Revised ESPN way too early Preseason Basketball Poll

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April 12, 2012 at 11:58a


4 Big 10 teams in preason top 10 at this point...I expect OSU to be moved up a little bit. Michigan is a tad bit high IMO, even with Trey Burke coming back, still don't see UM as a top 5 team. Should be interesting to see exactly how good IU is. Minnesota getting some love in the top 25 is interesting. Wonder where Illinois will be at come preseason. Either way I think next season will be another example of the growth of Big 10 bball as the premier conference for hoops.

In terms of Ohio State, ESPN seems to think Ross will become a star. I think the kid has a long way to go if he wants to be among the Big 10's best players. Showed glimpses but not enough for me to be 'wowed' like Sam Thompson or Shannon Scott. If Lenny carries his NCAA tourney performance into next year, he may end up becoming an elite scoring/defending weapon.

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IU #1 and SCUM #5 what a joke.

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I actually think IU could be a legit No. 1. Good recruits coming in and everyone is staying.

Long live the southend.

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IU definitely deserves the number one spot as of now. They might be scary good.

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Not that these matter at all, but Michigan and Baylor need to get the hell out of the top 10.

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I don't see how IU gets the number 1 nod when there was a team that was in the final four that basically returns their whole team, returns 3 major contributors who missed the whole season with injuries, has 1 really good recruit coming in, and has a player transferring in from another school who is going to be a big contributor.  Of course, I don't see how Kentucky, a team that will lose their top 6 scorers is number 3 either. 

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@BT - these rankings were from 4/12.  They didn't know that Kentucky was losing their entire roster at the time.

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BT, I think IU and Crean gets the same treatment in this poll as it received on their home floor from the guys in the striped shirts during the game with OSU. Really though they will be talked up non stop. Like TTUN in football they are needed to be relevant again in many eyes and it will be taken to extremes as always. Not saying they are not a good team it will just be taken to a whole nubba lebel.

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Osu might be a bit higher,scUM wayyyy to high, iu should be no.3,UK should be NO.1 because of nerlens Noel.

" I went for two cause I couldn't go for three." 
-woody Hayes 

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Indiana is a borderline top 10 team to me, and Michigan is somewhere 15-20 at best.

Class of 2010.

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With what we know at this point about next season (which its still too early), that's really innacurate and biased...

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typical media love for ttun

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just yesterday I said espn hates everything ohio.  I'm in minnesota and these ppl think I am wrong.  Keep in mind they didn't know you can keep a pitcher of beer cool by floating a plastic cup with ice in it.  My point is they know nuthin', espn hatewaves at ohio, and I'd appreciate any back up 11W nation can provide.