Unwritten Rule?

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September 17, 2010 at 9:12a

Or maybe it is written somewhere, because it sure as hell should be. The rule I would like to bring up (though in mo way related to the overall content of this webpage) is the wearing of uniforms/team gear to sporting events.

The reason I bring this up is because I was at the Browns @ Bucs game this past Sunday and saw a lot of gear that stuck out. Highlights below:

- A Browns fan wearing a Browns Kellen Winslow Jersey (a current member of the Bucs. Proposed Rule: Never wear a jersey supporting your team if the jersey is for a player curretnyl on the other team.

- A Browns fan wearing a Braylon Edwards Jersey. Braylon had one good season and was mostly a huge disappointment. Porposed Rule (as mentioned above): Never wear the jersey of a former member of you team who left your under unfavorable conditions and left nothing positive to be remembered (such as division/conference champs or SB trip).

- A Browns fan wearing a Bernie Kosar Jersey. Perectly acceptable!. Proposed Rule: Jerseys may be worn for former team legends.

- Browns (and Bucs fans) wearing made-for-them Jerseys with a number of there choosing and either "Browns" or Buccaneers" on the back. Proposed Rule: Only wear Jerseys for an actual player.

That pretty much covers it for Jerseys, here are a few other highlights:

- Wearing a #80 Largent Seahawks jersey to a Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay Game. Also saw shirts for the Steelers, Colts, Saints, Rams and Cowboys. Proposed Rule: Only wear team gear to a game for TEAMS THAT ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING IN THAT GAME!

- Wearing a collar shirt of buttong up shirt, while being a fan of one of the teams playing. Proposed Rule: If you attend a game and are a fan of a team playing, REPRESENT!

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I thought these were already rules.....enforced by the law of common sense

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i would have thought the same thing until Sunday

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So where do the Tim Couch jerseys fall (and I'm sure you saw a TON of those).   I suppose similar to Braylon, but he didn't go to another team, and never even had the one good year.  

Also, there should be a ban on people who get the team jersey but put their own name on the back.   Hate that.

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believe it or not, i actually did see two of the them. i dont really have an issue with it, at least he was only ever a brown.

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I have a friend who wears a Kamerion Wimbley jersey all the time!  I asked him why he wears a jersey of a player that plays for the Raiders and he answered, "Because I payed $90.00 for it!"

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I totally agree with this sentiment.  This is why I can never bring myself to actually an NFL player's jersey.  At least an Ohio State jersey is good for two or three years for the player it represented when purchased and then becomes re-usable for someone else.

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The name on the front is a hell of a lot more important that the one on the back!


haha j/k....but seriously

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I'm still not sure adults should wear jerseys, although I do on a very rare occasion.

I'd like to ask then is it acceptable to wear an Ohio state 47 jersey to a packers game or a Jenkins OSU jersey to a Saints game? I would like to think that it should be.

I noticed a lot of Pro jerseys of former players worn by Miami U fans to last weeks game. I also noticed people wearing Michigan gear to that game.

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this one would have to be voted on by the football gods. good question though. i would say the college jerseys are ok to wear around, but not to a game. picture a section of saints fans in black and gold then the one guy wearing scarlet and gray.

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The Rule is:  You can wear tOSU gear anywhere!  :D

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Hmm, I'm not sure I agree with all of these rules. Most notably, I think the "actual player" rule is silly. I agree that putting your own name on the back is stupid. However, I like creative jersey name/# combos.

I'm a big NJ Devils fan, and I have seen some good ones, such as a dad/mom/son combo that had a matching set: Dad had "Stanley" #95, Mom had "Cup" 00, and son had "Champ" 03. They had season tickets and would always sit in a row so that it read perfectly. I asked him one time what they would do if the Devs won another cup. He said he had thought about it and had a solution...they had an infant daughter at home, so if the Devs win another one, she will get, e.g. "Ions" #11. This is why son got "Champ" and not "Champs" or "Champions". If you want to call it cheesey, I'll concede that, but I like cheese.

I've always wanted a Devils jersey "Griswold" #00 and have asked for it for bday/xmas repeatedly. My fiancee still hasn't figured out how to make it happen.

There were also dudes at my college who had "Hahvahd" and "Sucks" (Harvard was our hockey rival); we thought that was pretty funny. 

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