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December 24, 2011 at 1:30a

I am just craving on more and more recruiting news. I like joel caleb, but I think that diggs and neal are better. Bummed that cyrus jones took us out of the running because someone on here predicted that we would get him. Hopeful for Dodson, Diamond and Williams. Also, how would you rank the three top recruiting services ESPN, Scout, and Rivals? Would would be #1, #2 and #3. Seems like Espn ranks south players way higher than the other two. I am also in hope that Urbz could get some people to pick the Ohio State hat during the High School All-American games. He did this spectacularly at Florida and it seemed like when we had Tressel, the Ohio State hat would be up there, but never picked.

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247 is the best recruiting site.

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Hey, what's up Biddle?

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You do know...Alex can read that, right? 


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If the class had to be picked today I like Dodson, Diamond , Neal, Williams, Bradley. Jamal Marcus odds just went way up too with the Withers hiring. I think Urban would love a QB too, just can't see Winston. I think OSU prefers Neal over Caleb but if there is a spot for him I think Caleb could end up IN as well. Watch Joey O'Connor as he is getting an offer and accepting the minute an OL says no.

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Another DE with Marcus? We are pretty deep there now and it would seem there would be other priorities.

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Jamal Marcus is a DE in highschool. He'll be a LB in college, Shazier was the same way.

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My guess to the finish of recruiting. In no particular order.

1. Dodson- Fills OLine need and gets a Cleveland Heights player and friend of Gibson for 2013.

2. O'Conner- Think Diamond goes south and we grab a really good OLineman that plays well in space. Perfect for Meyer's offense.

3. Neal- Absolutly love to get this guy. Love his expolsiveness and speed in space. I really think in the end would be a better player than Diggs and that's not a knock on Diggs at all.

4. Williams/Perkins- If we had more spots available we'd get both but whoever pulls the trigger first gets in. I'll guess it's Williams. Pretty good problem to have.

5. Bradley- Fills the DB need and starts the Trotwood-Madison pipeline to OSU going making the 2013 TM class fly to OSU.




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No Diggs?  Where do you think he goes? That seems like a big loss to me. His vids are sick. 

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I prefer scout, but that's mainly because the other two seem to rate players from the south higher as you mentioned. That said, rivals is has a much nicer layout. I'd put them rivals, scout, then a huge gap before espn.

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247 reports Diamond is Buckeye


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Diamond Dodson Neal Bradley.... :)

Williams, Marcus :l

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Alex,  how valid is info., I rely on 11W for real info.


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Not sure who reported it but as of today that is good info. Has 3 visits left in which anything can happen but things are sitting very well with Diamond.

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My wife isn't the only one that would love a diamond for Christmas.


Hmmm...that didn't sound so creepy when the thought jumped into my head...

"The revolution will be televised."

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No, they have not.  Not yet.

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Can i get some verbage on the Diamond interest? i'm not seeing anywhere that he has narrowed his search down

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Prolly old news, but I picked this nugget out of the link:

"From the severity of the situation that people made it out to be, I was expecting a lot more," Perkins said.

It is funny to think that there were morons like skip bayless (who actually covered the SMU thing) calling for the death penalty.

Just glad some recruits aren't letting ESPiN make up their minds for them

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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ESPN has 2 BILLION reasons to rate southern players higher.  It's the same 2 BILLION reasons they continue to pump the SEC and consistantly 'report' negatively on other conferences, with an emphasis on Ohio State and the Big 10. There is no question about it.  ESPN has a vested interest in the SEC and it's success.  That is why the SECOND Bama won the SEC championship, ESPN put on their bottom line that LSU would 'most likely' face Bama in a rematch.  They are not a news channel anymore.  They are a network.  With an agenda.

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Scout and Rivals aren't much different really.  Rivals, favors recruiting classes with large numbers of recruits and they also seem to really give guys who are late to declare a significant bump before they declare.  It's strictly to impact their subscriptions and premium information.  

ESPN's recruiting rankings have always been significantly different.  

I don't know what people define as "southern" recruits, but quite honestly overall they are better.  Seriously, Texas and Florida are probably the 2 best recruiting grounds in America.  Georgia is also a great state for talent.  I consider all 3 to be southern recruits.  They have really good talent in those states folks.

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Just noticed that the Wisconsin O-line coach, Bo Bostad, is following Paul Chryst to Pitt. This has to help in getting Dodson to OSU, I would think.

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ESPiN does their rankings based on total talent in a class, and on filling in team needs. A school that has 3 5* guys, but only 15 total players won't rank as high as a team with 25 players and 12 4*'s. Each year they only put about a dozen players with a 5* rating. So to them, its more impressive to have depth, top to bottom.

Rivals likes putting point values to each player, and adds those points up to determine a team ranking. To me its not as accurate since all you need is a big class to have a high ranking.

Not as familiar with Scout, but i do notice that they have a ton more players considered 5* caliber than the other two.

I actually try to average out all 3 services to gauge just how good the OSU class is each year. Most of it doesn't mean much, but its just fun to do in order to kill time until the fall rolls around.

Football recruiting rankings aren't near as accurate as basketball. With basketball rankings, a guy that is ranked high, is virtually guaranteed to be a great college player. In football, you have way too many "busts." I'm sure this is b/c of the sheer number of players on each sport's roster.

As for the southern players rated higher..... it pretty much comes down to population shift. Since the Steel Belt has turned into the Rust Belt, many families have migrated south and west to find work. When your population goes down, you have less a chance of producing talented, home-grown football players. The recruiting services may skew their high rankings towards the south a bit unfairly, but its obvious that places like Florida, Texas, Georgia and even Louisiana produce top notch talent. Its staggering how many good players come from Louisiana for such a small population. In addition, high population areas in the Northeast often times don't have the resources to produce football players, so kids usually choose basketball in areas like NY and NJ. Inner-city kids just need some sneakers and a ball to play hoops.

Having said all of this, I still consider Ohio a top 5 producer of football talent, which is very impressive considering the size of the state.

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rumors- diamond visiting tsun/ kalis rumor / 


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meant to post more on above post.  Meaning kalis and diamond on same ol would be formidable, as far as kalis rumor.... I saw somewhere that he wants to visit TOSU, maybe 247.  pretty far fetched but who knows?  maybe Brionte is in his ear/ have no idea but would be really weird to see kalis change direction once again, saw this stuff on either 247,rivals or scout.