Niners game to be broadcast in central Ohio

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November 19, 2010 at 11:12a

Maybe this is old news, but you have to hand it to Fox! I assume this is purely because of Troy starting???


Notice the one outpost of blue on the last map with Cbus at the epicenter. Has anyone ever heard of an NFL game being broadcast based on the home state or alma mater of a particular player playing in that game? I wonder how they go about making a decision like that. Someone must be good at their job! I only wish I could turn in to see it. Hopefully Troy continues his great play and can win another one for the Ohio audience.

Also, does anyone else call him T-Roy? As in "Tee - Roy"? I went to high school with Troy Murphy, and he used to call himself/we used to call him Tee Roy. Just like my OSU buddies call Kroger "Kay Roger". 

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That is awesome and I had no idea.

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I am visiting family during the OSU Michigan game. Is there a place to get free live stream of the game?  My kids don't have cable?


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Should be on ABC, don't need cable. But you can go to to get a steam of pretty much any sports game

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This happens sometimes around here in Austin.  We got a lot of Titans games (even over the Texans games) when VY first started out.  The Browns were on a few weeks back when Colt played.  It's not like there is a Browns or Bengals game competing, so that game is probably the highest interest.  Wish I could see it here.

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funny tho, C-land not covered

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