Major Penn State Burn!

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November 9, 2010 at 2:04p

I have a story for this week.  I'm in grad school on the west coast, and took a class last Spring on drug development.  We had a guest speaker who is a venture capitalist and is the head of a local company that funds start-up biotech.  Neat guy, but led his presentation with the fact that he went to Penn State and is a huge Penn State supporter, and has season tickets to all the games, and flies back for all of them.  At one point during the talk he posed this question to the class:

"Who's the most powerful man on the planet?"

There was a pause as people tried to come up with an answer.

Since no one said anything right away, and armed with a block-O hat that day, I raised my hand:

"Jim Tressel, head coach, Ohio State."  The class erupts in laughter, and the guy tried to save face by saying JoePa was.

Never graduate, baby!  GO BUCKEYES!  Send those puddy tats back to the hills!

P.S., I was ultimately invited to check out their facility, and the guy has a full-sized Penn State helmet signed by Joe Paterno in his office.

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Buckeyeski, how about this one from our friends at BSD:

Past couple of days I've had to defend Pryor's "9 out of 10 times" comment after the Wisconsin game to these guys. They have said things like "tO$U fans are the only ones can rationalize and/or defend Pryor's comments", and things of that nature.

Well today, Joe Pa spoke to the media. Here's what he had to say re: Ohio State:

“After the Wisconsin thing, it’s hard to believe, when you look at it, that Ohio State lost to them.”

Kind of funny. I guess the only people that can rationalize what Pryor said are "tO$U" fans and every Penn State fan's grandfather.



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Well, it's a put-up-or-shut-up kind of game.  Needed a team effort against Wisconsin, and didn't get it.  Special teams, defense, turnovers, 1st and 4th quarter offense...none of that showed up against the Badgers.  If that was the one game you watched Ohio State play (and it was also against their toughest test yet), you'd say Ohio State belongs nowhere near the top 10.  So, despite what JoePa sees on film against the deplorable schedule we've played, we need help...go hoosiers!

But, I also wouldn't want to be the SEC team that we draw in the Capitol One Bowl if it comes to that.

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Dont spend too long over there will come back infected with smug

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Paterno is the most powerful man in the world that doesn't know where he is or what year it is. I think that's what he meant. 

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Title sounds like an STD.

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Why's your mind in the gutter, Poe?!  lol.