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October 16, 2013 at 6:49p
Greetings 11w community. I am a longtime visitor to this site and only recently got my membership. This is my first blog post so bear with me. I was curious as to why the huge amount of D1 talent that Glenville produces hasn't translated to much playoff success? IMO its a lack of any kind of kicking game. They're coached well enough and with their success along with Cleveland public schools open enrollment policy, you figure they'd be able to find a kicker/punter somewhere in the city. I was a teenager when Glenvilles football program blew up. It was a very exciting time because there was finally a city public school that could compete with St. Eds/Ignatius ( who BTW recruit from about 7 different counties in talent rich northeastern Ohio). You would constanly hear how if Glenville was inside the opponents 50 they would go for it on 4th everytime, no matter the distance (they rarely face 4th down against Senate league competition). They also go for 2 after every touchdown. I'm just curious and wanted to get some others thoughts. With the teams they've had, it seems like they should have a state title or at least a couple final four appearances in the last 20 years. I'm just bored I guess, and wanted to break up the mid week monotony. Go Bucks!!!

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I always thought they did bad because of the quality of competition they play. Two or three good teams a year and scrubs from the Senate League. Let's be honest, playing the likes of Collinwood, Rhodes and so forth isn't much preperation in conference. Hell, the LEL provides better competition and those are all suburban schools outside of Mentor. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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True true. If the whole Senate sans Glenville put together an all star team to play them I think that Glenville wins by 3 scores. Im just baffled that the amount of talent they have hasn't translated to much postseason success.

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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They lost to Hilliard Davidson 16-15 in the 2009 state championship game.

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Yep, and Glenville had far superior talent as they most often do... 
All coaching and discipline.

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Yes.  I was at that game (student at Davdison in 2009).  The Wildcats had very little talent in terms of wowing scouts and winning scholarships, but the lights out defensive scheme they employ as well as the incredibly effective clock management somehow won the game for us.  Name of the game for Davidson football? Discipline.  Glenville struck me as a "go run past everyone and I will throw it to you" sort of team, using pure athleticism and speed to beat out others.  (it was my only game seeing them of course, just my two cents)

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I think there are several factors that contribute to their lack of playoff success. Just my .02

  • Many Cleveland teams they play during the regular season aren't very talent rich and do not prepare them for the playoffs.
  • I agree Glenville probably doesn't have a quality soccer program to pull a kicker out of for close games
  • From what I've heard many of the players that roll through there have attitudes and are undisciplined. While I think Ginn is a great coach it hard for him to control personal fouls and guys jumping off sides in close games.
  • I think players can be distracted with the D1 talent constantly being produced there. Most good players are taking official visits on Saturday instead of going over film with the team. Also with many of the players competing for scholarships, I think a lot of players develop a "me" attitude and want the spotlight on them rather than playing for the team.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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The kicking and lack of discipline in key spots gets 'em every time

stark county football

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Interesting point. They have great athletes, you'd think someone could at least kick XPs.
In high school, the only playing time I got was on the field goal block team. 

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If I'm the AD at any of the other Senate schools, I'd want Glenville out of the conference, since they're cherrypicking the top kids from those various neighborhoods anyway.

A man got to have a code...

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Its both good and bad. From what I understand, Ted Ginn Sr. had a security job with the Cleveland Public School System where he went to various high schools throughout the week. During those visits he would basically recruit everyones best talent to Glenville in the beginning. Now Glenville uses the Ginn Academy as a feeder program and its completely seperate from Glenville HS. It seems the OHSAA just looks the other way. Idk, its really no different than what Eds/Ignatius do with their football camps where they evaluate talent as early as 5th grade. I'm torn on this one. 

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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I'm an Ed's grad, and think their recruiting is kind of crummy, but it is different.  As independents, they don't beat up on the same local teams (except for rival Lakewood HS) every year.  They (and Ignatius) are playing a more regional schedule.  Glenville is picking the best kids out of Senate neighborhoods and then beating up on the remnants on an annual basis.

A man got to have a code...

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Maybe each team has like 5-6 stars and then the rest just aren't good?  Football isn't like basketball - weak links can kill you because they are easier to attack.
Also, other than M. Jones this year, I haven't really heard of many high profile linemen coming from Glenville (correct me if I'm wrong, I didn't research this).  I just feel like whenever you hear of quality players from Glenville they are offensive skill players or D-backs.  Speed and explosiveness is great, but if you can't win the battle in the trenches...

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When you have a lot of talent on a team it can be difficult for them to buy into the team concept.  See Michigan basketball, Fab Five.