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JoePa, The Vest and Lance Armstrong

Lydell Ross really got me thinking this week. Actually, that's not entirely true... Lance Armstrong got me thinking this week, and then Lydell Ross really got me thinking. It all started as I was pondering the "legacy" of the now forever tainted cycling superstar. When the latest rou...
26 Oct 2012
by AndyVance

Is Braxton overhyped, or Rodney Dangerfield?

Braxton Miller is an exciting, electrifying quarterback. While Kenny Guiton was obviously the toast of olde Columbus town Saturday night, it is pretty clear that Miller is still the big man on campus. That said, I'm trying to decide if the young stud is a victim of his own hype, or if he d...
23 Oct 2012
by AndyVance

Winning is never enough in Buckeye Nation, is it?

I'm convinced there is a very vocal minority among the legions of Ohio State faithful who will never be satisfied. Not just with this team, an imperfect 8-0 squad no one expected to be 8-0 anyway, but never satisfied in general. Case in point: Saturday, after my beautiful bride spared me f...
22 Oct 2012
by AndyVance