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October 20, 2012 at 4:27p

Logging onto ElevenWarriors today after the game I expected there to be a lot of really exicted Buckeye fans out commenting.  Instead, I see forum topics about how many losses we'll have and how bad the D is etc.  To be fair, there were a lot of really happy campers out there just like me, but I was surprised how many "realists" there were out there.  It's like folks are scared to buy in or get totally behind this group because they are destined to be disappointed.  Maybe people just want to constantly point out the negative so when they finally do lose they can be right.  I don't know, I just don't get it. 

I'm definitely not saying everyone smile and say everything is great all game every game.  Lord knows I was cussing and yelling at the TV many times today, and have much of the season.  We know this team has problems on defense, and haven't played perfect football so why keep talking about it???  Instead of getting upset about all the imperfections why not celebrate the perfect record?  I don't know that this team will go undefeated, but I'm never counting them out of a game again after today.  I have enjoyed each and every one of these 8 wins so far.  I'd say at least 3 maybe 4 of the wins this year would of absolutely been losses last year.  We have a new coaching staff, a new offense, a TE playing RT, a TE converted to WR, and a senior full back converted to LB which he hasn't played since high school.  One of the top players in the nation went down and this team fell behind 8 points and looked dead in the water with under a minute to go and found a way to win.  That is something to celebrate. 

This team may lose multiple games when all is said and done, but that doesn't take anything away from how much fun it's been in winning these first 8.  I know we expect greatness and awesome football all the time, but this isn't an elite team this year.  It's a good team with an awesome bunch of seniors, that constantly guts out tough wins.  It's a flawed bunch, but a tough group of kids that refuse to fail.  I wish as a group we could celebrate and enjoy this bunch a lot more.  I heard a great line last week after the Reds lost their playoff series.  Someone said, "In the long run most of the time a pessimist is probably going to be proven right, but the optimist will enjoy the ride.  How true that statement is!

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I've completely baught in to this team. But today was dissapointing & also ok. We lost Braxton, gave up huge plays, & almost lost at home. But we came together in the end & got a big win. It was a good experience that will benefit us next year. But whenever I play NCAA 13, me & my brother always joke about who sucks worse: Northwestern or Purdue. That said, I consider those the 2 teams we should NEVER lose to. And if we didn't get this win today, I would burn a couch.

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Well put.  As I said a few days ago, some people worry more about how we look/how we win rather than whether we win or not.  You don't have to look good.  2002 proved that.

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Excellent post!  We need to really appreciate this team for what it is.  This is a team with a lot of heart and not a tremendous amount of talent but they go all out every game.  Definitely one of my favorite Buckeye teams.  What a ride it has been so far!

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Say what you will about this team, it has HEART! It showed it in East Lansing, and it showed it today with its best player in the locker room/hospital. Yes, it has flaws, maybe major ones, but I won't discuss them here and now. We are 8-0 and I never would have expected that before the season. Come what may, I love this team with all its warts.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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I am happy about the win. This was the most stressed and excited i have been since the Sugar Bowl game. I am concerned about Brax, and am praying for his quick recovery from his injury. Kenny G started rusty but perservered and put it on his back at the end and made the plays he had to make.
Even though we gave up two big plays, i think the defense played better and with more emotion than in previous games.




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I went through several bottles of Pepto in2002. The end result was worth it. I am tired of football being a beauty pageant! Go out and win by all means possible.
- and when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of booze and we'll drink to old Ohio till we wobble in our shoes!

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You said it best, I've been saying it for a long time too (usually with the F word as well):

I am tired of football being a beauty pageant!

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I think the best sample of commenters' reactions immediately after the game is the comment section in Ramzy's post right after the game.  Basically, everyone was elated just like I was. I see maybe one negative comment, if you really want to witch hunt negative comments.  Yes, I know people are critical and sometimes negative in some of the comments (the negative comments are a lot more infrequent if you understand the difference between being critical or objective and being negative). Don't get me wrong, I saw some overly negative threads on here, but I believe they were created during the game when it looked really bleak. I can understand that a little--it's one reason I try to abstain from forums during the game.  My point is, it seems like some people here are searching out negativity, as they perceive it, from commenters here as much or maybe more than those who they see as searching out negativity in this team.  I get it, I truly do since I'd rather there was less of it than more.  I just think it gets a little too much attention. Again, look at the Ramzy post and the comments in there.  It's not just the majority of comments that are positive reactions to the win, it is almost 100% of the comments. So, I think the commenters are overwhelmingly positive and there isno need for a crusade to eradicate these supposedly frequent negative comments.

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It wasn't my purpose to be on a crusade against them or eradicate anything.  It's something that's been gnawing at me since last Saturday and through the week.  Like I said, everyone is well aware of the problems this team has.  I don't think too many people are out here thinking all things Ohio State is great and how dare you say anything bad about them.  I'm reacting more to the fact that there seems to be a lot of people who just want to focus on flaws and simply aren't enjoying this team.  My post was simply to say, let's worry about a loss when we get a loss and enjoy the W's this team is piling up.  I'm not waging war on negative comments or those who point out problems with the team.  Just trying to give people a little perspective that, it could be MUCH MUCH worse, and 12 months ago it was far worse. We know the problems, and we know this team could very well lose, personally I don't see the point in worrying about that when we can all enjoy W's and success. 

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Good post, BTAlbert.
If the negative nellies can give us advice on the value of looking at things from an objective, critical perspective. we can advise them on the value of simply enjoying the moments for what they are.
In retrospect, the regular seasons in 2006 and 2010 had some great moments, but - for me - tended to be more about always mentally jumping ahead and anticipating the end goal instead of simply enjoying the process as it happened. If the Buckeyes beat Minnesota 44-0, well, they were supposed to - it was like crossing another step off the "to do" list on the way to the two games at the end of the year that would really be something special - at least, until one of them was not special at all. 
This team might not be very good, but they're reminding me what's truly special about Buckeye football. IMO, it's more important for us to reflect on that lesson, than to read additional generic complaints about poor tackling, bad angles, loss of contain, coverage breakdowns, etc. When someone (e.g., Ross or DK5) gives us a deeper, original analysis on why those problems are occuring, that's fun to read. But otherwise I'd rather read non-expert positivism than non-expert ninnyism.      

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As most people know, I live in KY.  When I was 11 years old this basketball game happened involving a scrappy little team from Kentucky that had 4 guys who stuck with UK despite the darkest period of their history.  They had one star in Jamal Mashburn too.  That team, though they were a pretty darn good team, greatly overachieved and endeared themselves to the state of Kentucky and will forever live in Wildcat lore.  Everyone knows the Untouchables for that Duke game, but few remember the 1990-91 season when they were still on probation and had nothing to play for but a regular season conference title.  The team banded together and won the regular season title that year.  They even got as high as number 2 in the country I believe.  It wasn't always perfect and I'm sure fans weren't always happy, but 20 years later that is a legendary team.  People look back fondly on that group.  Farmer, Woods, Pelphrey, and Feldhaus were not stars, they didn't go on to have great NBA careers either.  What they did was buy into the goals their coach set for them.  They did whatever it took to get there. 
This Ohio State football team reminds me a lot of that basketball team. There are quite a few parallels I think.  The program is coming off of a mess of a season and dealing with NCAA sanctions. They have a high profile coach who is a master of motivation.  They have 1 superstar player, and they have several upperclassmen who may not be prototypical NFL type players, but they've stuck with the program through the darkest times possibly ever, they have worked their butts off, they have been great leaders, and they have done whatever it takes to make this team better, like play a position they've never played in college.  If this team goes 12-0, despite their short comings, it's going to be really really special.  That's what I am trying to get people to realize. In 20 years we'll be honoring this team, and no one will be saying yeah, but man their D really sucked, or the LB's were horrible etc.   

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Would upvote this more than once if I could. I'll be the first one to admit that I harp on the deficiencies of the back 7, but you're totally right. If this team goes undefeated, no one will give a shit about how lost Barnett or OJ looked at times. Well said. 

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So good to read -- let's just enjoy the ride.  After what we went through as Buckeye Nation with Tressel-Gate and then last season?  Are you kidding me?  At least this year it's fun to watch - XBrax make some crazy play or Devin with a circus catch or Carlos smashing through a line like Hulk -- getta out of here!  That is exactly what it is about!!  I'll save my depression for the first loss.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the ride!!!!  GO BUCKS!!!

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BTalbert25, You can never get away from it. It is a fine line to want improvement as we all do in some way or another and to put down certain players in threads or expect coaches to be fired. It is too much. The coaches play the best players we have and they are all working hard.  You are on point with your comments, we should all enjoy it. Kudos to you..

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Man this team makes it fun! I refrain from commenting during games because I can get pretty bad.. Meyer sure knows how to motivate his guys! When they kept showing the stasche(burt reynolds wants his mustasche back) dude and all I could think about was"get used to it". I agree about 2006. We cannot look past anyone but if they can get by McMoxie on the road... They could beat Illinois and heal up for the final two.. I still think 12-0 would be amazing, not only for the fans, but for the seniors who had nothing to to with the punishment and stayed because the loved the school and program.... I think Zach Boren, John Simon, Nathan Williams, etc, all deserve a 12-0 season...

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Btalbert - nice post, good thread.  Upvotes to everyone for keeping it positive and civil!

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we're going 12-0; there will always be a sophmoric base of the Ohio State fandom that won't ever be satisfied 

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I was just having this same conversation with a friend today.  I don't remember complaining about all the times we played down to opponents and barely eked out wins in 2002.  I just remember kicking back and enjoying the ride because that season was so unexpected.  8-0 is not only unexpected, but also improbable, even with our weak schedule.  We've been spoiled over the last ten years and grown to expect undefeated seasons. It's an unreasonable expectation. We as a fan base don't deserve to be 8-0 right now because even that hasn't been enough for many of us. The team, however, deserves everything they've achieved thus far. I think it's our job to just hitch our wagons to the team and enjoy the ride they take us on.
(Boy, that came off as preachy. Didn't mean it that way.  Thanks for the perspective BT)

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This team isn't perfect, but their record is.
I'll take an ugly win anyday over a well played loss..