Why did losing to MSU Taste so Bad...?

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December 13, 2013 at 11:10a

I was thinking about all the articles, blogs. post on 11w and I was writing as well. Then I took a few days to think about why so much hysteria over a loss, a game, and Big 10 Championship?  Well, here goes my opinion after reading all the frustration, hate, negativeness, hurt, pain, disgust....  losing isn't particularly bad, however win you lose to a team like say MSU, your left with a very bad taste in your  mouth, one that you cant quite explain... Sure losing is bad , and no one likes it, but there are tolerable losses.  Say for instance we had been playing Alabama or FSU and lost 34-24, we would all be on 11w posting: that we played well, and we are proud of our team, what an effort they gave, just came up a little short, we can build from this...etc...  However, losing to a team that is not on the same stage, caliber of talent, hasn't done anything in decades, that is a loss that is just plain,,,UNACCEPTABLE!   The reason this loss lingers and creates so much disgust form "WE" the fanbase is because it should not have happened! Most people would agree MSU at the start of the season had a horrible offense, just horrific, ours on the other hand had a Heisman Candidate in Hyde and Miller. Not to mention the weapons around miller and the All American Offensive line to boot!  MSU not the case, had no running threat, average QB and average O line.  Ok their Defense was very good, but was never truly tested against any top competition....  At the mid way point in the season if someone would have said that we would lose to MSU I would have laughed, not out of arrogance but at the possibility that they could even compete on our level...That is where the frustration lies, the deep wound that it has caused.. A number 2 in the Country Buckeye team just licking it's chops to go to the NCG! One win away,,,, and then it all falls apart against a NATIONAL POWERHOUSE in MSU???? I looked at the talent on both sides of the ball; just doesn't seem to make any sense...This one will hurt for a while that is for sure, What we can hope for is that MSU beats down Stanford, or it will make the BIG 10 look even worse..  Losing to the likes of FSU, Alabama, Auburn on a national stage, we can accept that, however losing to a team that has done nothing in the last say 20 years, just plain unacceptable and that is why this one gets so much attention...Ohio State could play MSU 10 more times and would win 8 of them I am sure, and we all know it..that is what really ticks us off, getting that close , at the doorstep of the NCG and having it taken away by a nobody...  Look at MSU wins over Minnesota and the others...powerhouse indeed...This may take a while to heal , but I sure hope Meyer has learned a lesson from this ordeal.GO BUCKS!!!   OH                         I would like to hear others thoughts on this loss...  thanks.


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This loss sucked but I don't put it up there with 1998 MSU or the back to back NC losses. This team is an incomplete team. Our defense (especially the pass D) has been suspect all year. If not for the explosiveness on offense our D probably would have cost us more games this year. After seeing our D making Michigan State and especially M!ichigan look like stellar offenses, I feel that we would have run into a buzzsaw against FSU.
Also, I feel that you don't give MSU enough credit. They are a damn good team and have the best D in the country. The sting will pass.

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I agree that MSU is a good team defensively but not so much offensively, I mean they are not doing much on the O side of the ball against most of the BIG 10.  We should have by all accounts mustered up 35 points or more against them our play calling just was not there. 

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The sting will pass. True.  Don't give them enough credit?  Just the opposite.  You'll see in the Rose Bowl.  If we played them 5 more times, we'd (Buckeyes) would win all 5.  They know that, also.  4th and 2, hey, let's run a sweep.  That'll fool em.  I did not expect anymore from our defense.  I expected one heck of a lot more from our offense.

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This game may have been the proverbial perfect storm.  MSU has been improving all year where we may have plateaued right around the Indiana game.  Braxton, for whatever reason, struggled the last couple weeks in the passing game and, like it or not, makes our offensive explosive, yet one-dimensional. 
Our defense, well...I don't know where to start.  I chalk it up to bad coaching, scheming and, unfortunately, I think a change needs to be made in that regard.  MSU had solid offensive players and a quarterback who can make passes.  The Buckeye defense either couldn't, or decided not to, learn from the michigan fiasco and still allowed toO many screen plays for big yards and several long passes that any other defender in the country could either have knocked down or intercepted.  And let's not forget the mental errors that cost us the opening 3 points.  If we stop them on that drive, where's the momentum?  I submit it would have been all Buckeye and that 17 point deficit would have never been an issue.
Hey, we're all humans, including the coaches.  I think that between player personnel and coaching staff, the combination of the streak and all the talk about should they or should they not be playing on January 6 had them hinked up while MSU was able to play a more loose brand of let it all hang out football.
Lessons will be learned from this game (I hope).  Maybe this will be the actual springboard needed to catapult this team into an elite football team...

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Well said, I like the springboard example, I hope this game is that and a wake up call of sorts!

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Things will get better because of this game!


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Yes , I believe it will light a fire under the coaches and players and get them prepared for the next hull, with focus on where it needs to be, we get our secondary squared away over the next 6 months and we are going to be better 2014 than we were this year, and that is a Beautiful thing!!!  :-)  I believe if Braxton stays we become more creative offensively and our Defense line and LB really bring it to the QB next year!  With all of that said I believe we can only go up from here with our defensive backs!!! 
2014 predictions:
tOSU offense PPG  44
tOSU Defense only allows 17.9 points per game. 
You heard it here first!

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Does any one besides me get the feeling like maybe we should have tried wide receiver screens to the likes of Jordan Hall , Dontre Wilson a few times in the game??  I mean you put those guys on the perimeter with blocking and the rest is histroy....Michigan did it so well against us, so have other teams, we have more talent and don't seem to put together the no brainer plays that should be happening...


Why did it hurt so much? Not getting to the NCG. Not winning the B1G. The win streak ending. Losing a game to effing Sparty.
And oh yeah, letting a Walrus-led offense trash our D.


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I agree with Buckeyeneer above, but I would add that we just got beat by the same STYLE of football that we just changed from : strong defense, 'oppurtunistic' offense, and solid special teams. If our Defense wasnt so horrible, we would have won, easily. Dantonio playing Tresselball and beating us doesnt make me feel better about our new 'style''. 

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It hurt most IMO for the fact that it didnt allow a group of seniors a chance at the ultimate prize. A group who stuck it out through a time when they could have done the easy thing and left, and led a lot of young players on an amazing run. This class of seniors has a great legacy, one that would have been fitting to have a crystal ball at the end of it.

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Because this game was more on the coaches and playcalling than on the players.
And the best RB in the country received ZERO carries out of TWO possible attempts when the game was on the line for a few yards. Hyde also only received 4 carries after we went up by a TD. Stupid.

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The more I think about this, the more I feel my blood boil.  We've ridden El Guapo's back all year to within minutes of the promised land and, then, when we need him the most, we cast him off like flotsam.  I can't fathom this.  It's like UFM took a page out of the John Cooper bestseller, "How Not to Lose to Michigan." 
Two yards, two lousy yards!!  Hell, El Guapo falls forward for two frickin' yards...  I hope the coaching staff has nightmares about this gaffe and makes sure this type of play calling NEVER happens again...

"When I look in the mirror, I want to take a swing at me."

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I hope the coaching staff has nightmares about this gaffe and makes sure this type of play calling NEVER happens again

It probably never will happen again.  Meyer had the easiest playcall of his career (run Hyde, twice if necessary) and he screwed it up.  A screw up of this magnitude can only happen when you have the odds incredibly in your favor and you blow it.  Since Hyde is graduating, Meyer probably won't have a back of his quality again (can we all agree that Hyde is a once a decade RB?), and therefore Meyer won't have the near certainty of a first down in his back pocket at all times.  A screw up like this won't happen again because Meyer won't have such easy decisions after Hyde is gone.

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I agree.....I was surprised by the play calling. Hyde was able to run up the middle quite easily. But, I thought the teams lack of focus also caused the loss. Maybe the scUm game played a hand in that.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'd upvote this more if I could. My only other thought on this ^^^ has been that the poor coaching that night was an effort to avoid the perceived larger catastrophe: an embarrassing loss in the NC game.
Let me be clear: I don't know how competitive we would have been against FSU. I think we could have held our own and had a fair shot at winning. I also believe that the team deserved their shot.
It simply has crossed my mind that the offensive coaches may have had a better sense of that and never expecting the chips to tumble the way they did, felt compelled to save OSU and the Big from 7 more years of media bashing. Or maybe they are just human and missed what everyone else could see on TV throughout the game?
Conspiracy theory..sure. Just a thought. Or maybe it's simply how I console myself. 

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Hard read....paragraphs my man...paragraphs.

Long live the southend.

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This is definitely a large part of it. And, like others said above, we SHOULD have won it if we give Hyde two chances to pick up three yards for us with the game on the line. But, at the same time, this wasn't not going to not sting a whole bunch if we lost to Florida State or Alabama in the national championship. Yes, those teams have more respect nationally and appear a harder overall task on paper, but we've already lost our last two times there. There have been way to many Buckeye teams over the years right on the doorstep who didn't win anything/a national championship. To have a team win 24 straight and have nothing to show for it is major salt in the wounds. This is what hurts the most...knowing the superior talent and the opportunity at the end were there just add that much more to the frustration and sadness. Hopefully, we come back next year even hungrier. Maybe we get a miracle and Braxton and Shazier are back to help. Go Bucks!

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Also, in MSU's defense, they may not have had the history or the superior talent on paper, but you can't have the number one defense in all of football this year by accident.

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I hate to be the old man yelling at the neighborhood kids to "Get the hell off my lawn," but...
I really enjoy when non-11W staff post Blogs (post to threads). I appreciate someone taking the time to put a cohesive collection of thoughts together on a given topic. However, the 3000 word paragraphs are killing me. The misspelled words are killing me, there is a 'Check Spelling' feature up and to the right. I hate when posters choose to use '...' rather than just putting a period and capitalizing the next word; it's actually faster to do it the right way. I understand a misspelled word 'here and there' - I do it all the time myself. But the second grade grammar is very annoying.
I don't think many bloggers (posters) are doing this on purpose. I notice gaps in sentences, etc. I'm not sure if that is where a blogger (poster) hit the 'Enter' key but the platform did not recognize it. Whatever. I'm sorry, I often find great information, but it's either unreadable or I just tune-out because I don't want to put forth the effort.
I apologize to those I have offended...I feel much better now.

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My favorite part was when you said:

I hate when posters choose to use '...'

but then did it twice in your own post.
Just jerking your chain. Only reason I focused on that was because I love to use ". . ." to indicate a long pause.

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+1 BNeer. I'm ok using it for a long pause...but I'm not OK using it in the place of a period or starting a new paragraph. 

“You have to make decisions, ... I've never pretended that every decision I've made was right. And I've been reminded of that.” 

     - James Patrick Tressel

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And, by the way' " Get off my lawn!"  

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Sorry my browser is not compatible with this site for some reason. Also, i don't see the pics on the right side of the screen, etc..., I cannot for the life of me create new paragraphs it will not allow me to.  So I am stuck with writing this way... sorry I will try my best.

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I think the one thing that stands out most to me is that the loss to MSU, in some regards, proved what everyone was saying about our beloved Buckeyes all along...they weren't good enough to play with the big dogs. There is no way to refute that now.
As for MSU, they were and are plenty good enough to beat OSU.  Add to the fact that OSU has got everyone's best shot for much of the last year and it is not all that difficult to see how or why MSU played so well last week.
You can't, or won't win every game regardless of how good you are.  Some nights you just get beat.  Go Bucks!

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Because as poorly as the game started, the Buckeyes weathered that, came back and took the lead.  They were clicking on offense, and stopping them on defense, and it looked like superior talent was going to win the day.
Then . . .
It always tastes worse when you've just sipped from the cup of victory, only to have it yanked out of your hands.

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I'm not in denial, it was just as bad as '72, '74, '98 because IT DID keep us from a shot. The '06 and '07 were worse BECAUSE we WERE in the CG and LOST.
Any time you are in CG and lose those are the worst.
The second worst loses are those that keep you from getting to a chance. For instance the '73 tie* kept us from a chance at a NC therefore its the second kind of loss that can occur.
Everybody entitled to their opinion though.
* corrected my error I had typed loss, but meant tie, sorry

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Because Ohio State did not even win a Big Ten Title.

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The defensive side of the ball had me scared the whole year. Giving up 34 points to a Cal team that lesser teams defenses held to 7 points. Giving up 41 points and over 600 yards to a Missagain team that hadn't done squat for weeks on end, granted its a rivalry game where anything can happen but 600 yards of offense? I also believe a number of the LB'S  (other then Shazier) didn't live up to the hype they were given. I think for whatever reason Roby had less than a stellar year coupled with the defensive backfield injuries left that part of the defense vulnerable. If memory serves it was vulnerable even before the injuries. I also think the play calling between the end of the 3rd quarter and the end of the game changed for some reason and I don't know why.
The biggest thing for me as a fan was being so close. 1 game away and then 1 quarter away. Looking back and knowing what the ultimate outcome was going to be makes me almost wish the Bucks would have lost earlier in the year so it didn't hurt so much, but they didn't and it does.

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MSU vs Minnesota 14-3.  One example of why I'm bitter. 14 points allowed to our 34. Minnesota.....Minnesota. Our defense was outplayed by *Minnesota• a team of mostly 2 star recruits. Should I not be bitter? Not to mention we were beat in part by Bollman. I guess I should feel good, as if we were just beat by Bama. Why do we view Bama as being at a different level than us. 

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I have respect for MSU's program, and it is mean to say, but in a way one can't help but think that they are flippin' sparty, and shouldn't be making these things happen.  Clearly they have an effective squad, however it felt like (similar to in many other games) that we were taking over in the third quarter and then played ourselves right out of the game.  After we went up 24-20 I for one had the feeling that we get the ball back and then we take over, and we choked hard.  Again, they have an effective squad this year, but it didn't feel like one that we should have lost to.  Our D has had a proclivity to hand fantastic opportunities to our opponents this season, and it finally killed us. 

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It's painful because, after 24 in a row, we have nothing but memories.  No BIG title, no NC appearance or shot a title.  Timing was terrible for a loss!!!

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Everyone points to the defense not playing up to par, but our D has played this way for the past two seasons. Our run defense has been a bright spot and solid all year but our pass defense is abysmal. Well outside of the obvious defensive save where a corner has stepped in to save the day (I'm looking at you Mr. Powell).
Our lack of offense in the 4th quarter is what sealed our demise. That's directly attributable to horrible play calling.

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Agree with this. The defense's shortcomings were nothing new and, in fact, early in the second half we took the lead and the offense seemed poised to take over. So the game was definitely winable despite the defense.
Horrible play-calling. When the tv announcers know that Braxton gets the call whenever there's an empty backfield formation -- and they're right -- AND the same play is called repeatedly....that's not on the defense.

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The part that is painful to me was that we were one damn game away.  I don't want to sound like a guy taking credit away from MSU, but they really lucked out.  Everything went well for them.  Us having a slow start and giving up huge plays early plays right into the MSU style of play.  If Philly and Devin catch just TWO passes that were in their hands this game is at worst going to OT 34-34 or us winning 38-34.  
I agree we are not a complete team, but I would have rather seen if we could compete against FSU after a month of preparation.  This one is going to sting for a very long time.

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Ok, this blog post needs to go. I'm sick of being reminded of the MSU game every time I sign into 11W.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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It hurt so bad because we got beat by a Tressel style team, plain and simple.  It was like getting beat by our team of years past.  Underrated players coached up by Tressel disciple Dantonio.

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Cause deep in our heart, we all knew this was not a NC team. Great O, average to below avg D. The old adage that Defense wins championships could not be more true. Just ask Oregon.



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100% agree, i love that year's defensive team!!
Go Bucks!!!