Hating the Buckeyes

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October 10, 2010 at 12:50a

Immediately after today's game, John Saunders said something to the effect of, "Ohio State did not look like the #2 team in the nation today."  This is the same man who not 5 seconds after the clock hit 0:00 on the 50 yard line in the Rose Bowl asked Jim Tressel if this 2010 team would be taking aim a little higher than the Rose Bowl.  Today's game featured a 31-0 halftime lead, with a final 334 yards passing from a much-maligned Terrelle Pryor, and another 2 takeaways for this defense.  Yet, they don't look like #2.

Alabama fans boo louder when they mention Ohio State during College GameDay (by Home Depot) than they do when they mention Florida or Tennessee.

Mark May.


Here's the reality.  Jim Tressel became the 3rd fastest coach in Big Ten history to hit 100 wins.  He has won 4 BCS games, including a national championship, and a Rose Bowl as an underdog.  He has an unprecedented record against Michigan and 6 Big Ten titles.  His team this year is 6-0, with a win over a good (despite tonight's performance against FSU) Miami team.  His athletes are of good character, and are in the top-10 of the NCAA's APR.

Consider this an open forum to vent as to why the national media from ESPN on down does not want to see the 3rd most successful program of the decade anywhere near the national championship game.  Is it the 2006/2007 national title games...still?  Is it the Big Ten's defection from ESPN to their own network?  Is it the insanely high camera angles in Ohio Stadium that make everyone look like they are tiny ants running really slowly?

It's getting hard to follow college football when it's this drastically biased.

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Two things: How does Pryor throwing for 334 and 3 TDs in two and a half quarters of work not look like the number 2 team?  How does not giving up any points until late in the 3rd and no TD until garbage time not look like the number 2 team?  Ridiculous...or maybe he meant we looked like the number 1 team.

Oh, also, I believe Tressel's in the 3rd fastest in the Big Ten to reach 100 wins, not the whole country.

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Edited the 100 win stat...thanks!

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I'm sorry, but ESPN and other media do not hate us. As much as I'd like to play that card, its not true. Mark May does not speak for all media.

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All that matters is wisconsin next week.  Not number 1.  Not what espn thinks about Ohio State.  Just win baby.

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exactly! even if bama didnt lose i thought we were in if we won out, now it is a guarantee. lets just win our games, get to the national title, and win that too. mark may can say whatever he wants. all the other schmucks can too.

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I also agree that the national media doesn't hate Ohio State.  For John Saunders to make that comment proves he actually didn't watch the game, just the final score.  That or he watched the 4th quarter when virtually no starters played.  I guess if I saw Bauserman in the 2nd half  I'd think they didnt looke like number 2.  But watching the first half the team clearly looked like a number 1 to me.

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If he didn't watch the game, then why is he in a position to throw out a reactionary comment?

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Bucksfan, I'm not calling you a liar and you certianly could be correct, but I remember Saunders saying something along the lines of "Ohio State did not look like the number two team last week."

You could be correct, but I also watched that little post/pregame show. I just feel like it would have stood out to me if he said something as moronic as you said he did. Obviously, either me or you misheard.

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I'm certainly no liar, but I am an idiot more often than not.  It would make a lot more sense to me if he said what you said, given how even-keeled John Saunders usually is.

Maybe I need to chill.

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John Saunders is not even-keeled.  His monotone voice with no inflection may make him sound even-keeled, but he always drops the hate bombs on the Buckeyes.

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He's in a postition to do this because he is on-air talent for ESPN, an entertainment network. They have, for quite some time now, forsaken any journalistic integrity for shit-stirring commentary to drive ratings. Ratings pay the bills, which includes the salary of on-air talent. They don't care, because, other than blogosphere, no one calls them out on their charade.

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Exactly.  That entire enterprise is so rife with conflicts of interest, it's not even funny.  See: "The Decision", silence on Rapistberger allegations, etc.

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Guys, my point is that there is motivation for everything.  Alabama's fans have no reason to boo the mention of Ohio State, for example.  We aren't Notre Dame, here.  The Buckeyes don't get undeserved attention.  Oklahoma, who's got a worse track record than Ohio State does in BCS bowls doesn't illicit the same sort of reaction.  My question is Why?

But I'd counter that it DOES matter what kind of hate Pat Forde or Mark May spew our direction (Pat Forde couldn't understand why Boise didn't jump Ohio State because they beat NMSU 59-0, and Ohio State "ALMOST LOST" to Illinois - his words).  Opinion is shaped largely by what you read and hear.  If you hear Ohio State sucks from enough talking heads, you start to believe it.  And that impacts AP votes, and ultimately can impact the other polls.

These guys have to be motivated by something.  What is that?

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First of all, you should love the fact that Alabama fans (and all of the SEC boo us.) I love it, wouldn't want it any other way. I don't understand why that's an issue.

Secondly, just because someone has a different a opinion than your average buckeye fan, that doesn't mean they "hate" them! The problem with buckeye fans is if a member of ESPN picks against the buckeyes, then automatically "they hate Ohio State." Its kind of ridiculous actually, its not like Ohio State has proven to be unbeatable. It shouldn't be buckeye blasphemy to pick a team to beat us or to think a team is better than us.

Thirdly, nobody in the media or ESPN says "Ohio State sucks." Believe it or not, being number two or three in somebody's poll doesn't mean that they hate Ohio State or think that Ohio State sucks. Again, kind of ridiculous. They're telling us that we are in the top 3 of a 120 team division (Better than 97.5% of the rest of the nation) and we're responding by convincing ourselves that they hate us or think we suck.

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I will agree that Ohio State is held to a standard that no other team is held to.  For what reason, I don't know.

But, I also don't think the Bucks are hated by the entire media.  We get a lot of respect as well, its just not as memorable when we hear people say "Ohio State is really good".  I mean, the AP consistently votes us high in the polls.  They cannot really hate them too much. Buckeyes fans are large in number and really consume a lot of college football media, hence we get a lot of attention from the national guys that can spur hits to their story by taking diggs when they can.  I agree it is frustrating sometimes that we are held to a different standard than Oklahoma, texas, or any number of other teams, but at least we are relevant still and we do get respect from many media outlets.

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I agree that Buckeye fans think that the media hates Ohio State because the members of the media that do hate Ohio State are so vocal about it (Mark May and Desmond Howard).  

What I don't understand is why no media outlet seems to mention Oklahoma's recent BCS record, because it is much worse than anybody's, especially Ohio State's.

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Well, looks like the rest of you are going to come out ahead in this argument for now.  And here's why...

Last night I watched some of the most absurd college football analysis from Reece Davis, Mark May, and even our own Kirk Herbstreit, in the college football final, where they ultimately decided that Alabama should fall no farther than 5th in the polls after having gotten drubbed by South Carolina, and that they should still be ranked higher than BSU and TCU.  Lou Holtz about had a cow, as did I.

Looking at how top-10 teams fared, there was absolutely no way in my mind that Alabama should be ranked any higher than maybe 7th (though I think they should leave the top-10), and in no way should be ranked higher than an undefeated Auburn team.  It's just not fair to treat Alabama any differently than any other team had they lost, especially when they do not have the best record in their own state, let alone their own division.

So, desptite all of the hoopla, Alabama fell farther than the media heads were saying.  I don't understand how Alabama is still ranked higher than the South Carolina team that beat them by 2 TDs, or an undefeated LSU, in BOTH polls.  I still think they're getting special treatment, and a major benefit of the doubt. 

But at least we're seeing Ohio State treated as a clear-cut #1 in both polls with commanding leads in #1 votes.  I think everyone's still skeptical, and until Terrelle Pryor turns into a Denard Robinson (pre-MSU), it's going to stay that way.  So, you guys are right.

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Did you see the latest BCS projections on ESECPN this morning? OSU comes in at 5th somehow. Boise number one?!?! ESECPN  strikes again. I guess since Denard choked on his on hype they need to latch on to the Broncos to annoy the rest of the country.

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The SEC fans HATE anyone that is not SEC.  So when Ohio State is on the big screen and people say they are one of the best teams in America, the SEC idiots are going to boo.  At the same time, ESPN has to protect one of their cashcows, the SEC and to be sure even though they have some investment in the Big 10, you know they are still hacked off about the BTN.  So, what you get is a bunch of "experts" who will always rate SEC teams ahead of Big 10 teams.  I haven't heard anyone come out and just say Ohio State sucks or they are over rated.  Mark May implies stuff like that at times but overall I think ABC/ESPN recoginzes that Ohio State is a VERY good team this year.

Mark May and Trev Albert's were hating on the Buckeyes back in 2002.  This have not influenced any polls since then.  Ohio State, will always get pretty strong consideration if they play well and have a good or great team.  The coaches and writers recognize this.  I just don't see certain personalities on ESPN causing real harm to the Buckeyes when their bias comes through.  It's been going on for the better part of 10 years now.

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I agree this all started in 2002 with May and Alberts leading the way.  the rest of the nation got sick of us winning when we didn't look good, either.  But, it mostly got amped up with the two high-profile losses in the championship games.  people who love college football were ticked the games were not any better and they directed anger towards us (as if we unilaterally decided we were going to play in the NCG).  I can kinda understand, as it sucked when USC rolled oklahoma, and last years game was deflating when mccoy went down (just as a fan wanting to watch the biggest game of the year in our sport).

All of that combined took a toll on us in the media, and some members of the media won't let it go (but not all).  So, all we can do is keep on winning BCS games.  The rose was a good start, but not enough to overcome the thre years of failure (2006, 2007, 2008).  we would be further along had we defeated Texas in the fiesta, as that would be two in a row now.  We just need to win another BCS game against a highly respected team and we will move closer to the good graces of some of the media that hasn't "forgiven" us for the two NCG flops.  As for Mark may, he is lost and will never concede that we are really a god team. Its just his thing, I guess. 


Just my opinion.

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The way I look at it is this.  If the media is going to "hate" on tOSU that means we are doing something right, i.e. winning.  Just keep winninng Buckeyes and let the chips fall where they may.

Saturday night Mark May was praising Spurrier for beating 'Bama the old fashioned way with defense and running the football.  The same things he hates about JT.  That guy is an idiot.

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