Start/Play Graham or Guiton against Colorado?

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September 18, 2011 at 9:03a

After seeing the performance of OSU's quarterbacks throughout the three games, I can not help but think to myself: "Was Graham or Guiton really that bad that they lost the competition to those two?" Then I realize that the "quarterback competition" this summer was already narrowed down to two before Ohio State even started camp. Think about it, Joe Ba is a 5th-year senior so he (should) know the offense better than anyone just based on years in the program and Braxton is a herald recruit which is way too talented to keep off the field. With those intangibles in mind, I feel Guiton and Graham never really had much of a chance to compete for the job because it is against morals to bench a 5th year senior and the freshman is the future of the program. Now granted it might be a little late to reopen the quarterback competition, but I feel after last nights atrocious (to put it lightly) performance we should at least give one or both of these quarterbacks a look because Joe Ba is not getting things done and Braxton seems like he still needs some time to get his bearings straight. What are all your thoughts: Should Guiton and/or Graham get a chance to play/start against Colorado?


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Not even a question or option in my mind. The common "sky is falling" mentality is a little over the top. I'm just as disgusted but Braxton is the future and has the most promise - he'll learn. And he'll be probably be great. He just needs time to do so just like the rest of the young team has to grow into their roles.

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The oline has looked pretty damn good. Graham has the best arm? I'd love to see a good pro style offense. But I have to think Brax gets the shot and has the most talent.

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The qb play is not the root of the problem. We have no receivers period. These guys do not know how to run routes and get open. Baus has made pretty good decisions with the ball thus far. Braxton's mistakes have mainly come from poor receiver play as well.

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Yea, but is it the receivers faults that their QB continues to overthrow them by a mile?

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This is something I keep preaching, but not many seem to be willing to listen. 

The lack of future NFL talent at receiver right now is alarming.  Of course Posey will play on Sundays, and some of the young guys could develop into NFL'ers, but they are a LONG WAY from that day.

Drops and absolutely no separation killed the chances of having any sort of decent passing game against Miami.  Reed is completely green.  Chris Fields is a possession receiver at best.  The young guys will be good, but they are simply not ready for the big stage.

Bauserman is the easy scapegoat right now, but he is simply a part of the problem and far from the entire problem.

Miller is the future, but he needs someone to throw the ball too as well. 

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I think the blanket statement that the team is devoid of future NFL talent is pretty unfair, considering Posey is the ONLY upperclassman receiver. You don't become an NFL talent level receiver without reps, which is what you seem to be suggesting these guys should be right now. 

The receiving corps will be just fine. But you can't throw out underclassmen and expect veteran results. They've shown enough to be optimistic about. 

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Its going to be Braxton's job to lose.  He had us moving down the field but that fumble ruined our chances.  Stoney had a big drop which was a tip int. and the offense they run for Braxton is a joke.   

I-formation?  why don't we just run the wing-t or option all game. 


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Yep, fumbling/interceptions are correctable. It's simply a matter of experience for Braxton - he's realizing/will realize that this is not high school and he will fumble if he continues to carry the ball like he has been. 

But he's shown that he is a dynamic runner. TP may have been fast, but man Braxton hits that hole hard. He accelerates, dare I say it, just like Denard does. 

I don't change my opinion on Kenny G or Graham because they are not the future any more than Bauserman is. Develop the kid that is going to orchestrate this offense down the road, not the career backup who is going to graduate after like 10 games. 

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Wing-T with Kenny & Brax. I'd love to see it.Bring on them Buffs.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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The QB battle shouldve been between Guiton and Miller from the begining. If we want to continue to run a combo offense of spread/pro formation(couldn't write that without giggling) then you gotta play the mobile guys.

At this point I'd give anyone who could complete passes a chance, if that means Graham then get on the field Taylor!