Warren Ball is a HUGE Commit

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September 1, 2010 at 10:29p

Columbus St. Francis DeSales RB Warren Ball committed to OSU today. It was the first day juniors could receive offers in writing and Ball wasted no time telling Jim Tressel he wanted in. This is a huge get for the Bucks as Ball, at 6-1/200, is a big, physical runner who has a non-stop motor and has the passion to play for Ohio State. This is the type of kid you want on your team and he will add even more depth at RB next year behind Herron, Berry, Hall, Hyde, and Smith.

I'm really excited to have this kid in the fold, as he could be the #1 player in Ohio when it's all said and done. The 2012 Ohio HS football class is unreal and the staff is already off to a great start with Ball and Perry. Next up we need to concentrate on getting the guys in the trenches, as well as some of the slick wide outs and d-backs. Out of state talent is on the back burner for the junior class.


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I'm right there with you - very very excited to get this kid. Hopefully having Braxton and Warren (not to mention the wealth of other RB's) will be like a second coming of Troy Smith and Beanie.. 

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and the re-loading process continues!

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I've seen his film.  Nothing really jumps out.  He's no Beanie or Clarrett.

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Upon viewing videos of him I can note a few things;

1) His best attribute is vision.

2) Next is he runs hard and won't be taken down by arm tackles above the knees. Uses the stiff arm effectively. See needs to improve on for additional comment.

3) Speed gets a B+ in my book.

4) I mention hands last but it certainly isn't his worst attribute. They didn't show dropped passes but the catches I saw were great with nice soft hands.

Needs to work on:

1) Wrapping up the ball when in traffic. He used the stiff arm often but when in traffic instead of the open field he needs to cover that rock. At the college level defenders will attempt to strip that every tackle.

2) He is only now a junior, I predict he will get stronger and faster. If he can do both he should do amazing here at Ohio State. The way we are recruiting offensive linemen our running game could be very effective.

3) I saw a few too many trips by arm tackles at the ankles. He may need to pick his feet up a bit more.

These are just my two cents. He looks like a very quality back. I can't wait to see him on the field.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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he's pretty big, and young.  is there a chance he grows out of RB?  Is he the ohio RB that I have heard is a good LB as well?

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The Ohio State coaches are giddy about Warren Ball.