Tressel Surprised by Former Players at Charity Event

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June 25, 2012 at 1:50p

Bucknuts has a great story posted about the Cherish the Moment gala supporting the Kids & Kamp charity in which Jim and Ellen Tressel were the guests of honor. NBC4 was there to cover the event where 13 of Tressel's former players at Ohio State came and surprised him at the event which featured over 300 attendees and raised over $30,000. 

Here are some videos from the event, courtesy of NBC4:

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man I miss Tressel

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Me too. So glad those guys came back to surprise their former coach. 

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I was thinking the exact same thing while watching him respond to the tribute. So glad to have Urban here but Tress will always hold a special place for me.

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These are all amazing.

Seeing Dane, Gonzo, Malcolm, Santonio, James, etc. all giving Tress a hug and saying hello to the wife has my cheeks sore from the 15 minute grin.

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I honestly got the chills from Cie Grant's Carmen Ohio (can see it full song in Bucknuts link)

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This was a wonderful tribute to Coach Tres. Thank you for a decade of excellence.

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Just added the full Carmen by Cie...unreal

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great stuff ....
Theodore Ginn, Jr. looks fast just standing there

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Nice to see the players support Coach Tressel.  I like how Ellen tricked him into coming out for the surprise.  That night in the desert for the NC with my father was a once in a lifetime memory...staying after the game and listening to Tressel with the ESPN team was truly special.  
What an incredible ten year run!!!!

NC Buckeye Wooster

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How anyone can think that man is a phony is beyond me.  He is just a good human being.

vacuuming sucks

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I couldn't understand what Donte and Malcolm said.

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say that in about 5 years.

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What did teddy say that was so funny? i couldnt make it out

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog

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Thanks Alex for posting this, great way to start the day. So happy to see all of those guys back to support Tress. He will be missed I really hope he is back involved at Ohio State sooner vs. later. 

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tons of amazing memories from those teams.  might just be sour grapes, but i can't picture pryor/posey/adams ever doing this.  the only guys from the recent teams i think would fit in at all with these guys is brewster and maybe boom. none of the other guys that seemed to be decent humans (sweat, moeller come to mind) had enough of an impact on the field to make a reunion like this as meaningful. just shows the power of good leadership from your best players

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Honestly none of them are bad people. Pryor was cocky and it came off the wrong way but he genuinely loved Tressel. I dont think its fair to say they wouldnt do the same... 

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Boom would. He was all effort, all OSU at heart. He made mistakes but I love the kid. I watched him cry he was so happy to be back playing, and he ran his butt off behind a horrible, horrible O-line.

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Hey Buckeye fans, I'm a long time lurker/avid reader to 11W so this is my first post.  I was hoping to post on this topic Monday but had some login issues (Alex and Jason, thanks for your help!)
I had the pleasure of attending this event last Sunday with my father.  It was an unforgettable experience, and I was thinking of making a blog post from a fan's perspective if anyone is interested.  More than anything, the experience reaffirmed my belief that Tressel is an outstanding human being, and a great role model.
Favorite quote of the night: "My hair wasn't gray, until Troy Smith came along."

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Foss, I would love to read your observations.

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That's something I definitely miss - Jim Tressel's deadpan dry wit.   He's a truly funny guy -- notice how he greets all the players with a humorous and personal reference.

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