.  There weren't a lot of individuals "in-the-know" about Penn State's inner-workings that rushed to the defense of Penn State or Joe Paterno when Freeh was investigating this.  From what I gathered, he did pursue people who either declined the opportunity or were under investigation and couldn't.
So, we need to get over this "the NCAA had no jurisdiction in the Penn State case."  The NCAA is empowered by all the universities in this country.  If the NCAA was out of bounds, there would be a formal protest at that level.  Instead, we had the Big Ten validate their ruling.  That means when given the opportunity to tell the NCAA "hey, you can't do that," the universities said, "Not only do we stand by you, but we REALLY stand by you.  ABSOLUTELY."

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Actually now Penn State has only 1 conference championship which came in 1994

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Look Bucksfan, I know what you're doing here.  I will tell you right now that there are no rumors that the retiring/now retired chair of the econ department performed his job in anything but an ethical manner.  I'll give you a pass.  Carry on.

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I think the NCAA headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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