Penn State recruiting letter to OSU targets following "Tat-gate":

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July 18, 2012 at 10:59a


This is an example of one of the negative recruiting letters PSU was sending to OSU targets within the past year, after the (overblown & overinflated) "Tat-gate".

Joe Pa & McQueary sent out this little gem.  Knowing what these coaches calculatingly & deceivingly covered up for over a decade, look at the hypocrisy.

The thing that gets me is, of course, is the phony "Success with Honor" BS & the "Penn State is 1 of 2 Division 1 institutions who have never been investigated or sanctioned for any major sanctions." Matt Millen loves to use this line, too, referring to PSU & Stanford.

Well, if these snakes covered up child rape for 14 years in the bubble of State College, they maaaay  have been able to cover up some other infractions. Wow.

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"Success with Honor" is not taken lightly, unless you are a cronie of Joe Poo's and then it is ok to anally rape boys in the locker room shower with our blessing  "We Are"....Pathetic!

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I realize this is a family site, but the only words I have for McQ are what a c*nt.

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Gosh, I really do not see any hypocrisy in this. I mean good old Paterno and Mcqueary were absolute bastions of integrity now werent they?
At least 5-7 more boys were raped at PSU after the 1998-2001 incidents that are known about. May they all get what they deserve for their crimes upon children.

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The worst part is that we may never know the actual number of Sansusky's victims. I would tend to think there were MANY others before and after the 98-01 incidents. 

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You are right, TennBuck --- usually a child predator doesn't just start this is in his 40, 50s, or 60s. They almost always start when they're younger, in their 20s or so. Very sad. I'm sure there are a lot of other victims who've been silent for years. And, it's really disgusting how he used that Second Mile Foundation to prey on vulnerable kids. Those poor kids who didn't grow up with a father figure - he knew they had nobody to go home to tell, in many cases; or else the kids were probably just too emabrassed. Many of the kids were yearning for a father figure & that animal Sandusky used it against those kids. But, in a case like this --- those who knowingly enable, (Joe Pa & the others at PSU), are almost just as guilty.

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I also believe there are more involved in this cover-up...although some are annoyed with the continued high attention being paid to this story, the benefit of all of this attention is more and more investigative reporting and I think this will result in uncovering even more victims and people who were involved in hiding this.

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Ohio State should just resend the letter to Penn State targets/commits...ya know, just to remind them.

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Rich Rodriguez famously said that there was a coach or two in the Conference, whom he personally knew to be negative-recruiting in the wake of Michigan's silly and hypertechnical "major" violations.  By all accounts, including the people whom author John U. Bacon had access to in writing "Three and Out," Michigan was significantly hurt in recruiting by Stretchgate.
Many of us, myself included, always presumed it to have been Mark Dantonio.  I have to admit that I made that presumption without any good evidence.  I just don't like the guy.
For his part, Rodriguez exonerated one specific coach, and team.  Rodriguez said that Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes were not doing it.
Now, I wonder if Rodriguez may have been talking about Penn State (alone or in addition to any others).

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Could well be, M Man! 

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Definitely makes me wonder if Paterno was the mystery snake in the grass that had been haunting the conference

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I always had the feeling that Penn State was the kid who tried so hard to sit with the cool kids at lunch when they joined the Big Ten. Despite their best efforts (And even a B1G title or two along the way) I NEVER looked at them as anything more than "Another body to hurdle over on our way to Michigan" and I certainly never looked at them as a rival. MMan, I'm sure you can understand I absolutley hate everything your beloved Wolverines stand for. I hate their colors and their helmets and their stadium and their history and I certainly hope you feel the same way about my beloved Buckeyes but I can acknowledge that Ohio State is nothing without Michigan and Michigan is nothing without Ohio State. Hate is a pretty strong emotion, probably the second strongest emotion we are capable of. I've always loved Ohio State, I'll always hate Michigan but with that comes some respect for them as an enemy. Penn State? I don't anything them. Stuff like this (and the logical conclusion about who RR was referring to) will always make me nothing Penn State.

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PSU and OSU have had some recent on field battles lately that got me hating them slightly. It was never on a scale with UM, but they were the team I wanted to beat before Bielema showed up at UW. It always seemed like most of the games we've played were tough games with some bitter losses thrown in to spice things up. Now . . .  now I just despise them. The respect is gone.

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Ohio State doesnt need scUM and scUM doesnt need OSU. Both programs are big enough to stand on their own regardless if the other program stinks or not. It helps the conference when both of them are good, but if scUM or OSU switched to a different conference tomorrow they both would still be top dogs...

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I can acknowledge that Ohio State is nothing without Michigan and Michigan is nothing without Ohio State.

Ugg ... I agreed with so much of what you said until this.  These schools are nothing without the other?  Pretty crazy if you ask me.  Their rivalry is possibly tops in all of sports but you cant swing it the other way and say each team is nothing without the other.

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I think what he was trying to get at is that without the Ohio State/AACC rivalry neither team would be the name brands they are today. Can you honestly say that both teams would be such household names without Bo & Woody, The Ten Year War, The Snow Bowl, 1 vs. 2, etc. 
Think of Ohio State as Batman and AACC as The Joker. Sure, Batman has other enemies he fights but who's the bad guy you always think of when you think of Batman?

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Exactly. I was actually going to make a Batman\Joker reference myself. Neither program is the monolith it is today without the epic battles it had with the other.

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I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that he was referring to Penn State.  They probably have a template of that letter.

Class of 2010.

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Probably also Bielema.  I'd say almost certainly.

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Who cares your trolling is getting old...I know we are supposed to play nice but get that stupid helmet off my scree...the "puke um"...helmet

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Screw Penn State. 

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How can you say there wasn't a rivalry between Wisconsin and Ohio State before Bielema? If I recall correctly, it's been going on sense Alvarez let the Badgers dance on the 'O' at the shoe! In truth, Wisconsin has been more of a rivalry over the past 10 years than Michigan has simply because Wisconsin has a much better record against us than Michigan over that stretch.

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That letter really ticks me off..

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It becomes a symbol of karma as of 9:00 AM tomorrow.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



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One that I really don't take any solace in.. I can't on this topic. It just sucks...

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In the back of my mind, I want this to be a fake letter! I want to maintain the ounce of respect I have left for PSU. This makes me sick. 

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So we are down to one since PSU is no longer one of two - who is the remaining team?
and whataway to go from 1 of 2 to perhaps worse sanctions ever!! Competive group - those Nittany Liars!

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I believe it is Stanford.

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I always had a lot of respect for PSU. In my mind they were the only other team out there besides my Notre Dame Irish who were equally concerned with education and football. They also seemed to be the only other truly clean program that had experienced sustained success.
I dont mean to take a shot at the Big 10 but I have a cousin who played for Wisconsin and while the big 10 is nothing on the SEC, let me tell you, academic shennanigans and illegal benefits are rampant throughout the conference, even for walkons like my cousin.
I wanted so badly to believe that Penn State's slate was as white as their helmets. It gave me hope for the student part of student-athlete. But I guess its just not to be...

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"You win with people." - Woody Hayes