Laquon Treadwell to OSU? (11W referenced in this article)

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April 27, 2012 at 6:41p

Laquon Treadwell is just what the doctor ordered for Ohio State.

The Buckeyes, who will be running a spread offense under new coach Urban Meyer, will be strong with the run but also need play-making wide receivers to make their offense whole. That’s where Treadwell comes in.

A 6-foot-3, 183-pound receiver from Crete, IL, about 40 miles south of Chicago, Treadwell is undecided about his college future. The four-star player will be on campus for the Class of 2013 and has a laundry list of suitors, including the Buckeyes.

But he also has high-powered programs like Oklahoma, Alabama and Notre Dame hot on his heels.  According to, he has offers from nearly the entire SEC as well as USC and a lot of schools in between.

It’s clear that Treadwell has deep interest in Ohio State, even if he won’t let on if OSU is the leader in his personal clubhouse. However, he suggested being star-struck at one point over the head Buckeye.

“The best part was meeting coach Meyer,” Treadwell told Eleven Warriors. “It was an awesome experience.” .....

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Marshall is in (best playmaker available IMO) and by all accounts, so is Gibson. That makes me very happy. Urban brings in Treadwell and we have three No. 1 wideouts. 

I still think that Quick is more of a possiblity than Treadwell though and I am just as happy with him. 

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With all respect wrockhold..Marshall and Gibson don't seem to really fit the "#1 WR" tag. Seem to be more speedy slot guys that you be creative with. A #1 guy is someone like Devin Smith Michael Thomas type. Just my opinion.


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You have to remember this is a Urban Meyer offense where players like Percy Harvin play in the slot but are considered #1 receivers because they touch the ball so much.

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Devin Smith is a no.1; Michael Thomas a no. 2 as he is more of a big, posession-type receiver. Marshall and Treadwell in the "speedy" slot. Gibson could be a no.1 or a no.2  and D.J. Quick I'm not sure where he fits in. We have Marshall and any combo of the other three would be awesome.  


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I think Gibson will be good, but he's not a #1, he'll be an elite slot if he fullfills his potential.

Favorite Buckeye: Obviously BJ Mullens

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It would be nice, but he seems to be leaning ttun and until I hear something more I will not be counting on him.

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He'd be a great get but i'd be just as happy with Quick if not more...

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If we get Gibson, I don't want Treadwell. I want more OL and more defensive studs.

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i'm not sure where Lost Letterman got their information, but from what I've seen and heard, yeah he really liked his visit to OSU and meeting Urban and all, but he is enamored with Michigan as well. I find it very suspect that this report didn't even mention Michigan. Besides the kid has said he will take his officials and not make a decision till after his senior season. 

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Spot on, here. Michigan has been in on Treadwell since very, very early in his recruitment, and he's long been thought to be a Michigan lean (though I don't know about that...). Lean or not, Michigan is going to be a major player in his recruitment, and an article that doesn't mention UM at all should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

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OHIOBORN - I think ANYONE who has been following Treadwell has to know that UM has been a big player in his recruitment. I just can't understand how someone could write a piece saying he 'loves OSU' and not mention anything about UM. Its like they Googled 'Laquon Treadwell' and found the report Alex wrote about his visit to OSU (that happened like what 2 weeks ago) and then summarized it for Lost Letterman. I don't get it. I think I'm gonna write them and ask where they got their info and ask why Michigan wasn't included.

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Hey - more power to ya. With the glut of (varying levels of) quality team-focused blogs and recruiting sites, it seems like sources like LL are fighting for legitimacy. And losing.

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Lost Letterman is run by a Mich grad so surprising they don't mention UM

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This would make ttun really pissed.I love it

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I really like Treadwell's game; however, I think Marshall, Gibson, and Quick better fit the Urban offense. Especially since we're going to have a power running game...speed on the edges=offensivelust

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We always need somebody who can go up and catch the ball! Treadwell is the only one of these targets who can do that.

" I went for two cause I couldn't go for three." 
-woody Hayes