(on the Anzalone situation): "OSU needs to get this under control - yesterday" - CFN writer Phil Harrison. What a dunce.

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May 8, 2012 at 10:45a

I found this on cfn.com (collegefootballnews.com). Do some of these clowns really get paid for writing this garbage? Unbelievable. How can this pass for sports journalism. It's as if this guy just saw the misleading headline on The Bleacher Report over the weekend, then derived his own LAZY short-story from that. Yeah, Phil --- OSU can control 1 out of 80,000 plus fans, who merely got a picture with a recruit.

The writer's name is Phil Harrison, ( @PhilHarrisonCFN, on Twitter).


"The Recruiting Deceleration at Ohio State-
Ohio State and Urban Meyer had used some momentum to build its early 2013 recruiting class to thirteen through spring ball and things were looking mighty rosy. It continued a trend of Meyer pulling punches and bringing in talent from all across the nation to Ohio State since his hire in late November of last year. Now however, over the last week, the Buckeyes received news of two recruits having a change of heart and decommitting. It started first with word that linebacker/defensive end recruit Lewis Neal had re-opened his commitment with an offer from LSU on the table. Just a couple of days later, news broke that highly touted linebacker Alex Anzalone out of Wyomissing, PA is no longer in the fold--bringing the class down to eleven. Most troubling in all of this is the reason behind Anzalone’s change of mind. According to many reports, Anzalone backed out of his commitment because of the contact that was made by a known sex-offender during the recruiting process. The fan, Charles Eric Waugh, lives in Kentucky but had been known to have access to many recruits and had even used social-media to try and make contact to several players. This news is very disturbing, and you really can’t fault the decision made by Anzalone. OSU needs to get this under control--yesterday."

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I honestly couldn't disagree with you more...  
1 - I would assume most fathers would agree completely with that statement as a natural first reaction.  When you find out a child sex offender was around your son for an entire weekend, you don't care why, or look for an explanation, your first instinct would be to not send your son to that school... especially when you consider every other top school in the area wants him as well...
2 - Harrison is right, we needed to get that sorted out and under control immediately, and we did thankfully...  its all about public perception, all of penn state university is not accused of horrible crimes, but who wants to be associated with that...
3 - CFN.com is probably the most favorable site out there when it comes to Ohio State, I feel like they never have enough nice things to say about us and how great we will be every year, I swear I always thought Pete Fiutak went to Ohio State...

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You're pretty darn gullible if you think the real reason Anzalone decommitted was because of a sex offender getting his picture taken with him. And, please, enlighten me on how OSU can control every single fan in the general vicinity of a recruit, while out in PUBLIC? What more or what differently could OSU have done here?
It's pretty obvious that from the get-go, Dr. Anzalone was not on board with his son committing with OSU. So, he uses this situation to throw OSU under the bus, instead of just being honest that he & his son wanted to re-evaluate the decision.
And all of this BS about OSU still being in the picture - is just that...BS. He's trying to save face now.
I agree that this is about public perception, but to be honest, if someone has enough common sense - they can see the situation for what it is: a blown-out-of-proportion reaction by the Anzalone family. No doubt they had the best intentions for this son, and I'm sure they're good people --- but his father miscalculated here, and has probably done nothing but embarass his son, more than anything else. You don't need to panic and play in to the perception game as much as you think...because OSU DID NOTHING WRONG in this situation. And, I don't think you were trying to compare this to the Penn State fiasco, but its' not even in the same realm. At all.
I do agree with you on CFN, Fiutak is usually pretty B1G/OSU-friendly, (compared to the rest of the sports media), but in the last year or two, he has taken some shots at OSU. That's fine - that's his opinion. But this Harrison is a fool. Proof? This article he wrote.

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Couldn't agree with you more, Bucks.  That guy who wrote the article can blow it out his ass.  I guess that we're all supposed to be psychics and look at somebody and right away, know if they are a sex offender.  No rules were broken, and it's not like that guy is going to harm a recruit or football player.  OSU learned, acted, and that's it.  Nothing wrong.  The only people that were wrong were the kid's father, and the kid for not sacking up and making his own decisions. 
I hope the kid goes to Penn State and goes 0-4 against us, watching us win 4 straight Big Ten titles.

Class of 2010.

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Don't forget about the Anzalones watching us win at least one but probably two National Championships while Alex is still in college. It doesn't matter where he ends up going, the odds of his chosen school even participating in a N.C. game are very minute. Its about to happen here at Ohio St. and it's too bad Alex isn't allowed to make his own descisions because you know HE knows what Urban is building.

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I do not know the Anazalone family personally, apparently you do,  so if that is the case well then fine, I could be wrong...
However, I'm not sure how this makes Phil Harrison a dunce?  It does appear that is why Anzalone decommitted, and all I was saying was Harrison was 100% correct in saying that we needed to handle that situation immediately, before people start spreading rumors about this guys association with our program... from what I understand, thanks to some guys from this site and Luke Z., we clarified everything and the University was able to act right away...

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I never said I know the Anzalone family personally. I was just inferring I assume that they have the best intentions for their child. But, I am saying the Anzalone family overreacted and his father handled this in a terrible fashion.
Yes, Harrison is a dunce because he is trying to portray that OSU could have prevented this. He isn't writing about how OSU should have handled the situation immediately. Nowhere in that article does it say that. He is taking an angle that OSU is responsible somehow for this one fan. I think you're a little too worried about public perception and people spreading rumors....there was no NCAA violation involved, either. I know people were panicking about that. Again, I'm still wondering what OSU could have done differently? I stand by the statement that Harrison is a dunce. This is what journalism is today --- lazy and biased. He is either trying to mislead or just really bad at what he does.

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ok you are all over the place here buddy... seems like you are little more ticked off with Anzalone's father than anyone else..
 I agree with you, this is not Ohio State's fault, and there was nothing we could have done to prevent it, but I do not think that is what Harrison was implying!  I took it as him stating that we needed to handle this immediately, regardless of who fault it was, we needed to manage it and not let it get out of control... which I agree with... not arguing who's fault it was, just that the University's reaction to it was key...  just my opinon, but that is how I took Harrison's statement...
EDIT : just for the record, if he was saying this was our fault, well then I am on your side...  I just didnt take it that way...

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I'm with you. I think we're just reading differently as tho who Harrison is blaming. I took it that he thought OSU could have prevented it...you think he is writing more about how OSU should react to it. Agree to disagree on that. If that's the case (what you're thinking), then I misinterpreted the article. I do think he was kind of taking a cheap shot.
But, it's all good....go Bucks!

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CFN just ranked us at #11 (11 really?!?!) in their post spring poll... I gotta give them the benefit of the doubt!!  hah..
Go Bucks!

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Wow... 11? I'll give them props for that, too

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Well then since this little post blew up my Twitter account with accusations, derogatory language, and inquisitive questoins, let me clear up the debate. The comments were made as a statement only, no intended cheap shot at OSU, and no blame. I can commend many OSU fans for being passionate when reading things like these, but there is no conspiracy theory, and no attenion grabbing efforts. So sorry to dissapoint. The very quick snippet on the situation was just that--a look at the situation and the fact that OSU has to do something ongoing with this before it could have a negative impact on recruiting. That was in fact the hook above the look at the situation.
So thank you NYC Buckeye for looking with a level head.
The reality is that kids are going to continue being recruited after an email and statement went out, and you can bet that the question will come up--how do I know my kid will be safe if he comes to your school? It's not fair, but parents read media reports as well want some kind of answer on the situatoin. Did Anazlone's father overact? Likely, but that further proves the point that OSU has to be ready to answer this situation when going into the living rooms of other potential recruits and their parents. Falling back on an email and statement won't cut it I'm afraid.
And that's the intent of the statement--that's it. It is NOT OSU's fault, and anyone saying as much is not being realistic. But that doesn't mean that the OSU coaches shouldn't be prepared to meet hard questions head on going forward when hitting the recruiting trail--until it passes here shortly.
And before I go, let me let all of the users of Eleven Warriors in on a little secret--I am an OSU fan. I have lived in the shadow of the 'Shoe almost my entire life, so it's not like an outsider simply grabbing a headline and generalizing comments. If you didn't know that, then you didn't take the time to find other angles that I have taken on CFN when defending the program against sanctions, Tressel in general, and the hiring and excitement of Urban Meyer.
But that doesn't mean that we at CFN cannot be obective. Quite frankly, not thinking that OSU needed to get this under control now and going forward needs to take his scarlet and gray colored glasses off.
Love Eleven Warriors!
Go Bucks!

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What's funny is that OSU did have it under control.... like 5 days ago.  Sent out emails to athletes and I am sure they cooperated with law enforcement both in Ohio and Kentucky.

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Phil Harrison = late to the dance.

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I'm just wondering how OSU could possibly have the situation more "under control"? What does that even mean?

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If he was talking about how Ohio State could have prevented this I would like to hear how Harrison thinks they would have done that. I'll hang up and listen.

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Just now saw this...wow!  Interesting how these writers seem to think coaches of a Division I football team can control every fan in their fan base (including sex offenders for another state).   This Phil guy was like many jumping on the "lets make another Scandal for tOSU" band wagon.  I saw some people on other sites comparing it to Penn State...for crying out loud...some people need to get a clue.  That kid decommitted bc Daddy wanted him to keep visiting and needed a reason...well he got one I guess.  Joke if you ask me...go look for what Joey Bosa told the Dispatch.

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