AC vs B-mill

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October 18, 2012 at 11:39p

Wondering if anybody on here has thought that Aaron Craft reminds them a little of Braxton Miller and vice versa in terms of how they go about their business in their respective sports?

The main comparison that I note between the two is how cool they are under pressure.  It seems that Craft and Braxton have had this cool confidence since the first time they took the field/court.  I noticed it in that first big game of Craft's freshman season againts the Gators down in Gainesville.  I was wondering what Thad was thinking at first throwing a freshman at point for a lot of the game.  But man, it seemed like AC handled that game like a 3rd year starter right out the gate rarely turning the ball over (I actually dont remember one) aand playing tough D against a ranked opponent away from home.  The obvious "cool under pressure comparison" for Braxton came in that miraculous pass against Wisconsin his freshman year after sharing time with Bausermann through much of the season.  But even before that game, I was in awe with the way he handled alot of that pressure and seemed really confident under center like he had been there done that.

Another comparison I see between the two is the way they make you look like a fool if you are up against them.  Braxton does it all the time with his creative running style.  I call it creative running style cause he will make a cut or spin into a spot that you wouldnt even think of watching him from your big screen.  And your thinking in your head -- man, that probably wont work -- but then he makes another cut to space and opens up another 5 to 10 yards or makes a LB lose his shoes.  Craft obviosuly imbarrasses his opponents through his unrelenting defense and hustle.  I love it when he hustles down a guy on a one-on-none fast break then strips the ball right before the guy is about to throw it down. 

My last and perhaps most important comparison between these two players is that both seem to play the game the way its supposed to be played.  "What chu talking bout Willis?", you say?  I mean that both seem to have a hard-nosed, work your tail-off attitude without losing the cool necessary to lead their teams.  It seems like both have a similar demeanor regardless of whether they are up big, or down and running out of time.  Its got to be calming to have that leadership on your team.  Craft shows it with the big clap he is always working after a good hustle play by one of his teammates, and I see it in Braxton when he takes the field again after injuring his knee against Mich St. this year. 

There are other comparisons that I cant think of but these are the main ones that come to my mind when watching both these guys.  There are probably disadvantages that they both share as well, but I am slightly biased being a Buckeye Fan.  I dont know if this comparison has already been done on here or not, but I thought that I would throw this post out to see if anyone sees some of these similar traits between the two.



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They're both the best player on their team? Atleast I think Craft is the best, so to me that's one comparison. Maybe when Braxton Miller starts grabbing interceptions I'll make this comparison. But they are both clutch, & play the most important posistion out there. This was pretty interesting to read, thanks for writing it. 

Even Squirrels hate Michigan

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I watched Craft play football in highschool, not as fast but he was a great QB. Kind of reminded me of Collaros from Cinnci.


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They aren't alike in any way shape or form.


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They both go to OSU. 

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No they don't!! lol


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Given the title of the blog, I was hoping that this was a comparison between Braxton Miller and AC Slater.... #disappointment

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