The Headscratching AP Poll Voters Are....

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December 1, 2013 at 2:01 pm

The AP votes that have my ICON all bunched up (the bold ones are the most ridiculous):

Patrick Brown from Chattenooga Times: 1 FSU, 2 Mizzou, 3 OSU

Ryan Brown from WJOX Birmingham: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 OSU

Donovan Campbell from WSVN Miami: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 OSU

Pete DiPrimio from Ft. Wayne News-Sentinal: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 OSU

Joe Giglio from Raleigh News & Observer: 1 Auburn, 2 FSU, 3 Alabama, 4 Ohio State

Hugh Kellenberger Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 OSU

Tom Murphy from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 Alabama, 4 Ohio State

DREW SHARP from THE DETROIT FREE PRESS: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 Mizzou, 4 Alabama, 5 Oklahoma State, 6 South Carolina, 7 Stanford, 8 Ohio State  !!!!!! ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME?!!?!?!?!

Gary Smits from Florida Times-Union: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 Ohio State

Mitch Vingle from Charleston (WV) Gazette: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 Ohio State

John Wilner from San Jose Mercury News: 1 FSU, 2 Auburn, 3 Alabama, 4 Mizzou, 5 Ohio State

Scott Wolf from Los Angeles Daily News: 1 Auburn, 2 FSU, 3 Ohio State

I just want to point out that the vast majority of these are from voters in the SOUTH.  The most outrageous one, of course, is the poll from Drew Sharp out of Detroit, who has us at 8th.  Here is his twitter handle if you'd like to twitter bomb his ass back to hell: @drewsharp.  In fact, feel free to twitter bomb the rest of these a-holes in your free time.  The only way we get our way is if we bitch and complain the same way the SEC does.  Make sure you point out that Michigan State, Iowa, and Wisconsin are all top-10 defenses.  They already hate our university, its students, alumni, coaches, fans, and football team, and think that we're all annoying.  So, screw them.

And before you go off saying in the comments that the AP Poll means nothing, I understand that sentiment.  I'll just reply to that right now by saying that I feel the AP poll is both a reflection and a driver of the narrative that we all hate.  It does have an impact on what the voters of other polls think.

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