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November 29, 2010 at 3:11p

As referenced by Luke in today's skull session it will be 2926 days since Michigan beat our beloved Buckeyes when the two old rivals square off next season.  2926 days, roughly 8 years, is a lot of time.  So I wanted to make a post to give us a little perspective here. 

-The freshman who will be on the sidelines next year were in 5th grade last time Michigan won the game.

-When the game is played next year, there will be 3rd grade Michigan fans who have never experienced the maize and blue knocking off the Buckeyes.

-The last victory Michigan had over the Buckeyes was probably watched by most on a TV witha tube, in standard def.  Some may have even used rabbit ears.

-We had no idea what a facebook or myspace page was, and tweeting was only done by canaries.

There are many other things I could include, but I don't want to be too big of a douche, and I feel these four items are significant enough to reflect on.  Here's to another 7 in a row! Go Bucks!!!!

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Why be a douche of any size?  Your hubris is unbecoming.

Can't you remember how painful it was to be an Ohio State fan for 12 years of John Cooper?

Show some humility and some dignity. 

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Also, I liked this list better when my mom chain-emailed it to me from her AOL email address.


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I honestly had no idea of the existance of a similar chain letter, but must say after reading it, I can definitely believe there is one out there just like this.

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I do remember yes, just trying not to be too smug.  Not to mention, it'll be coming back 10 fold if the tide ever turns.