Are teams going to be ready for our hurry up offense?

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August 6, 2012 at 7:19a

I've been watching some replays recently (big10 & espnu networks) and one thing that seems to stand out is how long plays take to develop/pace of play (especially in big10/especially us).  


Does anyone know how many div 1 and/or elite teams run some form of no huddle?  


From what I've read while we have the option to slow things down, for the most part we'll be quite speedy.  I'm wondering if this will be one of our biggest advantages over other teams or are there enough teams doing some version of no huddle that the elite teams get their practice in?  As a side note, whose job will it be to notice the mismatches - Braxton or the coaches in the booth?

It'll be amazing if we have something in the same vain as Oregon, but with a stacked o-line and bullets on d.

Just daydreaming : ).




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Yes, they'll be ready. But for most, that won't help.
Edit: To clarify, I'm really not expecting the offense to dominate out of the gate. Next year, I imagine we'll look much more like Oregon in terms of production. This year will be more of a transitional one for the offense. 

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Will we be ready to run it? That is the question.


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At this point I'm just excited to watch a new offensive scheme rather than sufffer through something like last year's display of dave, dave, braxton?, punt.  
There will be growing pains but I still think there will be more good than bad. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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along those lines, i'm kind of curious to see just how "hurried up" the offense is this year. Meyer said he wanted to be running around 80 plays a game, but can we really go that fast right off the bat? I'm a little skeptical..

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A no huddle offense to an unprepared offense can undo itself as well. Missed assignments, mental breakdowns, turnovers and such since you're going a hundred miles an hour. I agree with Coach Bruce above. We should see those lumps early in the season this year and next year it should be clicking much more smoothly.

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Also agreed, nothing can be worse than last year's dump of an offense and Walrusball. It's bound to be a much better offense by default...even if they do have their lumps executing early on.

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One thing I'm really curious to watch is how our defense handles the new pace of our offense. One of the things often overlooked about Tressel ball was how much of a break the defense got; our offense took so long, even on a relatively short series, that the defense was rarely on the field for huge minutes.
Conversely, one of the reasons the R2 era had a historically horrible defense up north was that the offense was so speedy (either by scoring on a 3 play 80 yard drive or going 3 and out) that the defense was ALWAYS on the field. They also had horrible players and a garbage scheme. Tough combo to overcome.
I'm expecting much better things from our boys, but if we're struggling on offense and going 3 and out while taking 40 seconds off the game clock, these boys better be ready to play 40 minutes a game.

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That's why Urban has been talking about developing depth. It's not how good your first guys are its how good your 2nd and 3rd guys behind them are as well. A great defensive line will have probably 8-9 guys going in and out to keep it fresh and I think we'll have that

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I don't ever want to hear the words, "The punt is the most important play in football again!"

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Hell ya! Hated that saying. Touchdowns are important.

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We can still wait out the play clock in no huddle, so I'm not too concerned. Also, Meyer's offense is more power-oriented (counters, triple option etc) than RichRod's or Oregon's, so I think we'll have the ability to slow the pace when we need need to. Pure zone-read teams are more hit and miss - break the big play or lose yards

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