CFN's Miami Nostalgia

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August 18, 2011 at 10:50a

College Football News this morning has about 3 or 4 articles reminiscing about just how f'ing awesome the Miami Hurricanes football program was over the last 30 years.  My question is, WTF?!  Did Ohio State get the red carpet treatment for its transgression??  No.  Did they get the sympathy from the guys at CFN?  No.  I don't understand the college football world at all anymore.  Ohio State is one of the most historically clean, most historically relevant, most successful programs of all time.  It seems that the more serious the crime, the more everyone looks the other way.  It is making me, let me choose my words carefully, EXTREMELY P*SSED OFF.  I know it's just college football, but the chip on this fan's shoulder is about 40 pounds large and growing.


This is garbage.

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The headline says it all to me. Ohio State is not facing "death". Miami likely is. However, they haven't been a "Super Power" for a full decade now.

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You are not alone. I have lost a ton of respect for alot of sports "journalist" types during this OSU witch hunt. I realize that I am seeing this through a fans eyes but I would think others see this bias as well. I stand by the fact that sports media outlets prefer the "sexier" teams of the south and the west coast and are doing their part to steer recruits in those directions. I guess blue collar work-horse teams of the midwest need to fade into oblivion as ESPiN has decreed. Anyone notice their high school showcase schedule has no Ohio teams this year? In a state that has St. Xavier, Elder, Moeller, St. Ed's, Cardinal Mooney, Glenville, Coffman, etc. you can't find a game to show?

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According to Max Preps August 15th updated poll, Ohio has five teams in the Top 50 in the country, including two in the top.

That's probably a low-ball figure, considering #19 St. Xavier didn't even earn half of the first place votes in their preseason CITY poll (they earned 5 of 13 first place votes). Cincinnati Elder isn't in MaxPreps preseason Top 50, but they were able to garner two first place votes in the Cincinnati preseason poll, and I believe they return just about everyone from a team that struggled at times last year, but was able to end their seaosn on a high note by coming back from a 21 point defecit to beat an undefeated and nationally ranked La Salle squad in overtime.

By the first week of October, I predict six Ohio teams in the top 40.... and yet ESPN still won't show any of their games.