Worst places to live if your a Buckeyes fan.

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November 8, 2013 at 2:11p

9-0 is a great feeling gentlemen!! This bye weekend the Bucks will be getting some well deserved rest. I wanted to share my story of what I feel is the worst place in the country to live if you are a Bucks fan. I grew up in Cleveland so I know its biased for me to say that it is one of the greatest sports towns in the world. Theres great high school football, three professional sports teams, pretty knowledgeable fans (though Browns fans can be a little off their rockers but thats for another blog) and my beloved Buckeyes. I currently live in the Seattle area and I mostly deal with Oregon fans who are pretty harmless IMO. My best friend here is a Ducks "fan". When I asked him to name the Ducks coach and 1 player not named Mariota or DAT he just kept yelling "where are you guys ranked?" so I clearly won that exchange. I have lived in Minnesota (friendliest people I have ever encountered) and unfortunately Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh and Christ does that place smell like hot dog water!! But the place I feel like is the worst place in the world for a Buckeyes fan is this giant truck stop they call Fort Wayne IN!!! Before moving to Seattle I lived there for about 8 years and it was FRUSTRATING. Fort Wayne is the dumbest city in the world according to Mens Health magazine and that was what I had to work with when it came to sports fans. I was one of a very few OSU fans and we are hated in this area!! The worst people I had to deal with on a regular basis were the geniuses that were ND fans during football season and then switched their loyalties to IU during basketball. It was so god damn annoying!! Most of my friends at the time were in their early 20's and their great grandparents weren't even around when ND was relevant! Going to a high school football game in IN is like going to a wake.  I understand IU basketball has had more success recently, but when I would tell the IU diehards that Bob Knight is a native son of OH and an OSU grad, they would look at me like I just tried to steal their tractor! There is also a smattering of SCUM fans and they are the worst!! Their not really from meatchicken so they don't really have a vested interest in the players. They just like the colors and the stripes on the helmet. This is what I feel sets Bucks fans apart... I love HS football as much as I do college. I follow the HS game religiously and I know the players, especially the local OH kids before they even get to college. When a kid I've been aware of gets to OSU and becomes successful it just fills me with pride.  OHIO pride is something that I cant explain, its not really a tangible thing but it exists. Other states with fairweather fanbases will never experience the joy I do as a Bucks fan. In closing, I hope everyone has a good weekend, Bama loses, and I wanted to just share my story and get some feedback from other Bucks fans who may be living in a less than desirable sports area.  Disclaimer: Rod Smith gets a pass from me for being from Ft Wayne.


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Lived in ft Wayne for a few yrs. Sports fans there are awful. They vacillate among ND, IU, and Purdue during the college football season, and the Bears and Colts on Sundays.

The city has no real culture, and there isn't a lot going on. It is easily the most segregated city I'm aware of, and I think it won fattest city is the US before.

Frontrunners gon frontrun, and they're not knowledgeable enough about sports or life in general to take seriously.

Also, Harry Baals Arena.

A man got to have a code...

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Harry Baals Arena


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Lived in Lexington, KY and all I heard was that Kentucky would be really good in the B1G. They hate OSU with a passion, which drove me nuts too.

Now I live in Colorado and I really hate Broncos fans. Not the team, just the Fairweather fans.

No place is like Ohio when it comes to love of high school sports/football.

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I like in Lansing, MI, so it's a Spartan town.  It's actually pretty good, because of the common enemy thing.  

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Born in raised in Lansing too. I get hardly any flack from my Spartan friends, but every once in a while an asshole comes out of the woodwork.

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Same here.  It usually depends on the location and how much booze has been flowing.  The worst thing that usually happens to me is I get the middle finger from driving by cars when making the walk towards Spartan Stadium in my gear.

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Yeah whenever they start to get a bit too feisty, I remind them that the last time they won a national championship we hadn't been to the moon yet.

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Living in SEC country sucks.  All I ever hear about is how overrated OSU always is, they never play anyone, the Big 10 sucks, because "we're in the SEC, we'd beat you", blah blah blah nonsense. 

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Plus you live in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, South Carolina, or Arkansas.  There are probably like 2 cities (Atlanta and Miami) that I would even consider moving to.  I'd rather be homeless in Ohio than rich in Arkansas.

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I had the unfortunate experience of growing up in Ft. Wayne (ages 4-18), before moving to Indy (we now reside in Chicago).  While I'm thankful for my upbringing Ft. Wayne, is a blackhole of suck.  Somehow the general population feels it's ok that they are "fans" of ND, IU, and PU all at the same time.  There is a fair population of scUM fans as there is a GM plant and there a plenty of M*chigan transplants.  The one bright spot are the Ft. Wayne Komets, a great hockey atmosphere.
Most of the Colts "fans" just came to when Petyon started having success.  I would have to say that 80% of the population IMO in Indianapolis has a strong disdain for the Buckeyes as well.  Here is a video showing the pure genius of the population in Ft. Wayne.

Just Win.

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I obviously live in an NFL town filled with fair weather Hokie fans. When VT had Tyrod Taylor and the Vick brothers, all I'd hear is how the Hokies would "beat the shit out of Ohio State". I'm glad I'll be able to see the exact opposite over the next two years.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Agree completely. Grew up in NoVA and went to OSU. Heard the same crap. Work at VT now and can't wait to crush them the next two years.

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I live about 15 miles from TSUN, married into a family of TSUN alumni, and am pretty much surrounded by neighbors who are either TSUN alumni or fans to some degree. The past 10 years has been quite excellent - the 10 before that, not so much. Makes the victories so incredibly sweet, and the losses so incredibly awful.

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I absolutely love living in the mitten state while being a buckeye....but I hated it during the cooper years.  It was awful.
right now, I would hate to live in LSU Tiger country, course it smells like corn dogs...I hate corn dogs

Representing the Buckeyes in the Mitten State since 1987.



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I have lived in West Virginia for the last 7 years.  I was quite surprised by their hate for all things Buckeyes.  It doesn't make sense... we're not in the same league, and we rarely play.  Whatever.
Also, their colors are too similar to Michigan...

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They should be grateful for all the beatings we put on RichRod's UM teams.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Austin is amazing.  I wear OSU stuff out to the bars all the time and always find other Alums.  Plus if anyone ever tries to start talking trash you just mention Mack Brown and the conversation changes to how he needs to go.

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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"but when I would tell the IU diehards that Bob Knight is a native son of OH and an OSU grad, they would look at me like I just tried to steal their tractor!"
Ahh, come on now. Farmers are probably pretty intelligent on average. Why don't you say that they would look at you like you tried to steal their meth. Then it can still be rural in nature but hits home the point.
BTW, I'm not offended, just saying.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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Lmao, I was trying to be PC. My wifes family is from an IN farmtown where all the farmers hang out at the gas station diner and Walmart is the mall. I was digging up my past experiences with those guys and not trying to kill them too much. Although meth is a huge problem in rural IN now that you mention it. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-03-25/meth-labs-cleanup/53773592/1

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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Atlanta isn't a great spot for OSU fans.  The city thinks it's the capital of SEC football (it actually probably is) and if it's not a Dawg fan running their mouth, you can be certain there is a Vol, Tide, Tiger, Gator, Gamecock, or Aggie fan right around the corner to tell you just why OSU would never win a game in the SEC.  And you also have the ACC fans/alums who now think their school (Clemson, FSU, Va Tech) is a program that OSU is beneath.

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I just recently moved back to Atlanta from Columbus, and I have to agree with you it is literally hell being a Buckeye fan and living here. I grew up splitting time between Dayton and west Atlanta and all I heard growing up how Ohio State is overrated and how the Dawg's would destroy us (which is complete bullshit most years). But like you said its not just the UGA folk that run off at the mouth its pretty much like the entire SEC gangs up on me when I'm at work. These ignorant inbreds have no general knowledge about football, except for that SEC is king. I would probably give my right nut to win the National Title this year if for no other reason than to shut the LSU/Auburn/UGA/Bama/UT fans that I work with the hell up. It really chaps their ass when I bring up the fact that outside of Alabama Ohio State has more national titles as anyone else in the Cousin Kissing Conference. 
Please God someone beat these ass clowns
Go Bucks!

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Yeah I love ATL but they hate OSU fans lol

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I live in Seattle, and it's not a bad place to live as a Buckeye fan, you just have to deal with a lot of bandwagon fans. One of my good buddies had a meltdown on Facebook last night over the Oregon loss, but at least he's been a legit fan of the Ducks for years, unlike most of the Johnny-Come-Latelys around here. I had a guy tell me last night, with a straight face, that his favorite teams were the Seattle Seahawks, the Oregon Ducks, and the Miami Heat. 
Seattle fans.

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I'm surrounded by Gator fans........

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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I lived in Ocala, Fl. for 5 years. Gaturd fans from Marion county are special people.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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I'm stuck in Buckeye Hell!   Smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma!  The fans here are as fair weather as they come.  This morning after the loss to Baylor, they were calling for Bob Stoops to be fired.  Josh Hypel (sp?) OC to be fired.  Their problem is that they expect to be National Champions every year!  If they don't go undefeated and WIN the championship then they consider it a failure. 
They still argue with me about Ohio State's 7 national championships.  I guess if it happened before their first one, it doesn't count! 
What's worse is they don't understand how injuries can affect the game plan or the fact that a team might just be better than you this year. 
The best part is hearing every time I meet someone new about how Uwe von Schamann beat us on the last second field goal.  They never want to hear how a few years later we came down and beat them 24-14.  We jumped out to 14-0 lead and they never got closer than 7.  they were ranked #2 and we were #6.  Oh, and it also denied Switzer his milestone 100th victory.  That's when they usually bring up their number of championships.

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Living in Ohio but working in Huntington, WV is no picnic. Marshall fans and WVU fans both to deal with. Neither team has ever won anything but try to convince them of that! All I ever hear is that Ohio State is nothing but a bunch of thugs that get free tattoos and cars, and that they don't play anyone. I never really say anything about the Bucks, it's a no win situation. I just sit back and secretly enjoy their crying on Mondays after another loss. A loss that's normally blamed on the refs. Marshall fans totally live in their glory days of 1-AA. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that Marshall "almost" beat the Buckeyes. WVU fans are generally fair weather. Haven't heard much from them since their collapse last year.
Then basketball season starts and everyone turns into UK fans.....smh

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Northern Cali. I have to deal with Stanford,Oregon,Cal and transplanted ND fans out here

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Central Pa.

Spent about eight years up there during the 90's (in Maryland now).

I'm finally off most of the meds.

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Living in NC kind of sucks, because all you ever hear is Tobacco Road basketball is the best thing ever in the history of ever! 
My dad lives in Charlotte, NC and for whatever reason, there has been an enormous inflow of Buckeyes to the area. I know at his church alone there are many people who he knew from his few years in Columbus, and I have friends moving to the area from Cleveland.
North Carolina is slowly becoming an oasis for Buckeyes in the otherwise God-awful SEC/ACC landscape.

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I got like three "GO BUCKS" from random people at my sister's church in Winston-Salem like a month ago. There's also an OSU bar here in Raleigh.
I agree on the basketball thing though. Also the fact that people think ACC football is actually football is a little bothersome.

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Lived in Wilmington NC for 7 years, and totally hear you on the basketball thing.   Carolina this, Duke this, State this...funny thing was that during football seasons I pretty much had my choice of bars to not only watch the Buckeyes but also have sound for the games.   There are at least 3 bars around town that you can watch the Bucks play with at least 25 other fans.  Most people in the area understand that ACC football sucks especially teams for North Carolina, and only watch there beloved Panthers on Sundays.

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Makes me happy I live in Columbus.  Go Bucks!

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 15 years. The crap I took from Cane fans especially during the 2002 season was unreal. Their fans are thugs as none of them even attended the university. At least with Buckeye fans who do or did not attend OSU they know the history of our program. These ingrates can only shout and make no sense. 2006-2007 had to deal with the SEC crap night and day. Thank goodness for the alumni in S. Florida.
Now live in Clearwater and there a lot of us here. One freaking house at a time. We are coming for your hearts and minds one house at a time.
GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!

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I lived right between Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, and Baton Rouge in Navarre, Florida. I lived there during our losses to Florida and LSU. 
That was the worst! I couldn't go anywhere without getting harassed for wearing my buckeye gear. I still wore it proudly though. 

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I currently live in Seattle, which is a pretty cool place to be. I run into a lot of Buckeye fans, and even those who aren't (WSU and UW fans) hate Oregon and the SEC. No complaints at all.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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To describe Ft Wayne as a truck stop is masterful. The ONLY thing I liked about the two years I spent there were the very low taxes. Much lower than Ohio's or That State Up North. It seemed every other billboard was an advertisement for a dentist to remove all of one's teeth for the cheapest. This is NOT sarcasm font.



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I live near Baton Rouge in the middle of tiger country. All ever hear is how OSU's schedule is weak. I guess I shouldn't talk, I mean LSU is playing powerhouses such as Furman, Kent State, and UAB.

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I live just north of Salt Lake City and although Mormons may be a bit weird to hear them firmly believe that Utah v. BYU is the greatest rivalry in college football is just ludicrous! I would say possibly top ten to fifteen. There are really no venues pro ohio state, and I see more scum fans than buckeye fans out here. How I wish I could live back in my hometown of Piqua sometimes... Sigh...

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Same here, I haven't met too much buckeye hate, but I do agree with you about seeing TSUN fans. There seem to be way more of them than buckeyes out here.

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Roswell, NM   and I'll  take  any body on  the  board  for a worst  place to watch a college  anything, anywhere.  Lived there 8 yrs.

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I'll take that bet, I spent a year in Alice Springs Australia.

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Detroit.  It is one of the worst places to live no matter who your team is.  It also happens to be in TSUN.

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Nashville is the middle of SEC country where they think the best team in (pick any conference) would be the 7th or 8th best team in the SEC.  It's so bad that I will openly root for TTUN against any SEC team. 

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I agree... I live in Murfreesboro and SEC fans are awful. They never want to talk about their team (UT/Vandy), they always want to talk about OSU's schedule. The only place that might be worse than SEC Country is Ann Arbor. 

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I live in Charleston, SC. There are a ton of transplants from the good guy state and it pisses a lot of people off down here. Some guy actually started a website dedicated to spreading the news about their dislike of Ohioan's influx. http://scgbto.com/ It's all in good fun, or so it would appear on the surface, nut not really. Those who purchase the stuff are adamant about it.
It's been mentioned numerous times about how SEC fans have tunnel vision. Speaking with a Cock's fan this Friday (after Ducks get dismantled)...he's telling me how this Saturday is the big weekend blah, blah, blah...I said "last night was the big game"..."What, who played last night?"  Immediate facepalm on my end, they only care about the SEC and their perception, don't give a rat's ass about the college football landscape whatsoever.

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I feel like anywhere in PA is god-awful because of the State Penners and then on Sundays, you'd get your pick between Steelers fans or Eagles fans to deal with... yaaaaaaaaaaay....................

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I currently live in Athens Ohio. Home of the real "Ohio" team. While they don't have much to say in comparing the two they have a real little brother temperament when it comes to Ohio State. Mentioning the Buckeyes to the wrong person will get you burned at the stake. They can't believe any one in town could be anything but a OU fan. I can't think of any Buckeye fans I have spoken to that had a problem with OU though. 

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Inferiority and ignorance play a large part in OSU hostility.
I have lived in MN for the past 25+ years, and I have never had issues with my OSU allegiance. Of course, the Gophers have been terrible and the pro teams not very good for most of that time, so there is little arrogance to start with. I hear more ribbing from WI fans than anyone else, but even they have been generally respectful.